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Hello CubeCrafters,

It's Wednesday again, which means another 5 Weeks of Summer release and game duels! 🎉

🥚 EggWars Duels

Last week we released duels in Lucky Islands. Now it's time for EggWars to get the special treatment!

You can find EggWars Duels on Java within the EggWars NPC, or within the Battle Arena NPC under "Duels". On our Bedrock network, you can find it in the EggWars lobby as a new NPC. We wanted EggWars to get some extra attention, so we've made 5 EggWars Duels maps rather than the usual 3. EggWars Duels are for 1v1 games.


EggWars Duels Bedrock NPC
Hello CubeCrafters,

After a long and awaited time to prepare for a tiring battle, it is finally time to grab your equipment and run straight into CubeCraft to enjoy these brand new additions to Battle Arena! Read to find out more below!

🎇 FFA Events

There are 5 never seen before events cycling throughout FFA every 30 minutes, each lasting 5 minutes! Between fighting, spend your time competing to see if you can win one!
  • Bounty Hunters -> You have 1 direct player to target, aim your way through the map to hunt for them!
  • King of the Hill -> Spend the most time in the specific area, watch out for the special effects!
  • Capture the Fort -> There are 4 locations, get a kill in each to conquer all!
  • Reach Point 50 -> Simply play the game and try to earn 50 points throughout!
  • Kills with X Kit -> Try to get the most kills using one of the specific kits the game has called for!
Hey CubeCrafters!

This week we have 2 updates in 1 for you all. Read below to find out more!

❓ Lucky Islands Duels

As featured on our public notion board some time ago, we've been working on game duels for our most popular gamemodes. This week we're releasing our first game duel, and it's for Lucky Islands!

You can find Lucky Islands Duels on Java within the Lucky Islands NPC. On our Bedrock network, you can find it in the Lucky Blocks lobby as a new NPC. There are 3 maps available, and duels are for 1v1 games.


Lucky Islands Duels Bedrock NPC
Hello CubeCrafters!

The sun is shining and ice creams are melting! Which can only me one thing... Summer has arrived! - The CubeCraft Summer event 2022 is now live and we're bringing you a lot more fantastic content. From returning maps to new maps and new loot bundles to epic challenges and cosmetics, we've got it all! - Read below to find out more.

If you join our Java network during our Summer event, you'll get an exclusive FREE Summer Cubelet on login, and Summer Cubelets are obtainable ingame, what are you waiting for? Get those Cubelets!

Hello CubeCrafters!

As you know, over the last 9 years of existence, CubeCraft has developed a lot of games for you all to enjoy. Although some games have gone through major rewrites, we are always running into issues of technical debt - throughout the years, many inconsistencies have popped up within our game code which has led to slight deviations across common features within games (e.g. kits / Armoury) and has made it a challenge for developers to not only create new games but fix bugs within existing ones.

Our library development team has been hard at work for the last year creating a new framework for all of our games so that they are all consistent with one another, migrating each game on both Java and Bedrock - read on to find out more! 👀

What will you notice when games are migrated?

Aside from some downtime, you should not notice anything major. All of our games have gone through QA processes to ensure as smooth a transition as possible. However, due to the nature of migrating games to an entirely different framework, it's quite likely you may run into a few minor issues shortly after a game has been migrated.

When we migrate a game, you will see a message in our Discord in the #changelog channel. If you haven't already, join our Discord and head to #roles to get notified of all messages in that channel!

If you come across any issues with any of the games after migration, please report them here! Our library development team will be here to fix any and all issues that happen to ensure a smooth transition!

We've also had to make the difficult decision to remove Custom Kit Creation for our Java Duels mode. This is because converting the base for it will take us a long time to develop, which for the 1 average player on the mode at all times, it isn't worth it for us. However, to compensate, we've enabled the old Soup and Insane kits for challenging players!

1654529462628 (1).png

What games have been migrated?

Last updated - 06/06/2022
  • EggWars - Java
  • Lucky Islands - Java & Bedrock
  • Survival Games - Java & Bedrock
  • FFA - Java & Bedrock
  • Wing Rush - Java
  • QuakeCraft - Java

What could it involve in the future?

Our new game framework is a huge step up from our outdated code from beforehand. To list a few benefits:
  • Faster development of new games & game updates!
  • Bug fixes at a faster rate!
  • This allows us to easily implement our Game Duels update, which is coming soon! Take a look at what could be in it on our Public Update Board!
  • Native spectator support for all games (👀)
  • Better tooling for developers
If there's enough interest, we'd love to do a Behind the Cube once there's more implementation across our network!

A huge thank you to @Austin, @JusJus, @Berty, @libraryaddict & @rubik_cube_man for the amazing amount of work done on this project! I hope you're all excited about the possibilities of this backend work being done! 🎉

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