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  1. Reesle

    Bedrock Goblin Egg Skin Suggestion 👹

    Introduction: Hello! Hope you’re all having a fantastic day. Today I will be making a suggestion about an addition to the Goblin Egg Skin. It will be similar to the suggestion I did about the Gamebox Chest Skin 2 days ago. Without further ado, let’s get into it! Suggestion: The Goblin Egg...
  2. Ken - kenandtotto


    EGGWARS COMPETITIVE MODE! This is my idea. CubeCraft mods please consider about this. What is Competitive Mode? It is a additionall EggWars Mode that has elo rating system. What do we expect from this? This mode will be skillbase game so the elo will show the player's correct evaluation.
  3. Reesle

    Bedrock Eggwars 3v3 Duels

    Hello everybody! Hope you’re having a good day/night. So, I’m sure we all know that Eggwars Trios has been suggested countless times. My suggestion is instead of adding trios (4 teams of 3), Cubecraft should make a duels-style Eggwars Trios by doing 2 teams of 3. This way, it wouldn’t be as time...
  4. itzzwxrrior

    Bedrock Add xp for broken eggs and eliminations

    Recently, the Blockwars update was released, in which experience was added for capturing the flag in CTF and for jumping into the portal in Bridge. I suggest adding 1-3 xp for eliminations to EggWars (in the mega it s 1 xp because there are 30 people) and also for a broken egg 5 xp (in the egg...
  5. P

    Java Bring back Nightmare map EggWars

    Please bring back Nightmare map, it was very funny and can make a lot of people to return or at least give another chance to the Java server. Please think, the server situation on Java can't ve worse right now, so this decision cant affect anything and Im sure will only give benefits as it cant...
  6. khaostica

    EggWars Ignoring the Competitive CubeCraft Community

    For those that are unaware, CubeCraft has two types of players, nons and sweats. Nons are the people who join the server for a fun time every now and again. They play for fun, and hope to get a few wins while playing. Sweats are those who devote quite a bit of time to the server. Sweats are also...

    All Networks Include the discount button in the fav menu

    Just a small suggestion that I believe would be beneficial: Allow adding the discount button to the Favorite menu in EggWars.
  8. Deepslate3D

    Video bestest ever video ever ever ever

  9. Deepslate3D

    Video two orphans 1v1 in blockgame to settle their differences

  10. TheOrderOfSapphire

    Video Cubecraft Moderator Plays As Nicked...

    Heya I hope you have a great day today:D Here is my new video all feedback is really appreciated :)
  11. Deepslate3D

    Video Can I win bridge if I wait 10 seconds?

  12. hanssandstorm17

    EggWars CubeCraft has butchered EggWars

    I recently took a break from Minecraft in general after going on a trip overseas during my summer holiday. Before, let me preface this by saying that I played EggWars with friends for hours on end during the summer break - endless fun. Returning to CubeCraft and seeing the awful, pointless...
  13. A

    EggWars Damage is broken

    What I mean with that title requires a little explanation. So I am playing eggwars, just as usual, and I get into a fight, near the end of it, before I get killed, I am on 2.5 hearts. For context, both me and the guy were wearing iron armor and using iron swords. The problem isn't with the fact...
  14. pollystation

    EggWars El emparejamiento es pesimo en eggwars + Muchos hackers.

    Hola, por lo general yo suelo jugar eggwars sola o en duo con amigo y gano el 90% de las partidas, la mayoria de las partidas me toca pelear contra personas con el mismo nivel que yo, a veces más alto, a veces más bajo, y eso esta bien, el problema viene cuando quiero jugar yo sola en duos o...
  15. superking100

    Bedrock Eggwars enchantments emerald cost balancing

    Currently, many of the enchantments are way too expensive for their utility (this is for overpowered mode in Megas, but I would imagine it would be similar for the other modes as well): Loyalty 1 is way too slow, and the cost is unreal. It should be upgraded to loyalty 2 or 3 and cost only 1...
  16. cryptofrogz

    Bedrock New Eggwars Starting kit - Warrior

    Wooden Sword Kit Have you ever started a eggwars match to be rushed and chucked into the void? 😣 My Idea is to Introduce a kit that contains a wooden sword ⚔️ This would help eliminate the risk of any pesky Rushers that are using their hands to put you in the void 👋 This Wooden Sword could be...
  17. agatecarrot517

