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⚔️ Duels Kit Competition ⚔️

Hey CubeCrafters,

As you may have seen on our public notion board, we've started development on the new Battle Arena update and we would like your input, specifically kit-related.

All participants are welcome to create their very own Duels Kit that has the opportunity to be playable for all on both networks!

✏️ How to Participate

Simply, create your own kit in a single-player world or within Custom Kit Creations on Java. Keep in mind there are a few things to consider when creating a kit such as armour, weapons, enchants, additional items, and potion effects!

When submitting your newly created Duel Kit to this thread, please include:
• The name of your kit!
• All items and specific enchants that are in it!
• A screenshot of the inventory, to provide a layout!

Hello, Java CubeCrafters!

Today we're here to present to you a small update we've made to the Java loot menus allowing you to get full transparency on all the items available within loot via a smart system.

✏️ Descriptions & Percentages

Many of our loot types now have brand new descriptions to be cleaner and more descriptive of what they are, in addition to this- the hover box also displays a percentage of how many loot items you have out of the obtainable total.
Hey CubeCrafters!

We're celebrating our Bedrock network, turning 4 years old. On the 25th of April 2018, our CubeCraft Games Bedrock launched, with SkyWars & EggWars being the only available games. Survival Games followed soon after, then MinerWare. Jump forward 4 years, we currently have 9 epic gamemodes to play. Our Bedrock network went from 1000 player peak to 30000+, which is incredible! - We couldn't have done any of this if it wasn't for our fabulous team and wonderful community. You've stuck by us from the beginning and helped us grow, and we'll continue to do so! - Read below to find out what we're offering in this mini-event.
🦖 Dino Furniture! 🪑

Hey CubeCrafters, my name is Ben better known as Mit and I've been at CubeCraft for a long time. I'm currently on a year in industry from Swansea university where I study Computer Science.

I'm a 'Behaviour Engineer' - in simple terms, I make cool stuff for the official Minecraft Marketplace, I also tell other people how to make cool stuff. If you want to fly planes, ride a ghast or use a portal gun to teleport around a map... I got you. Let's take a BTS look at one of my latest projects.

The Concept

The original concept was to create a furniture pack. 50 static furniture items for players to decorate their base with. After playtesting we decided the world wasn't engaging enough, we knew we could do better.

We went back to the drawing board and came up with an impressive collection of ideas. Excuse the bad handwriting... We wanted dinosaur pets with cute animations, dinosaur-themed food, scavenger hunts and the furniture to be more interactive!

My favourite idea was a mailbox that gave you dinosaur-themed puns every day. Yes, this actually exists.


Design Process

Our team uses Blockbench to create awesome models. The software is free and has lots of support and various tutorials.
  1. Begin the geometry of the model. Use as few voxels as possible, this is to help with performance.
  2. Basic textures are then added to the model.
  3. Work on shading and add those final design touches.
  4. Animations will be added.
  5. Add the behaviour mechanics.
  6. Test and QA for issues.
  7. Polish and finalise!


The artists created numerous pieces of furniture based on room types. We even created a working TV! There are 4 cute dinosaur pets in the world, each has its own unique abilities and adorable animations. Check them out below;
ezgif.com-gif-maker (2).gif

ezgif.com-gif-maker (3).gif

Interactive Content

In the map there is a mountain of interactive objects! A bed that is bouncy! Lamps to give your room some light, plenty of places to sit and even kitchen appliances that give you lots of yummy food like our wonderful dino-toaster!

So do you want to see something cool?

Interesting bugs features

This was our first project where we used 3D models for the held items. They look really awesome but can be difficult to get right. The fountain wasn't perfect to start with...


Interactivity is really important when creating behaviours. It's easy to slip into the habit of not putting the focus on the player experience since as you develop you already know how things work. So we made sure that our QA team and a few other staff would test the interactions and give feedback on how simple they were to use.

The final product

Hello CubeCrafters,

For the last few months, we have been hard at work creating a SkyWars update for you all! Our goal was to adjust our existing content in-game, but also spice the game up by adding some new things. If you are curious about what we changed and added, then this thread might be interesting to read!

🗓️ Weekly items

As previously mentioned, we wanted to add some new features to the game. One of our most game-changing features, are the weekly items! There are 9 items in total and it varies per week which weekly item you can find. Weekly items have a very low spawn rate, so the lucky people that find these might be able to give the game an interesting twist...

Featured item menu.jpg

Weekly Items Menu

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