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Hello Bedrock CubeCrafters!

Last week, BlockWars on our Bedrock network was released permanently and introduced it's own lobby & store rank with voting options! - As promised, we're now releasing 3 new BlockWars maps for our Bedrock network! 🎉

Mushroom - BlockWars CTF

Mario... where you at?!

Greenzone - BlockWars CTF

This map is 100% recyclable.

Retro-99 - BlockWars CTF

Oof... just 1 away from 💯

Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoy these new BlockWars maps. Have fun and stay safe! <3
Hello Bedrock CubeCrafters!

Back in June 2020, we released our Bedrock Beta Games. Along with the release, BlockWars was added onto our Bedrock network, and you guys loved the game! - Now today we're finally implementing BlockWars as a permanent gamemode on our Bedrock network! 🎉 - Read below to learn more.

⛳ BlockWars released!

BlockWars is now a permanent gamemode on our Bedrock network! Meaning that it has it's own stand in the main hub and its own lobby. It's been removed from the Beta Games lobby.
BlockWars has an incredible and beautifully designed lobby to capture the Red vs Blue concept. As with most game lobbies, to the sides feature our Bedrock store content and there's also parkour in the lobby which allows you to get under the ocean if completed. For now, you're able to jump into a CTF game using the middle NPC... But keep an eye out in the future for some intense Red vs. Blue battles! 😜

[ATTACH type="full" alt="BlockwarslobbyFinal -...​
One year of growth and development for our Translation Team has now passed! Just like the beginning of any other project or team, our journey began with very simple steps - creation of a small Discord server - and continued to the long road to the future, filled with hundreds of difficulties.
rubiks banner.png

Recently, we've bought on some new developers, to yet further expand our developer team. It's important to us that we keep growing our team, as more developers means more content, which means more happy players! :)

Game Developers

Currently, the only developer that we have is @Palombo, however we decided we needed more game developers, as we just weren't able to get out as many game updates as want. Introducing @utf_8 and @WorldeditAPI!

@utf_8 will be working on our Java PvP game, updating Duels, FFA and Assassination! He might even move it across to Bedrock some time after that as well!

@WorldeditAPI has started work on updating our Lucky Islands game for Java! Obviously he will be adding more Lucky Block contents but what other things could be possibly be changing...
Hello CubeCrafters,

You-know how our Discord has some pretty sick emotes? Well, we've brought some of the best over to our forums now!
35 in total!




Thanks to @Priley and @Younisco for the curation!

Oh and also, we kept two old icons for Nostalgia:

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