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  1. Amazinq

    Implemented Java Replace block under egg with correct colour team - Ink Map

    Basically change the red wool block for a wool block of each team's color. I didn't know whether to report it as a bug or not so I put it here. Also I don't know if this map is on Bedrock or only Java and has the same issue, in this case, also fix on bedrock Thanks for reading :)
  2. JellyFish01

    Artwork A gift from enemy

  3. Addictivq

    Java Eggwars Maps

    I have created this post/thread with the hope that some of the classic Team Eggwars maps (Java) can return such as Instruments. Oriental. Playground, Space, Pizza, Kindom, Jungle, Aztec,
  4. Quantumshawn

    EggWars Bedrock Cubecraft Bedrock Scrims

    Hi! I want to join a scrim, does anyone have a opening; or know where I can find one? Thanks! have a good day!
  5. P

    Java [Java] Remove Auto Balance in Eggwars

    JAVA suggestion Hey. Please remove the Autobalance from Eggwars. The games because of this take a long time to start and it is super annoying, and worst of all is that if you are in a party it separates you from your team and you have to leave the game. Thanks and if you disagree please explain...
  6. Alexp192

    Java Bedrock We need a diamond pickaxe purchasable with gold in eggwars

    Hello everyone. I've been playing Eggwars since there were dinosaurs on the planet and I have experienced all the Eggwars metas and the current one is fine but I think there is one thing that is failing and it is very very frustrating and that is... the debris. A few months ago, the debris...
  7. privqted

    All Networks Changes for the Cyberpunk Map

    HELLO A new map was recently added to Eggwars Teams of 4, but I think it could be better with a few small changes. • Firstly, the map has cherry trees which seem out of place since the map has a very industrial feeling. They just don't fit and make it look odd. • Secondly, the name "Cyberpunk"...
  8. D

    Bedrock Combat improvement

    With the recent eggwars update, the combat mechanics changed. However, those new mechanics added to the game favor those who play with mouse and keyboard. For those people who play with a controller, it is much harder to foght someone playing with mouse and keyboard. Having a higher CPS is...
  9. fatcatrq

    Wind Charge Game

    The new Wind Charge item from the latest snapshot is cool and unique and would be really cool in a game. It could be added as special chest items in Skywars. Or a item to buy from the Eggwars shop. Even making a Microgame for Minerware using wind charges would be really fun. Not often do they...
  10. caraMel

    EggWars Weekly challenge ~ 3

    Hihi!! :egg: For those who don't know how this works, every week I'll be posting a new exciting challenge for you to compete at! I'll generally announce the previous week's winners in the next week's post and you'll have exactly a week to join and share evidence. Firstly, here are the results...
  11. EslendiGMR7955

    Bedrock Fix pickaxes in eggwars

    Hello, for several days now I have not played eggwars for one thing and that is that since they modified the pickaxe that when you die you go back one level, that is, if it is netherite you go back to diamond and that bothers me because why farm for a long time diamonds to lose the peak so it...
  12. bartchicco

    20000 WINS! Eggwars Teams Of 2

  13. ElFlxen_

    Builds Eggwars Solo / Skywars Solo - Voidness

    Theme: Void corruption I know the map submissions are closed but, a couple monts ago I had the idea of creating a map with this theme Screenshots I hope you like this map!
  14. J

    EggWars Am i the only one experiencing disappearing map islands on some specific eggwars maps?

