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Mar 31, 2016
Hello CubeCrafters!

Our Winter Event 2021 has settled at CubeCraft Games. Winter is our favourite period of the year, where gifts are shared, snowfalls arrive and trees are decorated. Here at CubeCraft, we love to go big on Winter, and we've achieved that again this year! - Our Winter Games have returned, our Winter maps including new maps have been added. We have an amazing Bedrock Winter Bundle, and an epic Winter hub. Join us today and read below to find out more! 🎉

🎮 Winter Games - Snowman Survival!

For this Winter update, we will be bringing back our popular game, Snowman Survival! - Bedrock only!

Snowman Survival is a fun game where the objective is to survive as long as you can, without the Snowman giving you frostbite! The game starts with 8 players, then the sacred Snowman performs a ritual and the starting Snowman is chosen. The remaining players are human survivors and have a brief grace period of 7 seconds to run away before the Snowman is released. Humans need to run and hide whilst dodging the Snowballs that the Snowmen throw! The first Snowman needs to throw his Snowballs at survivors, this will convert the Survivors into more Snowmen.

We've also added 2 NEW MAPS to the already existing maps for Snowman Survival!


NEW maps - Candy Cane & Holiday Workshop
As a Snowman, you have to throw your snowball. Left or right-clicking gives you a quick throw, with a predefined amount of force. If your throw hits a survivor, they will be converted into a snowman. HOWEVER as a Snowman you only get ONE snowball, so use it wisely! If you miss, you'll have to run and fetch the Snowball by walking over it, or wait 5 seconds and it will come back to you automatically.

Snowman throwing their snowball.

When playing as a survivor, after 30 seconds of being released, you will notice there are powerups scattered around the arena which help you run, leap and teleport away from the Snowmen. Some powerups also allow Survivors to stun and gravity explodes the Snowmen, as well as trick them with decoy survivors.

Survivor collecting powerups.

The Starting Snowman has the ability to track players with a compass. If the Snowmen don't convert all the Survivors before the timer ends, they will explode and lose!

If you're wondering how stats work in Snowman Survival, that's simple! You collect Medals. At the end of the game, both of the Snowmen and Survivors can earn "Snowman Survival Medals". You'll get medals for the following actions:
- Every 30 seconds you are alive as a Survivor
- Converting a Survivor into a Snowman as a Snowman
- Stunning a Snowman as a Survivor
- Staying alive as a Survivor the whole game

Bedrock - Snowman Survival maps.png

Returning Snowman Survival maps.

🏗️ Winter Games - Colony Control!

Along with Snowman Survival, Colony Control IS BACK with a new tower, 2 new items, and many small features & changes. Available on our Java & Bedrock networks!

Colony Control is an epic 3v3v3v3 PvP-strategy game where the objective is to become the strongest colony there is - destroy your opponents' buildings & Town Hall and fight to be the last colony standing!

To get more information on how the games work, click on this link! - But read below to find out the changes we've made!


This tower is necessary if you want to buy pets. Without this tower, you won't be able to get pets! As soon as this tower gets destroyed, your pets will stop obeying you. Protect this tower really well, it's valuable!


The level 2 version of the Pen!

And here you can see how to easily use this as a tactic... Don't tell your friends though! 🤫

🔨 Winter Maps & Challenges!

One of the most liked parts of our seasonal updates is our Winter maps. We've added back our old Winter maps and added NEW ONES FOR 2021!

