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pvp 1.9

  1. kajiwaranoritada

    Java Be able to pick duels without having a rank.

    Honestly, these lasts few weeks have been fun in pvp and all, but man not being able to choose kits hurts, as a non rank I just wanna enjoy and play the server and not pay to actually be able to enjoy it, I'm kind of sick of getting wolf and alchemist over and over again. I just wanna have the...
  2. T

    Video This was delicious

  3. T

    Video Please Don't watch this video

    Enjoy * NOTE: Comment if I should improve something :)

    Duels update idea

    I've been thinking about this lately, and I'm sure someone has suggested this before, but my idea is to add a 2v2 duels mode. So, basically normal duels but 2v2 instead of 1v1 which you can play with party members or random people. Its a step in the direction of hosting private games in skywars...
  5. Meiske

    Video Midnight PvP Duels

    Hello CubeCrafters! I hope you all are doing well, I've decided to share some of my duels that I did yesterday around midnight, I'm aware it's a bit laggy- I don't have the best laptop unfortunately. I've always thought about posting some more videos on YouTube and making it a weekly thing but...
  6. colinverp

    restart FFA

    hi guys. I had the problem that I had a 40+ killstreak in FFA but the server restarted. hereby I lost my items and my killstreak. in this way you can't come all the way to the 100 killstreak for that achievement. en I thin this should chance: keep your items and killstreak after a server...
  7. CubeletMachine

    Java Play again button in pvp duels

    Add a play again button in pvp duels, because it is really annoying to have to walk to the pvp NPC over and over again.
  8. CubeletMachine

    Play again button in pvp duels

    This is my first ever Thread but ive been pvping for a few months now and it buggs me that you have to walk to the pvp guy in the lobbies to start a new pvp duel. Especially when your playing 30 duels a day.
  9. ItzNoLIama

    Java FFA Health Gain When Killing

    Health Gain When Killing Someone (I don't know if there is already a suggestion post about this) The concept in small: When you kill someone you gain a small amount of health, not a lot. Why? If you are getting focused by a big group of players it would be useful to continue your killstreak...
  10. Nightm4re

    All Networks Revert PVP System to 1.8 Combat Mechanics

    Hey Cubecraft Community, When the sever updated to 1.9, it also added the new PVP combat mechanics to all popular gamemodes, for example Survival games or Skywars. I have tested this new System for a while now and i feel like the old one back in the days of 1.8 PVP was way better. I`ve also...
  11. Eli

    Java Fishing Rods

    Since 1.9, Fishing rods have the ability of pulling players. I have noticed this isn't possible in SkyWars. Is there a reason for this? If not, fishing rods should be given their ability back, to make PvP more interesting and varied. And it would give some worth to the fisherman kit in SkyWars.
  12. ImJunior

    *Play again* button in pvp?

    Hello! I have a question, why is there a *play again* button in skywars but not in pvp yet? Most of the pvp games I play take 1-minute maximum and it's annoying that I have to go back to the hub and have to click on duels instead of being able to play directly after the match. I wasn't able to...
  13. Utemo

    Video Team skywars met RobinRektNL - Skywars compilatie #14

    Hoihoi! Ik ben Utemo (uitgesproken als Uu-tee-moo, als je het je afvraagt) en ik ben een Nederlandse YouTuber. Ik uplaud al weer een tijdje op CubeCraft, En ik heb oprecht veel plezier er aan. Elke donderdag upload ik een random video meestal CubeCraft en op zondagen een andere video over een...
  14. Asteroiden

    The Best "rushing" maps (solo)

    if you want points, cubelets and wins fast i recomend to rush in solo :cool:. top rushing maps: 1: Bonsai 2: Savannah and Pond 3: Village and Carrots 4: Food 5: Blossom 6: Trees if you want to play only these maps you must have an rank Or your lucky and it will show up :cool: Good luck! :cube:
  15. Ishallkillyou


    I agree that even though speed eggwars isn't as popular as eggwars.y'all gotta agree that it's pretty enjoyable and players have a lot of fun.(not to mention that it's faster than normal eggwars in most cases). Here are some tips to easily win speed eggwars games without dying a lot. NOTE-guide...
  16. Galodox

    Video Air kills and a lot of killstreaks in ffa

    Hi, I maked a video from the many air kills in wings ffa, and lot of killstreaks. Hope you like it :)
  17. C

    Enderpearls and CC is amazing :D

    Enderpearls I really wnt to complain about the fact that there exist GOD APPLES in OP. And somewhere in a map *ahum* with a broken city *ahem* there is a flying object. People go sit there doing their busy shooting. Ok. But, they will shoot you off while you climb the ladder. Now with e-pearls...
  18. Thibo_Skillzz

    Build Up Pvp!

    Hello Cubecraft, im Thibo and I think I have an awesome idea for a new game in pvp! I would call it build up pvp, I will explain what I mean with it. So, u guys are wondering what this game would look like, so I’ll explain it. The bottom line of the game is that u need to get full...
  19. Sweetenerera

    PvP Free For Teaming.

    Hii guys! I wanted to strart a discussion about the FFA game. And that it is allowd to team? So this is my opinion: First of all: If you typ in /rules in the cubecraft server, you'll get a link. When you open the link you'll get on the site / the forum. A forum made by the staff with rules. Of...
  20. Cactus Awex

    Island Battles! (Game suggestion)

    The game I am suggesting is called Island Battles. It has a similar concept to Skywars. It is a PVP based game two teams of 5,6 or 7 compete on two separate sandy islands, filled with goodies inside chests around the island. The chests on the islands are bound to separate players (E.g opening a...
  21. summurai

    Teamduel mode

    I've been thinking about duels, and maybe it would be fun if you can make teamduels? I would like to say that you can play 2vs2,3vs3 and so on.You could also create new and bigger maps! And what do you think?
  22. Avocado Pie

    FFA- Beast is too OP

    The beast kit can tank almost anything, as well as having an okay weapon. Archers are useless against it, as it takes so many arrows to kill. I would suggest a slowness debuff, or maybe a weaker weapon.
  23. MClicious


    I think there should be a PvP Mode similar to the Badlion's server. They have ranks based on your elo More wins, More elo, higher rank Go against people with your rank Keep the same pvp modes (ffa etc.) Does not have be exactly like Badlion, Variations Benefits GO against people with your...
  24. jast3r

    EggWars Elite Team

    Welcome! My name is Jast3r, and i am looking for players that are willing to join my Elite EggWars 1.9/1.10/1.11 Team. I can already hear you asking to yourself: "Ohh im totaly pro, where do i sign up!". Well i say to you, Hold on cowboy! There are some requirements that you must have in order...
  25. YourLocalDoctor

    Unbalancing In Op FFA

    I've come to realize over the years i've played PC games that they wont be perfectly balanced. But if you compare ninja in op to the other classes (other than wizard which also needs a very slight buff) it is extremely under powered. There is a clear difference between a beast and a ninja. I...
  26. YourLocalDoctor

    I came up with a Solution

    As the title states I might have come up with a possible solution to spam clicking with axes (please inform me if this is a bad idea) but what I came up with is if you add a sharpness 3 diamond hoe (or sharpness 2 if 3 op) I believe if you add this it will help with spam clicking in general. I...
  27. YourLocalDoctor

    PvP on Cubecraft

    I find it troubling that people still think its 1.8-1.7 on Cubecraft. I'm not the best at PvP I'll admit but when I'm in a game where half the people spam click with axes (the only weapon that does decent damage when spammed) I find it to easy to play. So if you are among these people who spam...
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