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  1. Roxrock

    Lucky Islands LI topic discussion #7: Favorite item

    Lucky islands has a wide variety of items that don’t exist in regular Minecraft and have interesting abilities and behaviors. This week, I am curious which items you guys like the most. In your response, you can include why you like the items you pick, which single item you like the most, and...
  2. Mr Jii Gamer

    Bedrock Return the caps to cubecraft

    I will make this suggestion for other who are with me in this It will so nice if cubecraft bring back capes to server bc there are a beutiful capes in the marketplace like the pride cape and the mob event cape and will make the server Beautiful look bc Each player owns the cape they want or...
  3. zNiro21

    Builds (Progression thread) Bridges map building progress states.

    Hello there! We were thinking about which map themes could fit in our Bridges maps and decided to let the decision up to the people that voted!* * = Not official CubeCraft BlockWars Bridges maps. To make it easy and short: There were 7 map themes that have been voted for and we will start...
  4. Monkikey

    Well, here's a dramatic survey :p

    Hello all ! As an experimented and usual player on Lucky Islands since years and since sessions with my friends, I've recently bought the Diamond rank. Why ? To see how I can impact games I play with voting a special time, a special gamemode etc. The option I love voting for is the Crazy mode...
  5. MrGrumpyCheese

    How to Rig a Poll - The CubeCraft Way

    Adding a poll to your thread is a great way to gauge the popularity of your suggestion, but there are a number of neat tricks to increase the proportion of positive votes. In this thread I will go through the 7 most popular techniques seen on the CubeCraft forums of coercing members to vote in...
  6. DragonLord

    Add a preview of the poll whilst creating a thread

    When creating a thread, you can preview it at any point to see what it looks like. This can be very useful to see if they layout you wanted is working or not and just to see what your thread would look like when posted. I did notice one thing that doesn't show up which I'm sure you've realised...
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