    All Networks Add Armour trims to CubeCraft

    Hello, Today I’m making a suggestion about adding armour trims to CC. I know there’s already a thread about adding armour trims to EggWars, but this suggestion is different, so with no further to introduce here it goes: Basically with the launch of Minecraft 1.20 Armour trims were added to...
  18. ArGus_5155

    Bedrock we need the old kb and protection IV

    Hace unos minutos estaba en el juego y descubrí que los últimos jugadores estaban acampando. antes de la actualización, si encontrabas gente así, podías tirarlos al vacío o incluso matarlos si eran muy malos. pero ahora sin proteccion 4 y con un kb que beneficia demasiado a los jugadores con...
  19. B

    Bedrock If we all move to Hive then they have to change eggwars

    Lets all play on Hive for the weekend and show the devs that they should listen to community feedback before updates. Eggwars is actually unplayable and no longer feels like the game it used to be
  20. Awabbatt

    Bedrock How to fix eggwars

    It's obvious that the 1.19 update has not gone down well within the eggwars community. The unfortunate thing is that the devs have spent the past 10 months working on this, so it is very unlikely that they actually revert this. Games are much much slower, speedrunning is dead, and a lot of...
  21. ArGus_5155

    Bedrock EggWars Season 2 beta (we need a change)

    Eggwars Season 2 Beta has been an update that left many of us disappointed and that drained our urge to play anymore. Therfore, I've come up with some suggestions that, in my opinion, will bring the Eggwars players back. Suggestions: Old Shop One of the things that we, as players, all...
  22. finnymine o

    Bedrock Feedback regarding the new update

    Eggwars is the only problem i have with the update. Spesifically the op mode. The items used to be so much cheaper so the games would be shorter. I enjoyed playing those 2 min games whenever i had a bit of time and a friend to play with. Now, the fastest games easily take atleast 4 minutes and...
  23. JustWaved

    Bedrock My 1.19 Controversial take

    My cubecraft rant: (i cba to check spelling so ignore it) Overall, this update is for the BETTER in my opinion, in contrast to all the "hate" cube has gotten from most the comm it seems. No matter the person, there must be at least one feature you like about this new update, and instead of...
  24. wTBone

    Bedrock The issue with Eggwars Season 2

    The 1.19 update was an overall great update, with revamped lobbies, an insane skywars lobby, and lucky blocks is now more than just an afterthought. However, than comes eggwars season 2. The main issue with eggwars season 2 is, overpowered doesnt feel like overpowered anymore. Eggwars season...
  25. RetroCactus1

    An addition to the Eggwars lobby lever mystery?

    Hi Forums! The other day I was running around the Eggwars lobby, at loose ends, temporarily bored with playing Eggwars, and half-doing some real-world stuff as well. While doing this, I stumbled upon a small hole in the outskirts of the lobby; this hole led to a small bunker about 3x2x2 blocks...
  26. Amazinq

    Java Reduce blocks, food and gapples price in OP - EggWars

    The current price of these items is absurdly expensive and does not make any sense for OP mode. My suggestion is to simply low the price a bit, especially for the golden apples that cost 8 gold in OP and the regeneration is ridiculous compared to before the update Suggestion: 1 Gapple now...
  27. TheOrderOfSapphire

    Video I made a video of the new pack I will release when I hit 2k:)

    Hello, I hope everyone is having a good day:) Here is a video of when I play with my new pack:D Things will be changed such as the crosshair/ terracotta. Don't forget that you are cool:))
  28. kyviu

    All Networks Eggwars Update

    Initial Idea: The idea I have is for seasonal Eggwars to be more than just a leaderboard reset, personally myself when I first joined the lobby and saw 'Eggwars Season 1' my first thought was that this was similar to how other games run seasons, with some kind of limited time cosmetics or a...
  29. privqted

    Video Me & My Friend Trolled Cubecraft!!!

    me and my friend @xclutchingg trolled cubecraft using duplicated minecraft accounts :P
  30. Samixly

    Bedrock Are more people experiencing this?

    Are more people experiencing this? Laggers Recently I started playing some new games and what struck me was that quite a few games actually had a lot of people lagging around, and no this is not my me because I play with friends and they see exactly the same problem. In many games this is very...
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