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Hello Bedrock CubeCrafters!

As mentioned in a recent news post, we've been wanting to refresh our existing server content offers, now is that time!

Below you'll see the before (left) and after (right) of the refreshes. All of them are live on our Bedrock network now, and if you already own the content, you'll have the new looks!

Food - Buddy Pack

Emoji - Buddy Pack

Hello Bedrock CubeCrafters!

MinerWare has just been updated on our Bedrock network! - New micro & boss games, read below to learn more.

💀 New Boss Games!

Been a while since we've had some new boss games, so we've added 3 new ones!

Wrecking Ball

Destroy the level and obtain the most points!

Dragon Invasion

Survive the dragons!

Line Dash

Tron-inspired game, get other players to cross your line, but avoid their lines too!

@ryooXD tagged me on Discord to add a new impossible level to Parkour, so I turned it into a map update. Enjoy!

🗺️ New Parkour Maps!

Some are very easy, and some are impossible! - View them below as Java Difficulty/Bedrock Difficulty

Simple/Easy - Candy 🍬


The key is to sugar-rush on these!

Simple/Easy - Volcanic 🌋


so hot right now

Easy/Normal - Ice 🧊


Wow... SO COOL!
Hey CubeCrafters!

As the title states, the Spooky Season has dawned on CubeCraft. And it's Friday the 13th! We have an exclusive lobby hunt for everyone to check out - Read more about it below!

🔍 Mob Vote Lobby Hunt & Portal!

Rather than a pumpkin hunt this year, we have a very special exclusive lobby hunt. This year it's themed around the Minecraft Mob Vote! 🎉

We've hidden 5 Armadillos, 5 Penguins and 5 Crabs around our hub, if you find them all, you'll win some awesome rewards! - View them below

Find the Armadillo, Penguin or Crab in our hub!

Bedrock Hunt Reward - Mob Rave Win Effect

View attachment 223993
Java Hunt Reward - Mob Vote Hat (To be designed after the vote is finished)
The Minecraft mob vote is occurring between 13th October 18:00:00 BST to 15th October 18:00:00 BST. During this time, you join the Mob Vote Server via the Bedrock client home page, or via the CubeCraft Games Bedrock network! - We're hosting a portal in our main hub, simply punch the ballot portal and you'll be taken to the Mob Vote server, cast your vote for the next Minecraft mob, and play some mini-games!


CubeCraft Mob Vote Server Portal

🗺️ Spooky Hub & Maps!

Our main hub has been revamped in celebration of the spooky season. @Unstrafeless did an amazing job adding creepy designs and builds to the lobby. Check it out! :)


Halloween Hub 2023
As usual, we have our epic spooky maps on both Java & Bedrock, we've updated them with 1.19 blocks, check them out below!
EggWars Teams of 4 - Graveyard
EggWars Teams of 4 - Graveyard.png

EggWars Teams of 2 - Ghosts
EggWars Teams of 2 - Ghosts.png

Free for All - Haunted
FFA - Haunted.png

BlockWars CTF - Spooky
BlockWars CTF - Spooky.png

BlockWars Bridges - Skeleton
BlockWars Bridges - Skeleton.png

SkyWars Solo - Chandelier
SkyWars Solo - Chandelier.png

SkyWars Teams of 2 - Haunted
SkyWars Teams of 2 - Haunted.png

EggWars Solo - Graveyard
EggWars Solo - Graveyard.png

Lucky Islands Solo - Spider
Lucky Islands Solo - Spider.png

MinerWare - Halloween
MinerWare - Halloween.png
Team EggWars - Graveyard
Team EggWars - Graveyard.png

Team EggWars - Ghosts
Team EggWars - Ghosts.png

Teams EggWars - Creepy
Team EggWars - Creepy.png

Free for All - Haunted
FFA - Haunted.png

Solo SkyWars - Chandelier
Solo SkyWars - Chandelier.png

Solo Lucky Islands- Spider
Lucky Islands Solo - Spider.png

😱 Horror Bundle + Halloween Bundles!

Our Spooky cosmetics are back! - Horror Bundle, EggWars Halloween Bundle & SkyWars Halloween Bundle. All of these are available in our server store, lobbies and content pack menus.

We've added a NEW killed effect to our Horror Bundle. Existing bundle holders will get access to this, check it out!

New Soulflame Kill Effect within Horror Bundle

Horror Bundle

EggWars Halloween Bundle

SkyWars Halloween Bundle

🎉 Giveaways!

In celebration of the spooky period, we're going to be hosting giveaways on our Discord server, so keep an eye out on there! - We'll be giving away some Bedrock cosmetics and Java ranks!

Thanks for reading! We all hope you enjoy this spooky update as well as the Mob Vote Hunt. Don't forget to vote for your mob - Join the Mob Vote Server via CubeCraft or the front page of the Bedrock client!

In case you missed it, we updated our Java store for our anniversary event!

Our ranks have been unavailable for 8 months prior to this, as we have been planning on refreshing how we sell perks and cosmetics. Our custom texture pack gives us lots of opportunities to make insanely cool content - which will be attainable via cubelets that you can earn in-game. Having a subscription will give you extra cubelets each week. A long with many other perks!

So let us have a look at how the store looks now:

📸 The new look


The old design worked for many years, however, we needed to align our store design with our cleaner and modern style. We've made every step to make the experience as user-friendly as possible.

⚙️ What else has changed?

  • Mobile support is now more intuitive and performant for all devices
  • We condensed our 6 ranks down to 3 to be more manageable
  • We have removed bundles and multipliers. We want to improve the experience before we're comfortable with selling them again. They will be making a return!
  • You will still retain your current rank as a legacy rank. You can still subscribe to the new ranks, and you'll fall back to your legacy rank after it expires!

✨ Introducing New Java Hats!

As mentioned above, our new resource pack allows us to add epic things to our Java network, starting with cosmetics. We've added 32 fully custom hats to our cosmetics collection, which you can unlock from our Cubelets! - You find these playing our games or from our rank subscriptions weekly! - These hats have Legendary or Mythical rarities.

Picture - c.png

Some of the new Java Hats!

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