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Hey Java CubeCrafters!

A few weeks ago, we revealed that we hired two new game developers to help with updates around our Java & Bedrock network. In case you missed that, read this thread, it reveals a lot of our plans for the next month. 👀

Today, we're happy to be releasing a new update for Lucky Islands on our Java network - new Lucky Blocks, new world events, and a new wand?! Read more to know what's in this update 🤯

🍀 New Lucky Blocks

TNT: Drops 3-6 TNT, a lever & a stone pressure plate. Do you dare to TNT jump? :o
Brewing Stand: Places a brewing stand with 1-2 buff or debuff potions. All buff potions are drinkable, and all debuff potions are throwable. Will you get lucky this time?
Farm animals: Spawns a chicken, cow & pig. Friends?
Cactus trap: Traps you in a 3x3 cactus cage. Don't be afraid of the green!
Extra lucky: Spawns 3 lucky...
Hello CubeCrafters, we've got exciting news for our Discord users.

💬 Introduction

For the past week we have been working on an overhaul to the CubeCraft Discord, we passed this through Admins, then the staff team and now we're looking to show it off to you guys before hopefully launching later this week if everything goes well. We believe that the current Discord design layout is not optimal for adding new voice/text channels and we also believe it looks quite boring overall in terms of layout/aesthetic.

🎨 Discord Redesign


🤔 What changes have we made?

  • We've changed the voice channels the most, these are now grouped up into their respective categories of interest and not into a massive "voice" section, this makes it easier to minimize languages that you don't speak and also to see voice calls for things you are interested in.
  • We've also added...
Hello Bedrock CubeCrafters!

It's official, our Lucky Block gamemode now has a rank. As many of you know, Lucky Islands was released into our Bedrock Beta Games lobby in July, and you guys are loving it! ❤ - Due to the popularity of the gamemode, we've decided to add a rank for Lucky Islands & other future Lucky Block gamemodes! 👀 - You can get the Rank HERE!
Hello Bedrock CubeCrafters!

Today we've released Survival Games Teams of 2 on our Bedrock network! - It's the classic game of Survival Games but with Teams of 2! - So you can play with your friend. 🎉 Don't worry, all Solo maps are available in the Duos mode, everything is the same!


Survival Games Teams of 2 NPC.

🦖 New map!

In addition with Survival Games Duos, we've added a BRAND NEW map for Survival Games on our Bedrock network! Introducing Jurassic, available in Solo & Teams of 2! 👀


New Jurassic map to Bedrock!

Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoy SG Duos and the new map. Have fun and stay safe!
Hey CubeCrafters! Hope you've been having a good week so far 🙌

After some talking amongst the product team, we've recognised an issue that you may be aware of regarding the modification "Damage Indicators". In case you didn't know, damage indicators allows you to see your opponents & teammates health clientside. This is only seen by you, and not other players.

🤔 So, what's the problem?

The problem is that this is only clientside, so you are only able to see the players health. This helps you when you're wanting to play offensively, where you can attack when a player is low, but also defensively, where you can retreat when you're clearly going to lose a fight. This is unfair for players who are playing the game with no PvP modifications like LabyMod.

We need some solutions, and we think we've come up with a few, but before moving ahead with development...

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