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Sometimes maps can feel stale after playing them over and over again... introducing MAP ROTATIONS!

We will aim to rotate Java maps every 3 months. We will implement some new ones and bring back some old ones. If one of your favourite maps was removed in this rotation, it could make a return the next rotation!

Rotations are a very manual process at the moment, but I would love them to be more automated in future! This would allow us to bring the concept to Bedrock.


Map Rotations post copy.jpg

Introducing new maps

These were all made in a couple of days for fun. We wanted to experiment with a 6 vs 6 map on EggWars! However, if it is repeatedly and consistently used for win farming, it ruins the fun for new players, so please keep that in mind when playing CubeCraft. We want to bring more players to our server (I'm looking at you sweaty tryhards 👀)

🌋 Volcanic - EggWars [6]

I lava pun

🎋 Jungle - SkyWars

the rocks favourite movie theme

😮 Clickbait - Lucky Islands


push the red button... do it

Are these maps coming to Bedrock?

Some will yes! We will be launching a network-wide map update in the next couple of weeks (fingers crossed). You can view the community page for teases and keep up to date with what the team is doing.

Inspo for doing the update - @Alexp192 and this post by @_EliteDavy

Cheers and hf!
Hello Bedrock CubeCrafters!

As promised in our last MinerWare update news post, we're here to add back 10 microgame classics to MinerWare, plus a NEW Boss game!

Void Hunters - Boss Game

Hunters - Catch all the monsters!
Monsters - Survive the timer, or eliminate all hunters!

Dodge Lasers

Avoid touching the lasers!

Stepping Stones

Jump from stone to stone and get to the end!

Chicken Shooter

Shoot chickens to get points - But avoid the parrots!

Balance Beam

Cross the balance beam and avoid getting shot off!

Feed Blobbo

Collect feed and throw it into the pit for Blobbo to eat!

Deliver Nuggets

Kill zombies, earn gold nuggets, then deliver them to the villager!

Here are the other Microgames we've added:
  • Hatch Eggs​
  • Keep Moving​
  • Dress Like Mannequins​
  • Grab Flower​

Once again, we hope you enjoy these new MinerWare additions! - Have fun
Hello Bedrock CubeCrafters!

As mentioned in a recent news post, we've been wanting to refresh our existing server content offers, now is that time!

Below you'll see the before (left) and after (right) of the refreshes. All of them are live on our Bedrock network now, and if you already own the content, you'll have the new looks!

Food - Buddy Pack

Emoji - Buddy Pack

Hello Bedrock CubeCrafters!

MinerWare has just been updated on our Bedrock network! - New micro & boss games, read below to learn more.

💀 New Boss Games!

Been a while since we've had some new boss games, so we've added 3 new ones!

Wrecking Ball

Destroy the level and obtain the most points!

Dragon Invasion

Survive the dragons!

Line Dash

Tron-inspired game, get other players to cross your line, but avoid their lines too!

@ryooXD tagged me on Discord to add a new impossible level to Parkour, so I turned it into a map update. Enjoy!

🗺️ New Parkour Maps!

Some are very easy, and some are impossible! - View them below as Java Difficulty/Bedrock Difficulty

Simple/Easy - Candy 🍬


The key is to sugar-rush on these!

Simple/Easy - Volcanic 🌋


so hot right now

Easy/Normal - Ice 🧊


Wow... SO COOL!

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