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Hello CubeCrafters!

Time for our final games duels gamemode release, with BlockWars Bridges!

🎏 BlockWars Bridges Duels!

Couple of weeks ago we release SkyWars Duels, and many other duels gamemodes before then; today is the last Game Duels release. We're bringing you BlockWars Bridges in duel form!

You can find BlockWars Bridges Duels on Java within the BlockWars Bridges NPC (when it's featured*), or within the Battle Arena NPC under "Duels" then "Game Duels". On our Bedrock network, you can find it in the BlockWars lobby as a new NPC, or in the Battle Arena lobby under "Game Duels". BlockWars Bridges Duels are for 1v1 games. There are 3 maps available to play.
*BlockWars Bridges has been set to appear for 4 days on Java following this release; BlockWars core will be skipped.


BlockWars Bridges Duels Bedrock NPC


Why was the worker fired from a calendar factory? – He took a day off!
Hello CubeCrafters!

Our constant stream of summer updates isn't finished yet, introducing our much anticipated MinerWare Update for Bedrock! This update focuses heavily on the new MinerWare rank as well as some quality of life changes, we tried to use Bedrock's features to the limit with models & custom particles resulting in a heavily bedrock-centric update. We hope you enjoy it regardless.

🪙 MinerWare Rank

MinerWare has finally gotten its own rank after all these years featuring extra loot available in other games, all arcade themed! We've also got an amazing new voting option for you all in this rank:

🐖 Rank Microgames!

Our new voting option to MinerWare: Premium Microgames! If you have the rank you can vote for this option, it will mix in all of our new microgames into your regular game, they will be more frequent than regular games.

So what are the new games?

🐖 Evade the Pig

This pig will hunt you all down in these crazy mazes, but only one player at a time, try to shake him off your scent!
Hello CubeCrafters!

It's time for another game duel.

🏹 SkyWars Duels!

Continuing with the game duels releases. Last week you saw BlockWars CTF duels get released, and it's time for our 2nd biggest game to get the duels love!

You can find SkyWars Duels on Java within the SkyWars NPC, or within the Battle Arena NPC under "Duels" then "Game Duels". On our Bedrock network, you can find it in the SkyWars lobby as a new NPC, or in the Battle Arena lobby under "Game Duels". SkyWars Duels are for 1v1 games. There are 5 SkyWars duels maps available rather than the usual 3.


SkyWars Duels Bedrock NPC


This map is a-mazeing
Hello CubeCrafters!

The final week of 5 Weeks of Summer has arrived.

🩴 5 Weeks of Summer Part 5!

The final week of 5 Weeks of Summer is here. This week we're bringing you 4 new maps rather than 3, three are brand new and one is an epic revamp on an existing map. Read more about it here. Keep an eye on our socials such as Twitter and Instagram for upcoming updates and giveaways! ✨

Jungle - Solo EggWars
Solo EggWars - Jungle.png

Let's hope it's not full for cheetahs.

Neon - Solo SkyWars
Solo SkyWars - Neon.jpg

Be careful, this map is gassy.
Hello CubeCrafters!

We're ready to finally present our newest experimental update, EggWars Season 1. Read about it below!

🍁 Seasons

Introducing our new seasonal system for EggWars, Seasons. Every 3 months we'll release a new season showcasing new features, each season will host it's own set of new features & changes which are automatically slated for removal unless the community votes otherwise. This will allow us to trial some new and wacky ideas in EggWars!

In 1.5 months expect a thread where you can all vote and give feedback on the individual features of the update.

Each season will also have it's very own leaderboard which will only show stats obtained during the seasonal period. This will be permanently etched into the leaderboard section even after the season finishes- so whoever holds the top spot of season 1 after it finishes will keep it!


💀 Egg Curses

Our very first feature of Season 1. You can buy curses for your egg which will enact effects on the enemy who gets in their vicinity, giving you an opportunity to protect your egg. Choose your curse wisely based on your island defence setup!

Choose from the following curses: glowing (JE only), slowness, blindness, mining fatigue.

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