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  1. Riscakes

    Video COLOSSEUM RAMPAGE | Minecraft Eggwars #10

  2. Buckky

    Forwarded Old Maps [Revamp]

    Hey! I would like to propose this suggestion for the server. As you all know cubecraft has been open for a long time, and during that time many maps have been created and eliminated in turn. In 2019 there was a nostalgic event in which you could play those maps for a limited time but it has...
  3. Higgachu


    Beste mensen! Een paar weken geleden starten ik met wekelijkse montages te maken van EggWars. Ik merkte al snel dat dit niet mijn ding was en besloot ze offline te halen. Al ruim 2 jaar speel ik bijne dagelijk met me vrienden eggwars. We zijn een groepjes 20+'ers ( Geloof het of niet ) die...
  4. Riscakes

    Video PRETTY RELAXING MATCH | Minecraft Eggwars #9

  5. steveymcsteve07

    All Networks Seasonal Eggwars Game Modes on rotation

    It would be fun to have some one-week game modes for Eggwars. I suggest having a couple of modes that either happens for 1 week each month or are just in a cycle. Please vote for all the game modes you like in the poll. You can vote for as many as you like.
  6. Riscakes

    Video THE BATTLE OF THE CAKE | Minecraft Eggwars #8

  7. zombiielizz

    Party invite eggwars

    Hey anyone wanna team up am free most of the time add me :)
  8. Wave Master6982

    Bedrock New Eggwars kits for bedrock

    Hello guys today I make a suggestion to add 3 more kits for bedrock. Hardcore Items First kit idea: Warrior: Would give players a wooden sword Second kit idea: Tank: Would give players leather coat and leather boots Third Kit idea: Money: Would give players 3 iron Normal Items First kit...
  9. Higgachu

    Video [1.9] Centuries - EggWars Montage - CubeCraft

    Here is my first official video. I'd love to hear what you guys think!😆
  10. BlueFoxWaves

    All Networks How To Prevent Camping In Eggwars

    Eggwars is a fun gamemode in which playing aggressive rewards you and is generally just fun to do since so long you have your egg, you don't have to worry about dying. (If you can't be asked to read the whole post I'll leave a TLDR at the bottom of the post, though I would recommend reading the...
  11. Riscakes

    Video DEATH FROM ABOVE | Minecraft Eggwars #7

  12. Nyawh

    Builds 🌸 Solo EggWars - Cherry Blossom

    🌸 Solo EggWars - Cherry Blossom By @Nyawh Hai! During the past few days, I felt incredibly motivated. I combined that with a friend asking me for help with their project. This led to me deciding to work on a Solo EggWars map with a Japanese-ish theme with 1.16.5 blocks! I worked on this for...
  13. LucmanW

    bridge egg eggwars

    Is it a good idea to implement bridge eggs in eggwars? bridge eggs make it easier to kill farmers (the price can be between 5 and 10 diamonds so it is a late game item and not to over powerd), I also think the bridge egg will make the games shorter and will make the new players compete with...
  14. Tobender50YT

    Bedrock Suggestion

    I suggest a nether map for eggwars in bedrock. just a map build of all blocks that are used in nether.
  15. Enderㅤ

    EggWars Lucky Islands

    There should be a version of Lucky Islands but with EggWars rules rather than SkyWars rules. Any support?
  16. Higgachu

    Video eventjes me makker vervelen :)

  17. Higgachu

    Video 2 drunks play EggWars

    This video is full of nonsens 🤣
  18. pamparampam

    Java Change map Whale on eggwars

    So im sure most of you allready saw the new map Whale on eggwars for 4 players, after playing couple games on it i came to conclusion that its the worst map in game, why? here's a list of reasons: the map has 2 iron generators lvl 1 for 4 players meaning that without a proper team its almost...
  19. H

    Bedrock Which of these Kits do you think could be added into Eggwars

    Which two would you prefer? Maybe at some point one or more of these kits could be added
  20. H

    Bedrock New Kit Ideas for Eggwars

    1st Kit idea (Revamped Builder Kit): 8 Blocks and A leather chestplate on Hardcore, 16 Blocks and a leather chestplate on normal, and 24 Blocks and A prot 4 Chestplate in OP (9 Iron) 2nd Kit idea: (Revamped Miner Kit) A wooden pickaxe and 4 Carrots on hardcore, A stone pickaxe and 12 Carrots on...
  21. SanCookie

    Planned The "win 10.000 games" achievement

    The ' win 10.000 games of X' achievement For a lot of gamemodes, there is an achievement which requires you to get 10.000 wins on that specific gamemode. This number is truly insane, people who try to get it, especially on any solo gamemode, put days, weeks, and even months of their time to...
  22. M

    Bedrock Long egg wars game

    Me and my friends AKA peyshin102 Nix760 and MrPenguinman007 played a 80 minute eggwars game and won!!! It was insane! The beginning The end
  23. P


    oops mistake :( didn't even know that was bannable just thought it was funny the guy stayed for that long. No I didn't know him. Apologies if I upset anyone.
  24. PancakeBoi283

    Bedrock Bedrock Tournament for eggwars on July 31

    Hello I will be hosting another eggwars duos tournament at 3:00 pm EST on July 31. Please let me know if you are interested and able to join. A rank may be on the line which I am working on now. Here are the rules: 1. There will be a points system which will be used to decide which team will...
  25. Nova_Impuls


    so today I've got trolled on egg wars and this thing annoyed me very much and gave me a bad experience in this minigame I have read all the rules and I discovered that the thing that those 2 did was bannable by going back to the rule number 1.5 - Trolling: Trolling is defined as intentionally...
  26. DarkStray

    Video My First, and worlds greatest, CUBECRAFT MONTAGE!

    Hello Everyone! Tell me what you think of my montage 😏 Please react and reply why you may like or dislike about it
  27. JDgamers

    Java New Eggwars Kits - PvP Duels

    Hello there! I’m here with a new suggestion about changing kits in PvP Duels, explicitly the current Eggwars duels kits. These are the current “Normal” and “Overpowered” Eggwars duels kits: Current Eggwars Duels Kit (Normal) - Full Leather Armour (not enchanted) - Stone Sword (not enchanted)...
  28. SirWytze

    Java Rank feature: Choosing island to start from

    This suggestion is only applicable to gamemodes such as (Team) Skywars, (Team) Eggwars (and Lucky Islands(?)) As an Emerald-ranker, I'm used to the features I unlocked with my rank such as voting for time, projectiles and chest types. Players with Emerald+ can fly in lobbies, can make bigger...
  29. Higgachu

    Video Veelste droog dit! 😂

  30. pieterpeer

    Forwarded Improve Eggwars Mega (Teamchat, more maps)

    Eggwars Mega Feedback 📢 Hi everyone, I want to share my thoughts about Eggwars Mega and give some feedback on it. Lack of maps 🗺️ There are currently three maps available in Eggwars Mega: Time, Fruit and Fallen. They're all beautiful maps, but when playing Fallen, the lag is incredibly bad...
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