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  1. AghastQuasar677

    Bedrock Remove instant kill elytra trying to fly outside of map border.

    I notice elytras could instantly kill you and lose the battle with other players. Don’t fly away with an elytra or you’ll be instantly killed. Let’s not get instant kills on elytra flying outside map borders. We need to lower damage level: infinite to 3 hearts of damage or 6 HP like this. ♥️ ♥️...
  2. AghastQuasar677

    All Networks Sharp sword enchantment increase to Sharpness 3 in Normal items.

    It costs 32 emeralds and it’s a bit too expensive for Sharpness 1. Sharpness 3 will make it a better way of diamond swords. Without the sharpness enchantment of diamond sword, costs 12 diamonds.
  3. Awabbatt

    Bedrock Bring back the 8 iron option for terracotta in Eggwars

    (I made a similar post like this 5 months ago but it didn't get any attention - https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/choose-a-custom-price-for-the-shop-in-the-favorites-menu.309654/) Alright, so if you played Eggwars before December of 2021, you might remember that certain aspects of the Eggwars...
  4. T

    Eggwars NPC skin

    Hey, I'm looking for the half-enderman skin download used as NPC in the lobby for Eggwars. Does someone know where to find it?
  5. AghastQuasar677

    Bedrock Ignore opening functionalities from using a tool or weapon for touch devices in other specific PVP games.

    Hello people, I can’t attack, move, or look while any functionality is opened. I’ve kept dying because I use touch screen and why does this functionality keep opening, was attacking one of the players. Just can’t hit someone and I also can’t move. Player pursues and kills me every time I open...
  6. I

    Resolved reporting stuff

    I met a hacker today and I was very sad and wanted to report it. i am 100 % sure that the hacker was hacking, but I didn't screenshot them hacking but it did use autoclick and i have screenshoted the bridge the hacker created and it is something that auto clickers do alot. however it is not like...
  7. AghastQuasar677

    Java Make EggWars generators 2x faster to match Bedrock Edition.

    Java Edition EggWars generators were obviously super slow on generation so we need to double the speed (200%).
  8. AghastQuasar677

    Bedrock Rework leap feathers in SkyWars Chaos.

    Seems like leap feathers are way too much clutching. It causes you to save you from falling in the void too easily. We are going to rework leap feathers to match EggWars. With that rework, you need to land on the ground before using it again. I do note that if your trying to fly away (get out...
  9. AsimoDonut

    Video The UNLUCKIEST Eggwars Game Ever!

    Thanks for Watching!
  10. GlowGamerKSA

    EggWars Bedrock items should be dropped when a player is killed

    so i wanted this feature for a while, in eggwars when killing a player their items should be dropped. including their armor, this will make life alot easier. like if you agree
  11. AghastQuasar677

    All Networks Make the machine mysteriously overheat in SkyWars (can only happen through outside of map borders).

    So I already tried pushing blocks outside of the map but machines didn't mysteriously overheat in SkyWars if players tried to. We had a mysterious overheat in EggWars if you try to push any block using any type of piston (pistons and sticky pistons), it causes it to explode to prevent any...
  12. pipiklatie

    Video Eggwars 100+ Blockclutches

    Hi gamers, Yesterday i dropped a video showing most of my best clutches in the past 2 years of eggwars. Beginning with the oldest clips and ending with the most recent ones. I hope u enjoy :). warning: this video includes minor swear words in the song used ~pipiklatie
  13. GlowGamerKSA

    Bedrock The eggwars villager shop should be revamped.

    Hello, So irst Lets begin with the UI. right now it isnt bad, but i think it should be customizable, The UI just hurt my eyes every single time i look at it and i think there should be a dark theme added to it. the shop items there should be more items added, and also the glass's price should...
  14. AghastQuasar677

    All Networks Increase the cost of golden apples from 5 to 12 in normal items.

    Golden apples are too cheap to buy so this is too powerful with this item so we increase cost to 12 gold on normal, 18 gold on HC, and 6 gold on Overpowered.
  15. AghastQuasar677

    All Networks Add invisibility, speed, regeneration, healing, and leaping potions in EggWars

    I really want to add more potions in EggWars because there’s only one (1) potion in the game called strength potion. Potions is insufficient and needs more of them.
  16. AghastQuasar677

    All Networks Remove Full Diamond Armour Set Protection 4 from EggWars Shop in OP items and lower cost of ender pearls in OP items (normal is unchanged).