Yuki - Team EggWars/Teams of 4
Yuki - Team EggWars.jpg

Cyber Snow - Team EggWars/Teams of 2
Cyber Snow - Team EggWars.jpg

Icy - Solo EggWars
Icy -Solo EggWars.jpg

Reindeer - Team SkyWars/Teams of 2
Reindeer - Team SkyWars.jpg

Gifts - Solo SkyWars
Gifts - Solo SkyWars.jpg

Winter - BlockWars CTF (NEW TO JAVA)
Winter - BlockWars CTF.jpg

Snowflake - Solo SkyWars
Snowflake - Solo SkyWars.png

Snowmen - Solo SkyWars
Snowmen - Solo SkyWars.png

Winter - Team SkyWars
Winter - Team SkyWars.png

Dinner - Team SkyWars
Dinner - Team SkyWars.png

Frosty - Solo EggWars
Frosty - Solo EggWars.png

Fireplace - Team EggWars
Fireplace - Team EggWars.png

Snowglobe - Solo Lucky Islands
Snowglobe - Solo Lucky Islands.png

Factory - Solo Lucky Islands
Factory - Solo Lucky Islands.png

Gingerbread - Team Lucky Islands
Gingerbread - Team Lucky Islands.png

Grotto - MinerWare
Grotto - MinerWare.png

Turkey - Tower Defence
Turkey - Tower Defence.png
Snowflake - Solo SkyWars

Dinner - SkyWars Teams of 4

Party - SkyWars Teams of 10

Fireplace - EggWars Teams of 2

Gingerbread - EggWars Teams of 4

Snowglobe - Solo Lucky Islands

Factory - Lucky Islands Teams of 4

Grotto - MinerWare

Winter - BlockWars CTF

Along with our Java maps, we've re-added our seasonal map challenges for our 2021 Winter event! There are 2 challenges to complete, you have the explorer challenge which tasks you to play our Winter maps, if you complete it you'll win a Winter Cubelet.

The second challenge is called the winner challenge, where you need to play on our Winter maps, once again, if you complete it you'll win not one, but 2 Winter Cubelets! - What are you waiting for, accept the challenge! 👀


Java Winter Map Challenges

⛄ Winter Hub & Present Hunts

Last month we released our new hub, but now it's time for it to have a Winter coat on! The hub has been given a touch of Winter, with snow scattered everyone and all of the furniture has been changed to fit the theme! - Have a go on our Winter lobby train.

Along with the Winter hub, we've brought back our famous Present Hunt! - Available on Java & Bedrock. We've hidden presents around the hub, and if you find them all, you'll find some cool prizes! 👀


Winter Hub 2021!

Obtaining Bedrock lobby present!

Winter Lobby Train!

🛒 Bedrock - Festive Bundle!

To get into the Winter spirit, we've gone to the extreme and created one of our biggest and best seasonal bundle yet! - The Festive Bundle! It contains cages, a gravestone, prefixes, EggWars shop skin & egg skin. As well as a cute buddy! You can also get a gift version of this bundle, if you want to buy a friend a present. You can purchase the bundle HERE!

Frosty EggWars Shop Skin

Sleigh Cage

Melting Gravestone

🛒 Java - Winter Cubelets, Packs & Bundle

For our Java network, we've added back Winter Cubelets, which can be found in our games as well as from our Map challenges and a free one is obtainable if you join Java CubeCraft during our Winter Event! - Sadly Winter Cubelets are not available on our store this year.

But there is some good news, we're adding back our Winter Bundle, Packs, and Arctic Bundle!
  • Winter Bundle
  • Arctic Bundle
  • Winter Miniature Pack
  • Winter Egg Break Message Pack
You can change them out HERE!


💰 Competitions & prizes

During seasonal times, we love creating competitions for you lot to enjoy and participate in. For Winter this year, we have some awesome and new competitions to enter and try out, and even win some epic prizes! 🎉

Happy Winter, from everyone in Team CubeCraft. Enjoy our epic Winter event, have fun and stay safe!


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Team CubeCraft
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Jul 20, 2017
Yes yes YES! I'm logging on right now to check out all of the new maps and games 😍


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Jul 12, 2021
Very good update! 🎊🎊🎊
After a long time without the 25 hunt, it's finally here again.
Lots of new and original maps, spectacular lobby. One of the best updates of the year
Good job and keep it up please!! 😇 🎄


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Team CubeCraft
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Jul 2, 2015
Big props to everyone that has been working on this!


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Jan 1, 2017
South Africa
Amazing update and I am excited to explore the maps that were added! 🎉 Gifts looks so cool to play on and festive!! 🎄 Thanks for pushing this out!


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Nov 26, 2018
Nice update, only I think that the new lobby and the new maps don't really contain Christmas things. I mean where is the Christmas tree, where are the candy canes and the presents?
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Team CubeCraft
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Jun 1, 2021
The moon
Amazing update! Im very exited to explore all the maps and play Colony Control again!
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Team CubeCraft
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Mar 31, 2018
I love the update, and I'm so happy that colony control is back! As well as the present hunt, those were so much fun and I'm glad they have been brought back this time! But, is there going to be any sort of communication as to why it was late?
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