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  1. Socratias

    Video Man, Lucky Islands Really Is Something Else

    Go NASA, go SpaceX. Godspeed @CaptainNebby Dislaimer: This video contains swear words
  2. Socratias

    Video Loading The Lucky Islands' Pack Be Like

    God save our gracious Queen: @CaptainNebby Disclaimer: There are some swear words in the video.
  3. Alxssa

    Lucky Island.

    Hi, Is it idea to add more lucky items? We all knows the items and its start boring. Add some new items to get out of the lucky blocks :) Agree? Like this then :D Kind regards, Alyssa
  4. SanCookie

    Video Lucky Islands PvP Montage 2

    Hi, I kill people in Lucky Islands :3 Yay this is my 1500th message ^-^
  5. C

    Java Suggestions for Lucky Islands

    Well i was going to post this in the Lucky Islands forums, but since this its more a suggestion i trought it will fit better in here. So i have these suggestions. 1.- Compass = Since Compass can only be got by an Lucky block it becomes pretty annoying when an enemy only hides in the entire...
  6. R

    New kit Lucky Island

    here is one place where a kit fits so how cool is it if you have an elytra but that is very OP so if he can make a few flights you can fly to campers and the elytra has a quarter of it flight time
  7. Lyri


  8. Semmetje11lolly

    Minerware Lucky Block Final-game glitch

    Hello CubeCraft! I found a glitch in the final-game Lucky Blocks where you can't fire a bow! Can this be fixed please?
  9. DreamFudge

    Builds New Map - Transport

    Welcome to the solo Lucky Islands map - Transport! This is a large solo Lucky Islands map created by glimmking. Transport has a diverse collection of islands which makes the map very special and strangely attractive.The map has three parts. 1) The Player Islands - There are 12 player islands...
  10. SanCookie

    Lucky Islands Resource pack

    Hey there Cubecrafters! Ok we all know the pain: You hop on the server, thtinking something like: Let's play some Lucky Islands! You choose the gamemode, and there we go: A MASSIVE lagspike, because of the resource pack switch. But now-a-day, sometimes, the server detects too many packets from...
  11. Nico_Turle

    Lucky Island UPDATE!!

    Como ya hicieron updute para skywars, eggwars y agregaron nuevos minijuegos. Me preguntaba por que no hace un update de Lucky Islands, a muchisima gente le gusta este minijuego. De hecho es mi favorito. Como sugerencia podrían agregar nuevos mapas en Solo y Team, en modo Team agregar nuevos kits...
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