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  1. Kimbert_

    [DUELS] Nature

    - Map name: Nature - Creator(s) of map: @Kimbert_ - Description of map: So after my last (failed) map submission, i still tried to build another map but for duels instead of skywars. I mad 2 huge trees and 3 big flowers, in the middle I made a bridge connecting both sides of the map, I've added...
  2. Socratias

    Video Having A Friendly Discussion With A Mod

    Why yes of course, I don’t go outside even when the sun is quite literally burning me! Dislaimer: This video contains swear words
  3. Simply

    Java 20.000 Kills [My Stats]

    Hi. I just reached 20.000 kills on Solo and figured I'd post it here since it's kind of a milestone. Also, the rest of my stats, which aren't great but I don't really care. This thread is another small milestone, it's my 300th message lul.
  4. Socratias

    Video whoever created minerware is a genius

    good boy points ☺ Disclaimer: There are some swear words in the video.
  5. Lozora

    [DUELS] Kingdom

    Map Name : Kingdom Map creator(s) : Lozora (With help from @Quis and @Smoothlyy ) Description : I made this map because I felt like making my first map submission, I'm playing a lot of Duels lately and some of their maps are kinda boring in my opinion. That's the main reason I've built a Duels...
  6. juan0h

    Java Offline mode

    Imagine you want to play some solo games to do challenges or whatever you want and you don't want to appear as online in the friend list or when inviting to a party.. It would be nice choose appearing offline if you want to. If you don't understand what I'm refering to, it is just like Discord...
  7. juan0h

    All Networks /stats "game mode"

    Going to the lobby to see how many wins or kills you have in a game mode it's a little bit maddening. Adding a new /stats command to see your stats in game would be easier for people trying to reach a number of kills or wins. This is what it could be shown: /stats SkyWars ="Player"'s SkyWars...
  8. Levi_the_pro

    Java Hackers on 1.8

    Hello, I am Dord and this post is me complaining about hackers on 1.8! I have the feeling there are more hackers on 1.8 than 1.9 in numbers not even in how often you run into them run so you run into these hackers a ton cause 1.8 has like 1/5 of 1.9 its players. I think about once every 3 or 4...
  9. Socratias

    Video Cube Players Being Cube Players

    Hey, it's Hannah Disclaimer: There are some swear words in the video.
  10. Akqi

    Java Cubelet Multiplier

    Suggestion: A Cubelet Multiplier, So it is easier to earn cubelets not a big multiplier but just like 1.5 or 1.75x How? Maybe they can put it in the Store of Cubecraft, or maybe they can add a shop in the lobby where you can buy it for an amount of point or loot points -Akqi
  11. Akqi

    Java Add free xp

    Suggestion: receive every hour of playing a gamemode free xp just a little amount of like 25 xp, or when you are in a party with some one you will get a 1.1 or 1.2 multiplier for extra xp so more people going to play in party's and will make fun with each other and keeps the fun factor for them...
  12. T

    Java OP MODE IS NOT FUN Pt. 2

    This thread is the continuation of the last so if you haven't read that one already, I suggest you do that. Fist of all I wasn't expecting anything to come from the first post so thank you for responding and voting it was a nice surprise. I think the general consensus of this is that the...
  13. Vqzi

    Escalated Introducing /profile

    Hello, welcome to my thread. My idea was to add /profile with an option to give a player as argument (e.g. /profile CubeCraftGames). What is the function of this command? You can see stats, and other information (points, level etc) of a specific player. Another function of this command is...
  14. Vqzi

    Java /lootpoints, /level, /cubelets

    Hello! Welcome to my suggestion. This isn't a very complicated suggestion, but I thought why not. So my idea was to add these commands: /lootpoints /level /cubelets I don't think that I need to explain the function of these commands, but maybe you want to see how it works? It's just like...
  15. XoanGamerYT

    Java Skywars ranked y Eggwars ranked

    Hola, sugiero que en Cubecraft haya Skywars y Eggwars ranked y unranked en la 1.8 y 1.9 para arriba, quizás de esta forma haya más gente en el servidor, pero eso no estoy seguro. A mí me parece buena idea.
  16. B

    Error Occured while contacting login servers, are they down?

    Hi Everyone! I was trying to connect to CubeCraft, but I got this error message while in the "Logging in..." phase of joining in 1.9: Error occurred while contacting login servers, are they down? It only seems to be a problem with CubeCraft, I can connect to other servers like Mineplex fine...
  17. Puchee

    Bring Back Survival Games

    I noticed a few weeks back that when survival games was the featured game there were many people playing it. I feel like many users enjoy playing survival games on cubecraft (including me since it's not 1.8 pvp) and would love to have it back. I was wondering if it has been considered to make a...
  18. A

    Thoughts on the new combat update?

    So Mojang announced CombatUpdateV2.0, nothing known yet other than that its an “overhaul”. Thoughts? Think its adding on to 1.9 or reversion to 1.8?
  19. Durpy

    Java 1.8 / 1.9+ Leaderboards

    Hello, I think that 1.8 leaderboards and 1.9+ Leaderboards should be different. 1.8 Pvp is very different to 1.9 and when u join in 1.8 or 1.9 it is the same leaderboard, I think it should be different. Kinda a simple idea but would be cool
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