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  1. Loskol

    Java Map suggestions for the next Java map rotation!

    Hey everyone! Cubecraft added new awesome maps recently during the Java map rotation, and so I decided to make this suggestion about which maps should be brought back when the next map rotation comes out! I know that Cubecraft will also add new maps, and thats why I'm requesting to add atleast...
  2. K

    Java Old maps in java

    You can bring back the old egg war maps in java. There are very few maps available now and we are really bored of playing the same things all the time.
  3. DjaroGames

    Java Bring back strategy and verticality in maps to Skywars

    One of the main draws of CubeCraft Skywars, in my opinion, was the more strategic gameplay. While you can get your kit, rush other islands, and die in 10 seconds on any Skywars server, CubeCraft generally had islands further apart. Your starting island generally had ores, wood, and hay bales...
  4. Roxrock

    All Networks Lucky Islands feedback #8: Spider

    Spider is a seasonal Halloween map in lucky islands solos that has been a part of cubecraft’s Halloween events for several years. In my opinion, this map has just about reached its expiration date and is of lower quality compared to the other lucky islands solos maps. Here are some pictures of...
  5. Roxrock

    Lucky Islands LI topic discussion #2: Maps

    This week, I want to hear about some of your favorite and least favorite maps in lucky islands. The poll here is only for solos since I don’t actually think I know all of the teams of 4 maps, and certainly don’t know the duels maps. If you want to share your favorite teams of 4 maps, you could...

    Favorite Maps?

    We all have our favorite maps on the server, whether it's a good rushing map in EggWars, the varied landscapes of Sky Warsislands, or the maps of CTF of Bridge. In this discussion thread, we'd like to hear about your favorite maps on Cubecraft. What maps do you enjoy playing the most, and why?

    Your Favorite CubeCraft Games Maps that are No Longer Available

    As many of you know, CubeCraft Games has had to remove certain maps from its network for various reasons. While we understand that these decisions are necessary, it's always sad to see some of our favorite maps disappear. We'd like to hear from you about your favorite CubeCraft Games maps that...
  8. mustybeans

    Java Bring back the maps!

    i used to constantly play on cubecraft but lately the amount of maps on all gamemodes has dropped down to five! it get repetitive really quickly, especially since all my favourite maps got removed. i understand that with more maps you might have the wait a bit longer before your game fills up...
  9. ace096488

    All Networks Battle arena more maps

    Hi so i would very much like that there were more maps in battle arena with more obstacles so it wouldn't just be a flat map with few obstacles like you could add a floating island with end themed or nether-themed like you get my point or like a mini donut map with different themed or just a...
  10. Reality NS

    All Networks ❄️ The maps that CC should bring back this winter

    The Winter event is the favorite of many players and it will happen in December. So I asked some people and myself about which maps should Cubecraft bring back for this event, according to their opinions. 🍞1. Gingerbread (EggWars Teams Of 4) This map is the favorite map of most EggWars Squads...
  11. PluckyRaccoon06

    Bedrock Remove glass filled maps in duels

    The ice map and the new Toxic map on duels cause a very noticeable change in fps, especially for people on lower end devices, that make them really annoying to fight on. Its to the point where most people I know just leave the duel at the very start if they queue in to one of these maps. I...
  12. S

    Java Starting an Eggwars map manually with a certain rank-level

    Hi Cubecraft! My friends and I are playing Eggwars for soo many years and we absolutely love it. Sometimes, you have those days that you begin to think about what should really improve the experience of the game. This begins already when entering the server and walking to the Eggwars villager...
  13. exoticgobrrr

    Reasons to keep Seasonal Games In Lobby

    Here I will discuss why they should leave seasonal games in lobby all the time, Right now, there are 500 players on Snowman Survival and 460 Colony Control (CCG Team Could Add a Rank for the Games) The Games Names Could be Changed to take away the Seasonal Theme (e g. Snowman Survival = Tag or...
  14. A Furball That Works

    Bedrock Regarding the Gingerbread map (Eggwars Teams of 4)

    I've talked a lot about this before, but I feel like I should hear what everyone else thinks. For those who don't know, in December of 2020, CubeCraft added the "Gingerbread map" to Eggwars Teams of 4 (Bedrock). When you die, you're teleported to the picnic map inside of the picnic table, so...
  15. Velocidad

