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  1. Socratias

    Video skywars is kinda overrated

    although it can be fun at times (ffa still rules) Disclaimer: There are some swear words in the video.
  2. Socratias

    Video things I hate about cubecraft

    I still love you cube xo Disclaimer: There are some swear words in the video.
  3. criolo

    Java Addicted queue / SCARE map (SW)

    I have been playing skywars after Halloween update and i really aprecciate the maps, but when you play 50 games a day and +50% of them was in Scare map, gets annoying. Im suggesting to reduce the probably of this map opens in automatically queue. I know that im VIP and i can change the map if i...
  4. W

    How is loser not constitute for bullying

    I had made a report today and it got closed even tho the player was continuously calling me a loser and all i kept replying back with was cute and lol so i could be able to report him. Yet i got told it was insufficient evidence of him calling me a loser i don't get it how is that insufficient...
  5. Megaaa

    All Networks Damage indicators

    Hello It's ya boy Mega here. Before I start the suggestion you might know it by the title what I'm going to suggest. This has been sugested in the past, I know. But that's like 2 years ago and the answer to that thread was "Install Labymod or a damage indicator." Well, here's the thing. It...
  6. Art3m1sTV

    All Networks Blockwars Reccomendaiton

    I've been playing BlockWars a lot lately, and just recently, I've come across an issue where the enemy team can go into spawns and kill other players getting ready to get back in the game after being tagged out. Even though this has only happened twice to me, I can find it very annoying that a...
  7. Lamb

    Vanity in the waiting lobbies

    Hello, I am back with another thread! This time, it's about using vanity in the waiting lobbies! I just got an iron rank, thanks to @Dotsially 2.0 <33, and I discovered the amount of epic vanity stuff! I would like to also to use the vanity stuff in the waiting lobbies, because I think that...
  8. ChampyTheBrave

    Builds Assasination of the future

  9. Lamb

    A new kind of staff rank.

    Hey there! I'm RemiO05 and I made a new suggestion thread! This time it's about a new kind of staff rank! I think it's a good idea to introduce players to the staff team! Let me introduce my idea: Let's add a new rank: Jr. Helper! I know there are already a couple of threads made about this...
  10. Lamb

    Suggestion: How to get more players on CubeCraft?

    Hey, I'm RemiO05 and I made another suggestion thread! I hope you're happy to hear this :p. My thread is going about a major problem: CubeCraft is going downwards. I know, we are still on the second place of the best Minecraft Servers, but all the new games, except MinerWare are in my opinnion...
  11. Lamb


    Hey, it's RemiO05 again! I don't know or anyone else has made a thread about this topic, if so, don't blame it on me. I think there is an annoying fact in this server. The amount of players in a party. For stone ranks, like me, you can only have 3 players in a party, 1 owner and 2 members. I...
  12. Jackxist

    Eggwars - Presets - Villager Shop

    The Problem: Have you ever played a game of egg wars to just spawn at the start and buy yourself items and think, If only this could be faster because another team right next to yours is rushing you? Or have you ever gotten a lot of diamonds at mid for someone just to chase you to your base and...
  13. Jqrz

    More Emojis for use on the forums.

    Hello my dear cubecrafters! :D I'm Jazz and I hope you have a wonderful day. My suggestion is that, why don't cubecraft add more emojis? Sounds pretty silly, however it can be super handy sometimes. Say, you are not sure of a particular suggestion, there isn't any emojis than can represent...
  14. Jqrz

    Video PvP tournaments | vs 1212hawks_ [Helper]

    Please support me by liking, commenting and Subscribing :p:D https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=PLrPZpmY7nYI0p7JHM-N-DzmHOKcXaT9UV&params=OAFIAVgI&v=sDGa-QvqcHM&mode=NORMAL
  15. Jqrz

    Video PvP tournaments | vs Orangeric88 [MOD]

    Please sow some support by liking the video, subscribing and commenting. :p:D
  16. Jqrz

    Few a few extra features for Emerald/Obsidian rank.

    Hello People! It's me Jazz. I just have a little concern. Since YouTubers get a free obsidian rank, basically, they seem to have every kits and in-game features unlocked. But I haven't notcied that 'feature' for people with obsidian rank. I personally have an obsidian rank and I'm suggesting the...
  17. CorruptedSyntex

    Eggwars Community.

    It's kinda disappointing when you're playing a game and like 2 or 3 people, Including ranked players start insulting you and harassing you just because you're the last one in the game, I got called multiple names, I warned them and they just continued. I'd report them but I reported a player 2...
  18. OnGoingJester12


    Now this server is incredible. The game modes are brilliant. And well.... The anti hack system is crap (if there is one). The last 4 days i have been playing egg wars on this server. Now, every other game there is hackers, B hoppers. People with what seems to me to be kill aura. I haven't had...
  19. DJ_Marty


  20. Madhats123

    Wrongfully Banned

    Hello everyone. I'm not sure if this counts as "staff abuse" specifically, but to me it counts as unfair and complete unnecessary actions. So yesterday on CubeCraft, I was banned for being seen as using anti-knockback. I can assure everyone here that I was NOT hacking. I would never risk losing...
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