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Hello everyone,

Over the last few months, we have noticed a rise in player safety violations from members of our community - and would like to address the seriousness of these.

We want to reiterate the importance of staying safe online and how you can help yourself and others. Our duty of care is to provide a safe and secure environment - with multiple reporting tools and processes in place, such as our Player Safety subforum & a team to assist and direct you through the next steps.

Team CubeCraft is a collective of people from all over the world, with different backgrounds and experiences - however, members of Team CubeCraft have been coming forward as victims of doxing, cyberbullying, harassment, and grossly offensive behaviour, which will not be tolerated on our platform. We have millions of active users a week, and it is unfortunate that a small few individuals will have the motive to act with clear malicious intent.

We would like to openly say that any ‘Player Safety’ concerns that are raised are handled with the utmost seriousness. We have internal processes to assess and deal with incoming reports correctly. Our processes focus on fact-finding to complete the bigger picture and fully understand the events that occurred. We then use this information to determine if there was any wrongdoing and work out if the incident should be escalated to the appropriate authorities, such as the police.

To learn more, please review our Community Resources & Safety articles:

👋 Community Resources and Safety

  • Community Standards
    • These are a set of standards that we uphold to Team CubeCraft and active community members - as it outlines how we can respectfully and safely communicate with each other.
  • Safety Guidelines
    • If you are concerned about your safety online, we’ve set some guidelines that you can follow to ensure that your experience on and off our platform is as enjoyable as it can be.
  • Rules
    • This is a list of rules that everyone in our community must follow. Failure to do so can be reported to our relevant platforms.
  • If something isn’t right
    • Tackling serious issues is sometimes difficult and confusing. We’ve made a private subforum between you and our Admin Team, who can help you tackle issues such as Harassment, DoS/DDoS attacks, phishing, doxing, explicit content & other illegal/harmful activities.

💙 Community Well-being

The mental well-being of our community is incredibly important to us. Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle the different levels of stress in our lives as well as how we relate to others. We will always advise you to speak to a trusted adult and explain what’s happening if you are affected by an episode or event.

Our team has tried to spread awareness and destigmatise the topic on our forums; Mental Health & You. We have also worked with the charity Mind in the past to again speak of the importance of mental health. This is something we’d love to do again in the future!

We’re extremely grateful to have such an amazing team and community by our side - and we hope that our endeavours to have a safe and positive experience for everyone are being met. We cannot stress enough how important it is to be safe online!
Hello fellow CubeCrafters! 👋

Welcome to this new Behind the Cube thread, where we will be talking all about Magic & Mayhem!
After the Spring RPG, we learned a lot about what the community wanted to see and we all worked really hard to make this an even better game, with many more things to explore and try out! ✨

📚 The Story

Within this project, the first thing we talked about was the storyline. What did we think would look cool, how could we jump in on small ideas we had, how are we able to present this best to players and how is everything going to flow together as one storyline? It took us a lot of planning and outside of meetings, the lead writers of the story would spend a lot of time in calls together, planning everything out in detail.

The page where the Storyline for this RPG was written contains a total of 2585 words! (🤯) This page includes ideas and final ideas that were actually put into the RPG! As you can see by the way everything is written, this is written as a concept and not a final product. We would discuss these in meetings and once it was greenlit, it would be worked out on a different board in our workspace.

Dialogue-wise, there were approximately 118 NPCs across 3 worlds, and then of course The Conjurer! 🧙‍♂️
The tutorial alone, dialogue-wise, contains around 1500 words (including Cubit, everyone loves Cubit)!
Hello CubeCrafters!

We've just updated our biggest game on our network, EggWars! - We've made changes to our Bedrock EggWars rank which adds new exclusive cosmetics including generator skins. We've also added so many new maps for both networks, and we've added new game features, tweaks, map balances and tweaks and general Quality of Life features. This update is massive, read below to learn more! 🎉

💡 Features & Tweaks - Emeralds, Favourite items, Enchants & Kits!

To build the foundation of this update, we worked with our EggWars focus group team and community suggestions to create a good balance of new features, fixes & Quality of Life.

We've made some changes to Emeralds. We've removed the radius detector on Emerald generators, so they naturally generate Emeralds without you needing to be close to the generator. We've changed it so you can upgrade Emerald generators and most maps have more than 1 Emerald generator, one will always be level 1. We've also merged the Emerald shop into the main EggWars shop, into the appropriate categories.

We've also added enchantments for armour! - You can buff up your armour even more if you have Emerald tokens.

There are new Emerald token specific items:
  • Ender chest - This allows you or your team to have your own private inventory.
  • Elytra - One flight usage, so use it wisely.
  • High-efficiency pickaxe - This allows you to break through blocks like butter.
  • Sharpness sword & axe - This will allow you to slash your enemies even faster.
Along with the Emerald tweaks. We've also added a new system into our EggWars shop which will change your EggWars experience forever! Introducing Favourite shop items! - You can now select your most used items and have them pinned at the bottom of the EggWars shop. You have 3 load-outs, one for each gamemode: Normal, Overpowered & Hardcore. Your favourite items are saved and carried over into the same gamemode. You can add, remove or tweak your favourite items whenever!
Hello CubeCrafters!

