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  1. CrystalLegend01

    Christmas Poll 1: Do you like Eggnog?

    Welcome to my first Christmas/Winter-related poll! 🎄 🌟 I might continue posting more Christmas polls after this 👀 The (somewhat random) question for this poll is: do you like eggnog? I personally like eggnog; I’m curious what other people think of it. Also, feel free to comment your opinion...
  2. Reesle

    Winter Update Poll 🎄

    If you had to choose just 1 of the 4 updates that are “in progress” to be released before Christmas, which would you choose? Reply to the poll and comment in the replies to voice your opinion! If you don’t know about the updates, you can read about them here...
  3. Reesle

    Community Giveaway #1 - Christmas Giveaway 🎅 [CLOSED]

    Giveaway: Due to Christmas also being known as “The Season of Giving”, I will be GIVING you all the chance to win a rank by hosting a hosting a GIVEAWAY!! The prize will be a Skyblock rank as seen in the image below: Info: If you already have the Skyblock rank, you are allowed to enter for a...
  4. TheOrderOfSapphire

    Merry Christmas 2022 everyone!

    I hope everyone Is having or going to have a wonderful Christmas! have it nice 🎄🎇
  5. Casualpoalrbear

    When do you put your Christmas decorations up? (Weekly poll 11)

    My cat likes to climb my tree and lights so we can't put it up because he literally takes it down.
  6. quartz 🌈

    🎉🎁 Festive Bundle Giveaway ⛄🎉

    Giveaway ended! !! This giveaway is unofficial and hosted by me, quartz. It's in no way affiliated with Cubecraft !! To celebrate Christmas and this community, I am giving away 1 (or more depending on the number of participants) Festive Bundle(s). To enter, all you have to do is fill out this...
  7. LavaCraftBedrock

    Bedrock Is The Festive Bundle Worth It?

    Introduction: So recently CubeCraft added a winter-themed bundle for 990 Minecoins, it includes lots of cool cosmetics including 2 Cages, 1 Buddy, 1 Particle Trail, 1 Shop Skin, 1 Egg Skin, 1 Win Effect, 1 Gravestone, 1 Flag Skin, 1 Pit Skin, and 1 Lucky Block Skin all of which are animated. It...
  8. Frontlane

    What are your plans for Black Friday?

    Hey there, fellow CubeCrafters! I'm sure I'm not the only one - I've already received countless e-mails about pre-Black Friday sales. Black Friday is a thing from America, it's the day after Thanksgiving Day, and it's mostly known for the great discounts. This concept came through to many...
  9. Buckyy

    Implemented Christmas Competitions

    Hi, If I have not seen it wrong, 2018 was the last year in which Christmas competitions were held, that's why the reason for this suggestion. Christmas is a unique time of the year and I think this year could be a good time to add these competitions. It is something that most people like and...
  10. BlazingEldos

    Builds [Team Skywars] Snowman

    Team Skywars Snowman Map This is our 5th team skywars map. map created by: @BlazingEldos, @XorSki, @EldosBeast. This is the Snowman map what we created. The layout is unique because no map has such layout. Also the map supports a lot of free space to fight on. Since I published this map a...
  11. GroeneBanaan

    Builds Bring Eggwars X-MAS party map TO JAVA

    CubeCraft added the X-MAS map at Christmas 2020!!! But unfortunately only for Bedrock again. Should they add the Party map to Java anyway?
  12. NoodleGoddess

    Skins Christmas Elf- 6 years comparison

    Hi again! As we get closer to Xmas I surfaced an old skin I used to wear circa 2013/2014 (note: I didn't make this originally but I edited it because I had to add my own "spice" to things even then) and decided to re-shade it. This is testament to the fact that your personal artform will change...
  13. L

    Christmas Building Competition ! [Java]

    Hello everyone! Just a quick note : this is NOT an official cubecraft competition, just a competition I decided to host because I wanted to do something for the community. I feel like the community is the most important thing of our server and therefore I wanted to give something away with a...
  14. Rawrbin