    The ender pearl’s cost is too expensive and aren’t too good to buy it. We want to lower cost of ender pearls from 48 to 28 in OP EggWars items. Normal EggWars items keeps at 48. Also remove diamond armour set in OP EggWars items because it’s too much powerful in fights and cannot get killed...
  17. deadlaycraft

    Bedrock Eggwars FFA mode

    Game suggestion: Eggwars FFA Why its a good idea This gamemode would be perfect for players wanting to play slower-paced, longer games where much more focus is on buying expensive armour and building massive defences. It would be amazing for people wanting to play "eggwars long-games", where...
  18. SilicoFlare

    All Networks Remove "Return to Lobby" button during the 10 seconds countdown before start of team games like CTF, Eggwars or so

    So in team games, there's a rare chance that some player can join your game during the countdown. And I have observed many have left the game during that time. It's soo difficult to win even with the lack of a single player in our team. It's an unfair advantage to the opponent. I remember a...
  19. SoloWarz3405

    Video EggWars Seasons Update Full Review!

    New Video Out today about the EggWars Seasons Update! Sorry im a bit late, but here's the video link:
  20. IDKhan

    Video streaming with viewers rn!!

    join if you want
  21. SoloWarz3405

    Bedrock Java EggWars Season 1 - Add Redstone TNT & Trapped Chests

    Hey CubeCrafters! I had an idea today for the new EggWars season 1 update which is related to redstone. It's to add redstone TNT. Redstone TNT can be put in the redstone category in the eggwars shop. The reason I suggest to add it because the normal TNT explodes right away after you place it ...
  22. FoxFil_

    All Networks Eggwars - Villager egg

    I don't really play eggwars so say me if this is a bad idea :D So, sometimes, you have a lot of resourses and want to buy smth, but you are in the middle of the map and islands with shops are really far. So my suggestion is to add the villager egg that will cost like 10 emeralds. You will be...
  23. SrAndro

    Bedrock Player position on the server

    Hello Cubecrafters, I hope you are very well. I wanted to add a suggestion regarding the game modes that the server has, it seems to me that it would be a good idea that in some way the player's statistics show their position within each minigame (Not a Top since I know that takes a lot...
  24. -Poke-

    Bedrock Battle Arena rank for Eggwars Duels

    Hey everyone, I’m back with another suggestion! So I logged onto a battle arena lobby and went to play Eggwars Duels, and pick a map. The interface then said I needed battle arena rank to pick the map, even though it’s Eggwars Duels and I have Eggwars rank. I switched to Eggwars lobby and this...
  25. EmersedSnipe

    EggWars I need to stop playing all day

    well turns out if you go to football practice after about a month of you doong nothing but playing eggwars your body falls over. so now I finally got back up and started running and then playing 10 to 12 hours a day.
  26. IDKhan

    Cubecraft has honestly gone down hill

    I honestly don't see the point anymore How are you going to tease a whole community with a massive update, just to leave us hanging and then scraping it a year later No matter how much you update eggwars, it won't make up for this Plus what is happening with the staff team, half of the people...
  27. Dreamer

    ⚔️🏖️ - Summer Tournament!

    Hello (java) CubeCrafters! This summer we have a super cool SOLO EGGWARS tournament for you, it is called CubeCraft Champions! 👉 6 Weeks of games! (4 remaining) - Every week you can signup for friday/saturday/sunday. - Based on your performance in your first week you will face...
  28. jwjw11

    Resolved Glitch in Egg Wars where players are stuck in their starting cage

  29. T

    Java Better Eggwars PvP

    So, An sever for eggwars but on 1.8.9 It will just have just eggwars since 1.8.9 just used to play eggwars. This wont be a problem for normal cubecraft server. and old players who doesnt like new pvp technique would play there. And the community is not that small ,1/3 of all java. so 1.8 would...
  30. I

    Builds eggwars shopping suggestions

    I have a suggestion for a shopping system for eggwars. It might be a good idea to make the system like Chest's INVENTORY.
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