    I've been seeing a lot of disappearing islands lately, and it isn't due to my connection because i have no lag when im playing there are chunks who just don't wanna render lol
  15. TheMrRevZ

    All Networks Birthday/Anniversary events - Cake price change

    Hey there! I think it would be great for cake to be cheaper in Eggwars when there is an Anniversary/Birthday event ongoing. This would be a funny yet nice feature to add as Cake is quite pricey after Season 2 released.
  16. ReZort

    All Networks Nerf pickaxe returning mechanic

    1.19 EggWars update bring us new mechanic - returning of pickaxe that you purchased. Unlike the pickaxe from Miner kit, purchased pickaxe will return to you w/o cooldown, and this is a huge buff to the team that has debris or obsidian because they will constanty dig you out of blocks, so in some...
  17. J

    Bedrock Cubecraft need better autoclicker detector

    i noticed a lot of people use autoclick, i play eggwars a lot and there some many people who can put more than 12 blocks in less than a second, but suspicioslly they are not that good at pvp, i think its bit easy identify someone with autoclick, but why cubecraft dont do something. personally...
  18. Critomania

    Bedrock Selecting a region in map selection (EU(g)/NA(n))

    Hello, briefly: add the ability to select the server location when selecting the eggwars map. Honestly, I don't want to play 150ms on NA servers, due to the fact that EU users sleep at night, I don't want to, it kills the gameplay because I have to adjust to such a ping. I want to be on EU...
  19. Swxrz

    All Networks the eggwars update

    In my opinion The EggwarsUpdate its cool but they changed a lot that make it a little easy like now the diamond armour just need gold or iron wirh iron what i mean is that they maked eggwars a little easy because before the update buying diamond armour was required diamonds like 64x and a have...
  20. cryptofrogz

    Bedrock Eggwars Perks

    Eggwars Perks Since the update came out last night many people have been asking for more perks to be added into eggwars but have left no specifics. So today I will present some of my own ideas to hopefully give some inspiration. At the end feel free to Let me know which ones you Liked &...
  21. Reesle

    Bedrock Goblin Egg Skin Suggestion 👹

    Introduction: Hello! Hope you’re all having a fantastic day. Today I will be making a suggestion about an addition to the Goblin Egg Skin. It will be similar to the suggestion I did about the Gamebox Chest Skin 2 days ago. Without further ado, let’s get into it! Suggestion: The Goblin Egg...
  22. Ken - kenandtotto


    EGGWARS COMPETITIVE MODE! This is my idea. CubeCraft mods please consider about this. What is Competitive Mode? It is a additionall EggWars Mode that has elo rating system. What do we expect from this? This mode will be skillbase game so the elo will show the player's correct evaluation.
  23. Reesle

    Bedrock Eggwars 3v3 Duels

    Hello everybody! Hope you’re having a good day/night. So, I’m sure we all know that Eggwars Trios has been suggested countless times. My suggestion is instead of adding trios (4 teams of 3), Cubecraft should make a duels-style Eggwars Trios by doing 2 teams of 3. This way, it wouldn’t be as time...
  24. ItzzWxrrior

    Bedrock Add xp for broken eggs and eliminations

    Recently, the Blockwars update was released, in which experience was added for capturing the flag in CTF and for jumping into the portal in Bridge. I suggest adding 1-3 xp for eliminations to EggWars (in the mega it s 1 xp because there are 30 people) and also for a broken egg 5 xp (in the egg...
  25. P

    Java Bring back Nightmare map EggWars

    Please bring back Nightmare map, it was very funny and can make a lot of people to return or at least give another chance to the Java server. Please think, the server situation on Java can't ve worse right now, so this decision cant affect anything and Im sure will only give benefits as it cant...
  26. khaostica

    EggWars Ignoring the Competitive CubeCraft Community

    For those that are unaware, CubeCraft has two types of players, nons and sweats. Nons are the people who join the server for a fun time every now and again. They play for fun, and hope to get a few wins while playing. Sweats are those who devote quite a bit of time to the server. Sweats are also...

    All Networks Include the discount button in the fav menu

    Just a small suggestion that I believe would be beneficial: Allow adding the discount button to the Favorite menu in EggWars.
  28. Deepslate3D

    Video bestest ever video ever ever ever

  29. Deepslate3D

    Video two orphans 1v1 in blockgame to settle their differences

  30. TheOrderOfSapphire

    Video Cubecraft Moderator Plays As Nicked...

    Heya I hope you have a great day today:D Here is my new video all feedback is really appreciated :)
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