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Jul 12, 2021
Hello! Since the next rotation of eggwars maps will be hopefully in about 2 weeks, I have created this post suggesting the maps rotation that in my opinion can be interesting to add.

Since a few days ago, many eggwars players make very big parties to make private games, but not because they are private, but because in the private games are available all the old and OG maps that have been removed and I and many people love to keep playing on them because they are very nostalgic and good maps.


That's why as in the maps rotations old maps can come back, here I propose some of them.

OG Maps

In the following image of the map selector, I have crossed out with a red cross the seasonal maps (which will be removed when the easter event ends), I have added the number of players that each map is in yellow and I have marked with a green circle the maps that would be changed by others, because generally they are the ones that people avoid the most and want the least.

On the left I have put a table of the new maps that will enter in this next rotation in order of players as in the map selector, very old maps (that were removed +6 years ago) and others not so old but that were also removed and were very successful and supported by the people.

Maps rotation.png

Below I will explain why I removed some maps and show images/gameplay videos of the new maps which could be added instead.

Cyber City 8p

Lets start with Cyber City, a 2v2v2v2 map that based on my experience and having played a lot on this map, I can say that it is too fast and in many cases used for winfarming (yes, I include myself). It is good that there are fast maps and that it is not necessary to use many blocks to get to the center and other islands but in this case you only need 2 blocks to get to the center. The vast majority of games I play on this map last less than 1 minute - 2 minutes.

Instead, I think it would be convenient to change this map and add Forest, but not the version that the vast majority know and is still in Bedrock currently, but the Forest map that was removed in 2018, which has exactly the same players per team as the current Cyber City (2v2v2v2) and is very nostalgic for me and many players.

🌳 Forest 8p


Minute 09:43

Toys 12p

Toys is a 2v2v2v2v2v2 map that has been in EggWars for many years, it is not a bad map but it has become very repetitive. Instead I suggest to implement Library, a map of the same players as Toys (2v2v2v2v2v2) that was removed, but it was a very good map and many people would like to see it back.

📚 Library 12p


Under da Sea 12p

Under da Sea was a 3 player map that was edited and is now 2v2v2v2v2v2, and in my experience playing it is an ugly map and with an unfairness in the generators in the center depending on which island you are on, as they are not symmetrical.

Instead, I think it would be good to change it for Bones, a map that in this case would become 3v3v3v3 and so we would have 2 maps of 3 players for each team, because previously we had Love and City but Love was eliminated and there is only a map of 3 players, and in case of party of 3 it is very difficult that this map is always open. Besides Bones is a very nice map and OG.

🦴 Bones 12p


Cherry 16p

Cherry is a 4v4v4v4 map that apparently was not liked very much by people, although in my opinion it is not bad at all. I suggest replacing it for Candy, also an old 4v4v4v4 map that has a pink theme similar to Cherry and is a very good map, I really enjoyed playing on Candy in the past.

🍬 Candy 16p


Mangrove 16p

Mangrove is a 4v4v4v4 map of 16 players, which has been implemented for a long time and I suggest changing it for Volcanic, a 6v6 map of 12 players that was already for 3 months and was very fun, I and many friends of mine partly returned to Eggwars after time without playing just for this map and the nostalgia of playing 1 team against another team.
Winfarm topic, it was not abused for winfarm as it appeared very little and there were no parties of 6. Also the good thing about this map is that it is 12 players, and Mangrove 16, which means that by changing it to Mangrove the map would be filled sooner and the games would start sooner, we would not have to wait so long to play.

🌋 Volcanic 12p


Palace 16p

Palace is a good map for tryhard games and so on, but it has been added for a long time and it is boring to play it nowadays, besides it is similar to Beach in terms of games of that playstyle.

I suggest replacing it with Troy, a 5v5v5v5 map but that could be perfectly converted to 4v4v4v4 as it was done with Western. Troy is a very old and unique map, and I would love to see it back after +6 years it was removed, plus Troy will surely please new and old players to play on EggWars again.

🚢 Troy 16p / 20p


I have chosen maps that are old but fit great for today's fast paced gameplay on eggwars and the current maps are designed. These maps could also have some of their blocks replaced with 1.19 blocks, just like it has been done with maps like Modern or City.

After playing day to day on the server I think that making a big change like this by adding many old maps could only benefit the server, as many people could return to the server and new players could come as well since these are maps that were removed many years ago and most of us could come too.

Thank you very much for reading and please appreciate your opinion, any feedback is welcome :)


Mar 25, 2023
At first I was excited, especially when I saw the private party with many players, I thought you would raise the idea of returning some maps that many of us miss like "Aztec, Teaparty or Roma" which by the way I think would not hurt at least for a season, because in some cases many of us do have teams of 5 or 6 players and almost always 1 or 2 of them end up on another team XD
Anyway, I agree with everything, except changing "underdasea" for "bones" hahaha
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Aug 30, 2023
These Speed Eggwars maps are really nostalgic to see, and I also want to see them return! And these maps might attract some attention from other OG players who left Cubecraft years ago, though it's not guaranteed.
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