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✅ Quality Assurance

You'll be testing our newest content that will reach thousands of players through the Bedrock Marketplace!


📑 Description of QA role

  • You will be testing Marketplace content before it will be released on the Marketplace.
  • Finding flaws in the gameplay, world conversion bugs or giving feedback on improving player experience.
  • Join QA-sessions with others to test multiplayer content.
  • Complete the tasks set by project leads.
  • Time commitment is important, we aim for 2/3 pieces of original CubeCraft content tested a week (Aiming at 2/3hours)

👀 Requirements

  • Need the minimum age of 16.
  • Able to...
🏹 SkyWars ☁️

Hey, you creative people! I'm Riley and I'm a Redstone Engineer here at CubeCraft. This means I work closely with other Designers to create innovative and polished minigames and other mechanics. I have been a member of the community for many years and joined the design team in February 2020.

Welcome to this Marketplace Highlight featuring our Marketplace SkyWars project! In these sorts of threads, we go into detail about a particular project to show you our behind-the-scenes.

🗯️ First thoughts and brainstorming

If you joined a Minecraft server... ever... You will probably have heard of SkyWars, one of the classic PvP minigames where you battle other players in the sky! This minigame has gained immense popularity over the years and is still one of the most prominent minigames to date. We wanted to make a more customised version, use the knowledge we have and apply it to the Minecraft...
Today we're excited to share with you our latest full game release. Introducing "Battle Arena". This gamemode composes of Duels & Free for All; it's their time to mature and get their own lobby!
Hey CubeCrafters!

Today we have a massive announcement to let you all know about! It will be affecting an entire community on our network, which we would encourage you to read about.

Firstly, we'd like to mention how lucky we are to be in this position we are in today, and that couldn't be done without you. We're all super excited for the future of CubeCraft Games, and we can't wait to show you all what we want to do! :heart:

Our aim always has been to provide the best experience for our players on our network - from both a game and design perspective. Recent discussions within the team have lead to some really interesting concepts being brought forward, which we're super excited to show you! We want to prove that we can be the best in terms of content going forward.

Minecraft 1.8 was first released on 2nd of September 2014, nearing the 7th anniversary! Since then, eight new versions of Minecraft have been released, with another version release being planned for this summer! Since the beginning...

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