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Apr 10, 2020
Hello! I'd like to make a suggestion for SkyWars on the Bedrock Edition server. These are my ideas on how this minigame could be improved:

1. More/Better Kits

SkyWars only has 4 kits: Builder, Chef, Tank and Healer. Half of these kits are basically useless. You usually get more than enough blocks on your island no matter what mode you're playing, so there's no need to chose Builder (almost) ever. Chef is not useful, as there is virtually 0% chance you won't get food and something to fight with.
So that leaves you with Healer and Tank. Healer, the one I use all the time on SkyWars Duos is strongly recommended by me, as healing is important. Tank I use occasionally on the Solo mode because there is usually less gear.
Anyway, what I am trying to say is that some of these kits deserve improvement. For example, the Chef Kit could be changed to give a diamond sword, as that would make it a bit more powerful. Sometimes, you may get a bad weapon, so this could make people want to use it. As for Builder, I would suggest it to give more blocks (so like 25-40) and an iron axe, as it would help people who like rushing really quickly and make other players have a lot of blocks from the very start.
As for new kits, here are a few I came up with:
1. Enderman: Spawn with 1-2 ender pearls.
2. Brewer: Spawn with a speed I and a regeneration II potion.
3. Enchanter: Spawn with 1-4 sharpness books and a bunch of XP bottles. When anvils become usable, add this kit. It'll be dope!

2. Chest Loot Changes
The current item meta is pretty good! But I still have improvement ideas. Firstly, it would be great if ender pearls would spawn sooner. Most of the time, you won't stumble upon ender pearls in Normal Mode, as they spawn about 10 minutes in. What I'd suggest is making them spawn during the first refill. 1/4 of my SkyWars games make it to 1st refill, so it would honestly be a good idea to make them appear then.
Second of all, it would be awesome if speed and regeneration (splash) potions would be implemented. Maybe even instant health potions! They could spawn in the center of the map, adding another reason to go there. Many other popular servers that have SkyWars usually work like this, so there is no reason why CubeCraft could implement these changes! These items are fun to use and offer more edge to the game, yet make it safer for more casual players.

That is all I have in mind for SkyWars at the moment. Thank you for your consideration and time.


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Mar 15, 2020
I’d absolutely agree with your first suggestion, I would like to see this. However, I think the second one isn’t needed. Its good imo how is now.
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