Our Winter Event 2021 has settled at CubeCraft Games. Winter is our favourite period of the year, where gifts are shared, snowfalls arrive and trees are decorated. Here at CubeCraft, we love to go big on Winter, and we've achieved that again this year! - Our Winter Games have returned, our Winter maps including new maps have been added. We have an amazing Bedrock Winter Bundle, and an epic Winter hub with an advent calendar to share. Join us today and read below to find out more! 🎉

🎮 Winter Games - Snowman Survival!

For this Winter update, we will be bringing back our popular game, Snowman Survival! - Bedrock only!

Snowman Survival is a fun game where the objective is to survive as long as you can, without the Snowman giving you frostbite! The game starts with 8 players, then the sacred Snowman performs a ritual and the starting Snowman is chosen. The remaining players are human survivors and have a brief grace period of 7 seconds to run away before the Snowman is released. Humans need to run and hide whilst dodging the Snowballs that the Snowmen throw! The first Snowman needs to throw his Snowballs at survivors, this will convert the Survivors into more Snowmen.

We've also added 2 NEW MAPS to the already existing maps for Snowman Survival!


NEW maps - Candy Cane & Holiday Workshop
As a Snowman, you have to throw your snowball. Left or right-clicking gives you a quick throw, with a predefined amount of force. If your throw hits a survivor, they will be converted into a snowman. HOWEVER as a Snowman you only get ONE snowball, so use it wisely! If you miss, you'll have to run and fetch the Snowball by walking over it, or wait 5 seconds and it will come back to you automatically.

Snowman throwing their snowball.

When playing as a survivor, after 30 seconds of being released, you will notice there are powerups scattered around the arena which help you run, leap and teleport away from the Snowmen. Some powerups also allow Survivors to stun and gravity explodes the Snowmen, as well as trick them with decoy survivors.

Survivor collecting powerups.

The Starting Snowman has the ability to track players with a compass. If the Snowmen don't convert all the Survivors before the timer ends, they will explode and lose!

If you're wondering how stats work in Snowman Survival, that's simple! You collect Medals. At the end of the game, both of the Snowmen and Survivors can earn "Snowman Survival Medals". You'll get medals for the following actions:
- Every 30 seconds you are alive as a Survivor
- Converting a Survivor into a Snowman as a Snowman
- Stunning a Snowman as a Survivor
- Staying alive as a Survivor the whole game

Bedrock - Snowman Survival maps.png

Returning Snowman Survival maps.
Hello CubeCrafters,

In this Behind the Cube, we will be exploring how our regions work behind the scenes, and the struggles that there are to actually be able to incorporate regions into our servers.

🌏 Overview

One of the goals we have with CubeCraft is to ensure the best experience for all players, no matter where you are in the world. This means that we need to ensure we have multiple countries with our servers in them, due to how the internet works - like a road network, the further away you are from your destination, the longer it takes to get there. This is called latency (or, more commonly, ping) and is easily measurable. You will have seen it in-game via the "green bars" you see on the server lists or tab list. Lower latency means the gameplay is smoother, less jittery and overall more satisfying for players.

On the surface, it seems simple to take servers and just put them in new regions. However, when you grow to the size of CubeCraft, you start relying on dozens of systems, some of which can easily be taken and moved, others which cannot You can imagine that it becomes tricky and cumbersome to do it whilst maintaining all features on the network, and more often than not requires a re-write of several core systems.

As a company, we have managed to overcome these challenges and we now have three regions around the world: our European region in Northern France, our North American region near Montreal in Canada, and our Asia region in Singapore.

Each region is connected to the other two regions with private transatlantic and transpacific cables from our datacenter provider - these provide a stable connection between the region which we extensively use to make cross-region gameplay possible as well as for data replication and many other tasks that require connecting between regions.

Here's a simple map that shows the way our locations are interconnected around the world:


🚡 Server Routing

As you may know, whenever you connect to CubeCraft, we try to send you to the best region for when you are connecting from, without you having to use a region-specific IP. We do this through something called DNS - the Domain Name System, which is responsible for making sure when you type “google.com” into your browser, you get sent to Google.

You might have noticed that our solution sometimes got things wrong, and you’re right. We originally were maintaining a list of countries and continents, then mapping them to what region they should be sent to manually. This wasn’t always the best as it required us to keep the list up to date and regularly issue changes when we noticed players weren’t being sent to the right places.

We’ve since changed to doing it via something called geoproximity - we use software to generate a map of all our regions and the countries that should connect to it, and then send you to the region you match up with on that map. Since we’ve moved to this system, we’ve noticed that significantly more players have ended up in the right place, and so we’ve decided to stick with this methodology of routing players for now.

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