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Hello CubeCrafters!

This week we're only bringing you new maps from 5 Weeks of Summer, but check in next week for another game duels release! 🥳

🌞 5 Weeks of Summer Part 3!

Third time's a charm. Week 3 of our 5 Weeks of Summer event has arrived. We've just released 3 more brand new permanent maps to our Java & Bedrock networks. Read more about it here. Keep an eye on our socials such as Twitter and Instagram for upcoming updates and giveaways! ✨

BlockWars Bridges - Farm
BlockWars Bridges - Farm.jpg

This map is udder nonsense...
Hello CubeCrafters!

We are very proud to present the long-awaited update to our VIP Levels system, after many suggestions & ideas we have been working hard to deliver an update that will meet the expectations of the community and we're finally here to present it to you today. So let's take a dive!

More Levels

We've gone ahead and added 25 new levels, bringing the total up to 30 VIP Levels for you to climb through. Each filled with 1 loot item from different categories, and some special unlocks for specific levels as well.

Levels are now much faster to unlock in the early stages, requiring only 150xp to get to Level 2. On the old system this was 900!


It is now clearer what level you are in thanks to the edition of our level badges. A player with less than 150 exp or even none will start at Level 1, thus will have a square bronze badge.

Your badges are displayed on both your nameplate & scoreboard in lobbies allowing you to immediately see everyone's VIP status.
Hello CubeCrafters,

It's Wednesday again, which means another 5 Weeks of Summer release and game duels! 🎉

🥚 EggWars Duels

Last week we released duels in Lucky Islands. Now it's time for EggWars to get the special treatment!

You can find EggWars Duels on Java within the EggWars NPC, or within the Battle Arena NPC under "Duels". On our Bedrock network, you can find it in the EggWars lobby as a new NPC. We wanted EggWars to get some extra attention, so we've made 5 EggWars Duels maps rather than the usual 3. EggWars Duels are for 1v1 games.


EggWars Duels Bedrock NPC
Hello CubeCrafters,

After a long and awaited time to prepare for a tiring battle, it is finally time to grab your equipment and run straight into CubeCraft to enjoy these brand new additions to Battle Arena! Read to find out more below!

🎇 FFA Events

There are 5 never seen before events cycling throughout FFA every 30 minutes, each lasting 5 minutes! Between fighting, spend your time competing to see if you can win one!
  • Bounty Hunters -> You have 1 direct player to target, aim your way through the map to hunt for them!
  • King of the Hill -> Spend the most time in the specific area, watch out for the special effects!
  • Capture the Fort -> There are 4 locations, get a kill in each to conquer all!
  • Reach Point 50 -> Simply play the game and try to earn 50 points throughout!
  • Kills with X Kit -> Try to get the most kills using one of the specific kits the game has called for!
Hey CubeCrafters!

This week we have 2 updates in 1 for you all. Read below to find out more!

❓ Lucky Islands Duels

As featured on our public notion board some time ago, we've been working on game duels for our most popular gamemodes. This week we're releasing our first game duel, and it's for Lucky Islands!

You can find Lucky Islands Duels on Java within the Lucky Islands NPC. On our Bedrock network, you can find it in the Lucky Blocks lobby as a new NPC. There are 3 maps available, and duels are for 1v1 games.


Lucky Islands Duels Bedrock NPC

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