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  1. Dualninja

    Bedrock Quests, Loot and more!

    Loot On Bedrock, there are hardly any ways to earn loot for free. The only ways are from finishing lobby parkours and from seasonal events. This is in stark contrast to the Java server, which has many ways to earn cosmetics. Loot on the Java server mostly comes from Cubelets, which are...
  2. Goku3508_iOS

    What is the max level?

    Does cubecraft have a level cap (max level)?
  3. Herbubulle

    Bedrock Add the "VIP Levels menu in the player "Profile" menu!

    Hey! I was wondering why we can only see the new levels via the crown in the lobby? So when you just want to check the loots (for example) or see how many xp you need, you have to go back to the main lobby. So what I suggest is to add this "Vip Levels" menu in the player "Profile" menu! So...
  4. IDKhan

    Bedrock VIP levels

    i think VIP levels should be changed add more levels with better rewards, cause after the 1st one its all the same really also a lot of people cant afford to buy things like rank so i think that everytime you level up or something, maybe even every 5-10 levels you gain some VIP exp for the...
  5. visalderpface

    Bedrock Finding Ways To Make Leveling Up Worth Your Time

    I think that we should be able to receive items as we level up in the game and gain things for it. As most of us that plays a lot we level up and get nothing for it, so there isn't even a point to level up other then bragging rights? Meanwhile other people that pay for things can have things and...
  6. Gemmmmie

    Cube Craft Experience from Skyblock

    If you are a long time player of Skyblock you will notice that you don't gain any experience in Cube Craft from it. I have spent over 7 days combined on all my profiles yet I do not receive any experience that be put towards my overall Cube level. I understand it would be hard to factor in...
  7. A

    Bedrock Levels Need a Use!

    On CubeCraft Bedrock, all you do is play and that's it. It feels like there's no motivation (especially with all the hackers). Instead, we should encourage players to try and get kills, to want to play more. So, what I'm proposing is that you create an incentive for the tine we have spent...
  8. CrystalDrop

    Java Level up! Your reward...

    As I level up it came to my realization that we only have levels for bragging claims. I think there should be some sort of reward for all the hard work. For example: It can be something simple like a cubelet, or loot points. Perhaps special gadgets/wearable's/etc that you can only unlock at a...
  9. RPoule

    All Networks Skyblock EXP

    Okay so I have a couple of first thoughts on skyblock, some of which I've shared, some of which I won't. There is currently a couple of things bothering me in Skyblock, but the main thing must be the way EXP and Levels are treated. Let me explain: Considering that repairing doesn't cost any...
  10. zFqcus

    Java Idea for the levels.

    Hey cubecraft developers, My idea today is: For example, not to put bad and good players together --- Look to put uhm for example level 1 players at levels 1 to 5 players. That they are not placed at level 100+ levels, since almost everyone is already level 100+, well then almost everyone ...
  11. Juskebat

    Java Please change experience

    ''Levels can be used to show off your friends how much of a CubeCraft fan you really are! Once you gain enough experience, you'll level up.'' This is the description of the Level & Experience tab. Levels are meant to show how much you love the server. Well, we all can agree this is usually used...
  12. DragonLord

    Network Achievements

    Achievements are great, always fun to get and require hard work. What if we added Network Achievements? This would add a whole new variety of achievements that would be available all over the network. Currently, the achievements menu looks like this: Looks okay. You get achievements for most...
  13. Gonal

    Each time is harder

    For those who are new to the server or minecraft it is impossible to win in SkyWars, since the level of players is too high. In my opinion there should be a server for low levels.
  14. Cactus Awex

    /levels command.

    First of all, I have no idea if this is already in cubecraft. If it is in cubecraft, would somebody tell me and lock this post. But if it isn't in Cubecraft, I would like to see a /levels command that shows you how much EXP you have, how much you need for the next level, and what level you are...
  15. Supreme

    PVP: Players should be matched with others of similar skill

    We should be matched with players of similar skill and not have it be random like ti currently is. Being matched with players of similar K/D and time on the server ensures maximum enjoyability. That way, people that are worse can play others that are also worse and they can get better while the...
  16. DenisNotDanish

    Rewards for leveling up

    I think that there should be rewards for like every 5 levels. Players within the network work hard to get experience. They play a lot of games and challenges. For that hard work, they should be rewarded. There should be a few rewards like the following: Cubelets, vanity points, more experience...
  17. CoolDown

    More Rewards

    I feel there aren`t many rewards for playing on the server. Ofcourse you get points and cubelets for playing games but i feel like there should be some rewards for levelling up, For example More Cubelets or Points or maybe even something new you could come up with.
  18. guardd

    High level perks

    Before even considering adding this, fix everything. Thanks Level Point Multiplier! Whenever you reach 30 levels you will get more points for winning or killing. Level 0-30 [ Normal Points ] Level 30-60 [ Times 2 Everything ] Level 60-90 [ Times 2 Again ] and so on The level cap is 150...
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