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  1. Roxrock

    Lucky Islands LI topic discussion #7: Favorite item

    Lucky islands has a wide variety of items that don’t exist in regular Minecraft and have interesting abilities and behaviors. This week, I am curious which items you guys like the most. In your response, you can include why you like the items you pick, which single item you like the most, and...
  2. CrystalLegend01

    MinerWare Minerware Poll #2: What are your top 3 favorite microgames from this list?

    Welcome to my second Minerware microgame poll! 👋 You can choose up to 3 choices This poll serves as a sequel to my previous Minerware poll. Thank you for your votes in that poll! The top 5 most voted-for microgames from that poll have made a reappearance here; the other 5 choices in this poll...
  3. CrystalLegend01

    MinerWare What are your top 5 favorite microgames?

    This poll is now finished! (Ignore the [Unfinished] in the question :P) Welcome to what is probably one of the longest polls ever! This is a poll to see what people’s favorite microgames are in Minerware; You can choose up to 5 choices! I accidentally published this too early :facepalm: and...
  4. CrystalLegend01

    What’s your favorite music genre? [Updated]

    Just a fun random poll to see what kind of music the community enjoys. You can choose up to 3 options if you’d like to 👍 What I voted:
  5. D

    A movie guide

    Sup sup, Introduction I'm watching movies almost every day for around 4 years since I have nothing else to do and I can't sleep. I used to watch movies in the cinema with friends but now that I have no friends I watch home alone, hopefully this will change one day. Since I've seen the post of...
  6. JokeKaedee

    [JAVA] Favorite Games

    Heya CubeCrafters! I'm JokeKaedee and I play on the Java Network. I usually play SkyWars but I'm looking for some new games to play. Therefore I ask you to vote on the poll (submit your fav games) and tell me why! This would be an easy and fun way to let others know what your favorite games...
  7. C

    Java Favorite maps in skywars/eggwars/luckyblock

    Hello there! i came up with a small suggestion and that is that you can favorite youre own maps in skywars/eggwars/luckyblock.and when you click on play new game or auto mode that you only join that maps or when they are not available that you join then an andere map bye bye like my thread and share
  8. Nevermind3476

    Favorite gamemode?

    My favorite is crazy, and I hate blessed, because I don't play to win, I play for the insanity.
  9. TheDarkSavage

    Favorite Microgame/Mode

    I was wondering what everyone's favorite Mineware mode and microgames were. Please use this format: Favorite Mode - Normal Favorite Microgame(s) - "Hide Under a Block", "Parkour and Eat Cake", "Stand on Diamond" TDS
  10. DreamTem

    What your favorite Tower in Tower Defense! :)

    I just wonderful, What your favorite Tower in Tower Defense! My favorite is Sorcerer Tower and Mage Tower! Tower List: Artillery Tower Archery Tower Ice Tower Mage Tower Poison Tower Sorcerer Tower Zeus Tower Necromancer Tower Turret Tower Leach Tower Quake Tower
  11. CubeHeadIRL

    A remaster of your favorite songs!

    I'm starting my own service of recreating favorite songs, and at request, writing an original song in the genre of your choice. I will post a MediaFire link to my works every couple or so weeks. Just click on the link and either listen, download, or both! If you'd like an original song, I do...
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