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  1. W

    Bedrock Idea:

    Magic and Mayhem was an awesome experience! I do feel like some things could be improved (feedback for future rpgs) -A rank or “RPG+”. This could give a slightly earlier (one week…?) release to those people. This could still allow content creators to grind for hours but also give them a early...
  2. hiddq

    All Networks Suggestion Clan

    My suggestion is that Cubecraft will add a Clans system this is how is works: In a clan u have a Clan Level! U can get Clan EXP by winning games and playing in the server. U also have a Clan chat where u can chat with your'e clan. /clan chat And in the Lobby there is a Leaderboard where u can...
  3. Craeonkie

    All Networks Magic And Mayhem Suggestion

    I know you have heard alot of people complain about the game finishing too fast so I'm going to compile every suggestion into one. You can make it more fun by 1. Making new islands and quests. This is of course something you guys probably already know. 2. Make a stat to decrease knock back. I...
  4. Iamspeed12345

    Bedrock /sr does not function properly

    This has happened to me many times and whenever I come across a hacker I always do /sr but it either says it is out of time or something or says that the player has logged off and it is very irritating seeing that a hacker escaped :(.I have a way to resolve this problem: U guys can add (This...
  5. Adxm

    Bedrock SkyBlock Menu

    As of now, the SkyBlock menu button is in the last slot of your hotbar and can be really annoying when you need all of your slots, so a simple change I would suggest is the ability to move the menu button to any slot; whether it be in your hotbar, or in your inventory is completely up to you...
  6. Adxm

    Bedrock Bridges Power Ups

    I’ve really been enjoying bridges lately because it’s a great way to practise pvp and speed bringing and I want to add a suggestion; 1) My first suggestion is when there is 30 seconds left there should be a 3x point multiplier so the losing team has a chance to catch up. 2) My second...
  7. Adxm

    Bedrock Sky Wars And Egg Wars Loot Drop

    I’ve had this idea which is not so much my idea because it’s from multiple different servers, so I was thinking why don’t you implement the feature of when you knock somebody off the edge in skywars/bedwars it automatically puts it in your inventory instead of the loot going to waste? - Adam
  8. Nxrn

    Bedrock Custom shop in eggwars

    So something I have been thinking about is adding a custom shop to eggwars. The post is under “Bedrock” but it still applies for java. I think that it would be cool to be able to customize the shop and be able to have a quick buy menu where you can have the essentials of what you normally get...
  9. Iamspeed12345

    Bedrock Among slimes should be added to bedrock edition of cubecraft

    I feel that the bedrock edition of cubecraft has more players than java and since amoung slimes is a massive success cubecraft should add that to bedrock edition of cubecraft pls vote in the poll :) thank you.
  10. Nxrn

    Bedrock Knock back Testing Suggestion

    I’ve been playing cubecraft for months and months now, if you check my YouTube channel, my first video was on cubecraft. and from day one, the kb has been an issue. I love the new additions and the new kb but I think it should be a bit stronger. The kb is better but it’s not enough to get good...
  11. KyueYT

    Bedrock Parties

    I would like to propose a command/setting for Parties. I think you should be able to make parties that are private or friends only. Ex. /party p= private the party. Pri a party will make it so only you and a friend/friends can play/host games together. /party f= friends only. Parties where...
  12. SoyokoAnis

    Web Forum Suggestion

    This may sound like a stupid suggestion but I don't think it should be required for you to have video evidence of users cheating. Sometimes it'll be too late to get the video but when you screenshot it, you'll have the picture done and ready. But yeah, I don't think you should be required video...
  13. SoyokoAnis

    Bedrock Suggestion for Survival Games

    I have a few suggestions for the Survival Games. Before you read please note I do not mean to or intend to criticize things that are already available in-game. Make the Grace Period, 1 Minute instead of 30 seconds. We need time to gather stuff. The Border is a little annoying, don't make it...
  14. DrewLoref

    Bedrock My SkyWars Suggestions

    Hello! I'd like to make a suggestion for SkyWars on the Bedrock Edition server. These are my ideas on how this minigame could be improved: 1. More/Better Kits SkyWars only has 4 kits: Builder, Chef, Tank and Healer. Half of these kits are basically useless. You usually get more than enough...
  15. T

    Bedrock Kit suggestion?

    LumberJax Kit. Based on my dad that died being a lumber jack and the kit has A diamond axe and 16 oak logs. I really wanna try and get this kit up on Bedrock and it wouod make me proud if it gets added. I have been thinking of my dad and I made this for my dad being a lumberjack. I hope this gets in
  16. TrueLegendyt

    Bedrock PvP should be added to bedrock edition

    I believe that this awesome game mode should be added to bedrock edition, because me and my friends will be playing egg/skywars then out of friendly competition be like, "hey let's 1v1" but then we have to leave the server for somewhere else just to do so... So it will add alot to the fun of the...
  17. UnknownPerson115

    Java I Think there should be more Cosmetics

    Hello, Reader. I Believe There should be more Cosmetics like Rocket, Trampoline, More effects like Christmas tree, and so on. This is just a suggestion on me posting my Thoughts but so far CubeCraft is a Great Server! Stay Safe and Have Fun!
  18. xXHunterDzXx

    Web Event Suggestion

    Hi , i would like to suggest adding Events Thread : 1.What is a Events Thread ? Events thread is a place where there will be giveaways and challenges , and if someone win , he will get a prize ! 2.How does it works ? If someone want to make a giveaway , he needs to get permission form the staff...
  19. S

    All Networks Bring Back UHC!

    I want UHC to be brought back better than ever! I loved that game. and therefore the developers should bring back UHC because it is an awesome game mode and i cant find any UHC servers. this might bring some good attention to Cubecraft!
  20. jclle

    Infection games improvements

    Hey guys, Great work on the temporary games, but with the latest game its almost imposible to win as a human. My suggestion for when i might return, release the infected 10s later so the humans have a little time to equip themselfs. This would make the game more fun! Keep up the good work guys!
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