    All Networks REVAMPS OF MAPS

    As a skywars player, one of the biggest problems that the mode has is the complete abandonment of updates during a long time, which makes the gameplay of veterans or more experienced players somewhat monotonous. Thinking about how to solve this problem ,one of the first ideas that occurs to all...
  16. Buckyy

    Denied Old Maps [Revamp]

    Hey! I would like to propose this suggestion for the server. As you all know cubecraft has been open for a long time, and during that time many maps have been created and eliminated in turn. In 2019 there was a nostalgic event in which you could play those maps for a limited time but it has...
  17. UncoiledBanjo54

    Bedrock Improvements for Lucky Blocks on Bedrock

    In reference to the thread "Official Lucky Islands Guide", and to the multiple requests made in the thread "Lucky Islands Feedback/Suggestions": I would like to require the following updates to the game mode "Lucky Blocks" (Lucky Islands) on the Bedrock version of the server: Introduce the...
  18. pieterpeer

    Implemented Improve Eggwars Mega (Teamchat, more maps)

    Eggwars Mega Feedback 📢 Hi everyone, I want to share my thoughts about Eggwars Mega and give some feedback on it. Lack of maps 🗺️ There are currently three maps available in Eggwars Mega: Time, Fruit and Fallen. They're all beautiful maps, but when playing Fallen, the lag is incredibly bad...
  19. J

    Bedrock Skywars suggestions

    add more content in the chests in bedrock, by this I mean that things like fishing rods, tnt etc. add more variety of kits, such as notrblocks, spiderman kit, axe kit, speed potion kit with stone sword. add more maps that are in java. that when you kill someone you have regeneration, since...
  20. A

    Bedrock Maps choosing

    Ok so I know this has been requested like basically a trillion times but this time lets hope it actually gets enough attention from players and the mods. Its not really fun trying 1000 times to find the right map, for reasons like speedrunning, rushing, or just liking the map. Most gamemodes...
  21. Wave Master7S

    Bedrock Map submissions

    Why do bedrock map submissions have to be 1.9 even tho I think bedrock doesn’t even allow go online on bedrock and the weird thing is only cubecraft on bedrock while all the other servers use blocks from 1.16.has this restriction even tho I’m pretty sure everyone who is playing bedrock is on the...
  22. RqktByMax_

    Builds Team eggwars 6players

    Hi.. I’m always playing eggwars with friends, and most off the time we are with 6 players, the problem is there is only 1 map of 6. We play this map 100times a day, and it’s beginning to frustrate us. for us, it doesn’t matter how the new map is gonna look like, we would just love it that...
  23. Voortvluchtig

    Java Eggwars Maps - The Problems

  24. ElectricSweden

    Notch Apples on the Dinner map

    The new winter-themed skywars maps have recently been introduced to skywars and other game modes. I think they look really cool and that most of them are quite balanced. But I have recently discovered that the map Dinner on team skywars is very unbalanced. There are 2 problems. First of we have...
  25. Wave Master7S

    Builds (The bridge)City

    Hello guys so today I present my bridge map.City is a map that has 2 modern buildings on each team.The one that has the team color is where the core is.The green represents where the items will be.
  26. melkjong3n

    Builds [skywars solo map] Treasure

    hey guys i made this map while i was bored in quarantine. its a very simple map with 12 starter islands every island have 3 chests. on the middle island we have 7 chests and 3 large chests in the Treasure. here are some pictures of the map! name: melkjong3n level: 93 discord: MitchQ#3465 feel...
  27. Unipotatoo

    Builds [UnNamed] Minerware Map

    By far my favorite map I've made in a while! Please vote and leave any feedback
  28. Unipotatoo

    Builds [SOLO SKYWARS] Nature, Pines, Cliffside!

    Hi, I am Unipotat also known as Durpy. I have had these old maps for a while and just never used them and I'm not sure if I've even shown these but I'm very proud of them! Please vote and leave your feedback ide love to create more maps if given the chance! All of these maps were made for...
  29. Simply

    Web Map Submissions | Screenshot rule

    Hi! My suggestion is that the Shaders rule for map submission screenshots should be strictly enforced. Reasoning: So recently I've been looking through some map submissions and I've noticed that some of them use screenshots with shaders as the main focus and include vanilla screenshots in...
  30. CrystalDrop

    Web "New Map Feedback"

    Proposition: I understand this could be seen as a stretch, but I was thinking about a place on the forums where designers could submit their maps so they can hear the player and community feedback on it. It could be after they reveal the map and could be titled "recently added maps" or "new map...
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