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Hello CubeCrafters!

Whilst we're still working very hard on our Party Event & 1.19 Update, we still want to bring you guys some seasonal feels! - Our Winter event is now live on our Java & Bedrock networks. Read below to learn more!

lobby render-min.jpg

Winter Hub 2022

⛄ Snowman Survival Returns!

We're bringing back this Winter classic after high demand. Currently available on our Java & Bedrock networks. Will you be able to survive the Snowman?

Screenshot 2022-11-24 121340.jpg

Snowman Survival NPC in main hub - Bedrock

As a Snowman, you have to throw your snowball. Left or right-clicking gives you a quick throw, with a predefined amount of force. If your throw hits a survivor, they will be converted into a snowman. HOWEVER as a Snowman you only get ONE snowball, so use it wisely! If you miss, you'll have to run and fetch the Snowball by walking over it, or wait 5 seconds and it will come back to you automatically.

Snowman throwing their snowball.

When playing as a survivor, after 30 seconds of being released, you will notice there are powerups scattered around the arena which help you run, leap and teleport away from the Snowmen. Some powerups also allow Survivors to stun and gravity explodes the Snowmen, as well as trick them with decoy survivors.

Survivor collecting powerups.

The Starting Snowman has the ability to track players with a compass. If the Snowmen don't convert all the Survivors before the timer ends, they will explode and lose!

If you're wondering how stats work in Snowman Survival, that's simple! You collect Medals. At the end of the game, both of the Snowmen and Survivors can earn "Snowman Survival Medals". You'll get medals for the following actions:
- Every 30 seconds you are alive as a Survivor
- Converting a Survivor into a Snowman as a Snowman
- Stunning a Snowman as a Survivor
- Staying alive as a Survivor the whole game

🗺️ Winter Maps!

What's a seasonal event without some seasonal maps? - We've added back some of our Winter maps, including some classics and favourites!

Yuki - Team EggWars
Yuki - Team EggWars.jpg

Cyber Snow - Team EggWars
Cyber Snow - Team EggWars.jpg

Fireplace - Team EggWars
Fireplace - Team EggWars.png

Gifts - Solo SkyWars
Gifts - Solo SkyWars.jpg

Snowflake - Solo SkyWars
Snowflake - Solo SkyWars.png

Snowmen - Solo SkyWars
Snowmen - Solo SkyWars.png

Snowglobe - Solo Lucky Islands
Snowglobe - Solo Lucky Islands.png
Icy - Solo EggWars
Icy - Solo EggWars.jpg

Cyber Snow - EggWars Teams of 2
Cyber Snow - EggWars of 2.jpg

Fireplace - EggWars Teams of 2
Fireplace - EggWars Teams of 2.png

Yuki - EggWars Teams of 4
Yuki - Team EggWars.jpg

Gingerbread - EggWars Teams of 4
Gingerbread - EggWars Teams of 4.png

Gifts - Solo SkyWars
Gifts - Solo SkyWars.jpg

Snowflake - Solo SkyWars
Snowflake - Solo SkyWars.png

Snowmen - Solo SkyWars
View attachment 216706

Reindeer - SkyWars Teams of 2
Reindeer - Team SkyWars.jpg

Party - SkyWars Teams of 10
Party - SkyWars Teams of 10.png

Snowglobe - Solo Lucky Islands
Snowglobe - Solo Lucky Islands.png

Factory - Lucky Islands Teams of 4
Factory - Lucky Islands Teams of 4.png

Grotto - MinerWare
Grotto - MinerWare.png

Winter - BlockWars CTF
Winter - BlockWars CTF.jpg

🧸 NEW - Toy Bundle!

We've created a new permanent cosmetic bundle in celebration of the seasonal period. Filled with 11+ cosmetic items such as Trails, Cages, Buddies, Gravestones, Prefixes & More! - You can also get a gift version of this bundle, if you want to buy a friend a present. You can purchase the bundle HERE!

Brick Path & Toy Soldier Trails

Dinosaur Toy & Pocket Pet Buddies

Spinner & Jack in the Box Cages

Puzzle Cube & Toy Train Gravestones

Block Tower Win Effect

🎄 Festive Bundle!

Our previous seasonal bundle is making a comeback! - Packed with 13+ cosmetic items, such as Cages, a Trail, Win Effect and a variety of cosmetic skins from our popular gamemodes, they will surely get you into the winter spirit! This bundle is only available during our Winter event, you can also get a gift version of this bundle, if you want to buy a friend a present. You can purchase the bundle HERE!