    Java Present Rush, a Christmas themed game

    Hello there! Christmas is coming, and so are the Christmas themed games and lobby, such as Christmas Themed maps, Snowmand Survival and … oh. No Present Rush? That's right. We haven't seen the game Present Rush in a while. This is by far, one of my most favorite CubeCraft games of all time...
  15. Foxy011

    Merry Christmas

    Why not xD
  16. P

    Satisfaction in map 'Snowflake'

    This is the definition of satisfaction
  17. P

    Java 'Santa Sleigh' changes

    That is the original win effect as it is on the official Cubecraft server. I think some changes could and should be made 1 - The player would be equipped with Santa's clothes As you can see below, the feeling of Christmas will be even further amplified 2 - The sleigh would continue to fly...
  18. Elenahh

    Artwork The Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack Skellington

    Hello friends! I'm here to share a little drawing I've been working on. :) I really enjoy drawing animation heroes, and I thought I am in a mood for drawing Jack from "The Nightmare Before Christmas". So, here it is: Speaking of Christmas, have you guys planned what are you going to do in...
  19. Foxy011

    Merry Christmas!

    I just want to wish all you Cubecrafters out there a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :D I'm off to Africa in 4 days so, I'll see you guys in the New Year. Happy 2018!
  20. P

    Video Playing with the Cubecraft staff!

    Hey everyone, I'm OfficiallyBerre, also known as Berre I was playing some Snowman Survival when suddenly, I came across Hubert, Camezonda, Efcluke and Djekko! They were livestreaming on cubecraft.tv I thought it'd be nice to record and share with the community! Apologies for echo, I was ina...
  21. Dogfisher

    Implemented Keeping Snowman Survival

    First I'd like to praise the Cubecraft team on making this excellent game, It is an amazing idea and fits well with the other Christmas events you have at the moment. I do not think however that after Christmas this game should be removed. Me and my friends have been enjoying this game and we...
  22. Beethsergio

    Video All Presents - Todos los regalos [Spanish]

    Hola a todos! por aquí os dejo el vídeo con la localización de todos los regalos del lobby de cuberaft. Espero que os sirva de ayuda!!
  23. techguy123

    The return of SnowDown!

    Hey, I'd like to see SnowDown return this year! It was a short but fun little game you could play either to pass the time away or have fun with your friends without playing PvP games like SkyWars or EggWars. It was a nice refresher from all the PvP based games. SnowDown plus another fun, NEW...
  24. Sweetenerera

    Christmas skins

    Show off your Christmas skins, or your favorite Christmas skins if you have to many skins... My Christmas skin! ^ Merry early Christmas <3
  25. Deeds

    Merry Christmas!

    Just wanted to wish you all a merry Christmas! (Its not officially for me yet, just saying) I really hope all of the wonderful players and staff on CubeCraft can have a very Merry Christmas! Best regards, Deeds76 ;)
  26. Ellie Williams

    Do you believe in Santa?

    Do you? Make sure to provide reasons.
  27. G

    Builds Solo Skywars Christmas Map

    This was the result of myself mucking around with little Santa faces. It was made purely for fun and to improve my building, which I think I achieved. Features 12 islands, a wreath surrounding the inner tree and a snowflake underneath to give players a second chance. Honestly, it wouldn't make...
  28. Jqrz

    A New Minigame on Cubecraft?! - Please Reply!

    Dear Cubecraft Team, I am TwinBros_HD and i just wanted to know, like there was a Halloween themed mini game made during the Halloween month. So could there be a Christmas themed mini game, during this month [December] ? If there would be one, that would be amazing! And I hope that would be so...
  29. Jqrz

    Are There Going To Be New Maps?

    Dear CubeCraft Team, I am TwinBros_HD This is just a quick thing: Are there going to be christmas themed maps? I know this question is a little too early, but if there are, i can start creating one and ill be finished by christmas eve! Thanks, please leave a like! Thnx :] TwinBros_HD
  30. classical1

    Survival Games old maps

    (Before I start this, I just wanna say that I posted this under the "games" discussion first, and I think it be more fitting here, so here you go) Hey there, 2 years ago when I bought minecraft, cubecraft was the server I played on the most, and it still is, around 2 years ago, around Christmas...
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