Frosty Shop Skin & Winter Pal Buddy

Armchair & Sleigh Cage

Melting Gravestone & Sleepy Egg Egg Skin

Cracker Trail & Present Rush Win Effect

Lantern Lucky Block Skin & Gift Pit Skin

We're also re-releasing our Winter Bundle 2020. Check it out!


🎁 Team

Builder: @Unstrafeless
Development: @Austin
Quality Assurance: @Fesa
Design: @amandapanda @camulos03 @SuperSuccubus
Project Lead: @Story

Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoy this Winter update, celebrate the holidays and have fun!
Hey everyone!

To celebrate the spooky season of Halloween, we're hosting a total of 3 competitions on our official Discord server.
  • Pixel Art 🎨
  • 3D Model 💻
  • Build 🔨

You have the chance to win one of the following awesome prizes!
  • Your artwork featured in the new 1.19 lobby
  • Bedrock rank
  • Java rank upgrade
  • Horror Bedrock Bundle
  • EggWars Bedrock Halloween Bundle
  • SkyWars Bedrock Halloween Bundle
  • Any Bedrock single purchase loot item
  • 5 Halloween Cubelets
  • 3 Halloween Cubelets

All competitions end on the 31st of October at 23:59 UK time.

You can enter our Halloween competitions via our Discord server, located in the "competitions" sub-forum. Join today!
Hello CubeCrafters!

As the title mentions, the season of ghosts and ghouls is upon us, which means it's time for our Halloween event! Because we're updating our networks to 1.19, all of our resources are focused on getting that out soon, so this Halloween event is a little simplified. But we still wanted this event to happen as we know you guys love Halloween.

We will have awesome content for you to check out, such as new maps for both networks, and new Bedrock cosmetic bundles! - Read below to find out more.

👻 Halloween Hub & New Maps!

As usual, our main hub has been transformed into a pumpkin and death-infested world. We've added a new Catacombs parkour and also hidden other spooky secrets around the lobby. You'll also notice that all of our game NPCs have been zombified, becareful, they bite!


Halloween Hub 2022
Hey CubeCrafters!

Nearly 10 years ago CubeCraft was created by @rubik_cube_man , this birth occurred on the original version of Minecraft, Java Edition. We've been a Java server for most of our history, we pioneered all of our current Bedrock games on this version. Today we sit here with a huge platform which has held over 25 games loved by tens of millions of players all over the world.

I was one of these millions of players, joining in 2014 to pass time whilst I was in school, it ended up being more fun than I could've imagined and now I've been here for 8 years and now operate internally with the rest of the team working on making those same experiences for other players.

Working at CubeCraft has been super fun, I love spending months on updates and then watching all of you experience it and talk about it. Those release days are always my favourite even if they are a bit stressful! One of the things I've learned from being on the CubeCraft Team is that sometimes tough decisions need to be made.

Even as a loving dedicated community member I am faced with one reality, our Java platform is struggling. It cannot support itself with 1,000 players, especially with its current structure which was intended for way more.

I don't want to be a big Godzilla and ruin everything for all of you, I came onto the CubeCraft team to make things better no matter what, sometimes this can only be achieved by taking risks.
Hey Bedrock CubeCrafters!

Let's start with a little story. One day, @Soulless_Unity & @rubik_cube_man were chilling whilst watching Zootopia, when Soul mentioned that BlockWars was one of their favourite gamemodes, and Rubik hinted that it would be a fun idea if there were a 100 player BlockWars games. Then Giga BlockWars was born. During their free time, Soul created 3 Giga maps and Rubik developed the support 50 player games. So there you have it, starting from watching Zootopia, to releasing GIGA BlockWars. What a crazy twist of events. Wow... it seems shorter when typing this out. Want to learn more about Giga BlockWars, read below!

This gamemode is only available on our Bedrock edition network and is currently available in our Beta Games lobby. As you title says, we've added 50v50 BlockWars, which you can play today. We have 50v50 for Capture the Flag and Bridges. There's 3 maps for this gamemode, go and check it out!

Because 50v50 is so large, we've added a rolling player count system, bit similar to our Free for All gamemode, players can leave and join at any point. The reward system works on how much time you've spend in that game/contributed to the game. Rather than iron ore generators, we have Iron block generators so that you can gear up faster!

🏰 Capture the Flag: Castle


I thought it was a castle, but it’s just a fort. I had to de-moat it.

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