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hunger games

  1. Desiderata

    Artwork Forumer's Hunger Games: A Cubeforums Fanfiction! (Intro Chapters + Character Descriptions)

    ~ Table of Contents: Book 1: Prologue: A Legend Lost to Time Prelude: Paradise's Paywall Chapter 1: The Boring Sign-Up Process: Mineville Edition Chapter 2: Hyperbolic Hellscape Chapter 3: Gathering in The Golden Hour Side Stories: Nonfiction Character Descriptions: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part...
  2. ToonBer

    🌸 CubeCraft Hunger Games May 2023 Edition! 🌸

    Welcome to the CubeCraft Hunger Games MAY 2023 Edition! ⚔ The Districts ⚔ District 1: @ItsJustWildd & @Lyriie District 2: @ssunsett & @Stijnnn_ District 3: @Nightmare & @caraMel District 4: @GiGaGekkies & @Hqteful District 5: @pekd & @Casualpoalrbear District 6: @Salty_Shadows & @Catss...
  3. Magikey

    Bedrock Add Survival Games teams of 4

    I often play with my friends and we are often more than two in the party. I think this is the case for many players, and I feel like more people would play Survival Games if there were a teams of 4 mode and if the maps were a bit larger. The games should last a little longer and be packed with...
  4. Socratias

    Video Java Steve Explores Minecraft Bedrock

    woop woop Disclaimer: This video contains swear words.
  5. L

    Java I think survival games should be a permanent game.

    When i first joined this server (about 2 weeks ago,) I had the most fun playing the team survival games with my friend. I don't see the point of having it be a featured game, because if I remember correctly, it constantly had about 100 people playing. The featured game that's on right now has...
  6. A

    Bedrock XP Earnings ! :D

    I noticed that in Survival you cannot gain XP through kills, you only get a set amount '100' for winning. I know the games are fairly quick but could you please add some sort of bonus for getting a large amount of kills. I normally get 5 to 7 kills every game and I have not once seen a reward...
  7. InsaneOrbitzz

    Bedrock Leaked Coming Soon Game and Hunger Games Kits

    Hi you alright so i was playing hunger games the other day (i play it a decent amount) (im also pretty good at it) Anyways I was playing with my mate and I died, anyways i don't know the map name but it was on the sand map and we found a Minotaur looking maze underneath it. Anyways i messed out...
  8. P

    Java "I" want back hunger games

    Hi, i'm writting here to you all, because since cubecraft had a "remodelation" (and therefore hunger games dissaperared) i've been missing this game SO much (and i've seen a lot of people doing too), of course i play more of the minigames, but hunger games is (was) for sure my favourite, now we...
  9. Puchee

    Bring Back Survival Games

    I noticed a few weeks back that when survival games was the featured game there were many people playing it. I feel like many users enjoy playing survival games on cubecraft (including me since it's not 1.8 pvp) and would love to have it back. I was wondering if it has been considered to make a...
  10. R

    Bedrock New Maps For Survival Games.

    It would be great if you could add new maps for Hunger Games on MCPE.
  11. R

    All Networks Water map

    Can You add a water map to Hunger games
  12. R

    Bedrock Add a Death match at the spawn for hunger games MCPE.

    Hello, My name is Realzyno and I want to give an Idea that you should add a Death Match system at the spawn for Hunger Games. The Death Match systems will start when the game has 4 players left, each player will be teleported to the platform they started on at the start of the game. There should...
  13. Camezonda

    Monthly CubeCraft Hunger Games - June 2018

    Welcome to the Monthly CubeCraft Hunger Games for June 2018! ☠ The Districts ☠ District 1: @Camezonda and @Younisco District 2: @Josher and @ChaosConjurer District 3: @Shamel and @Keanutjuhh District 4: @Scream and @Commissioned District 5: @cobvig and @SanCookie District 6: @warriors1976...
  14. Camezonda

    Monthly CubeCraft Hunger Games - April 2018

    Welcome to the Monthly CubeCraft Hunger Games for April 2018! ☠ The Districts ☠ District 1: @Camezonda and @Djekko_ District 2: @DragonLord and @Keanutjuhh District 3: @Gainfullterror and @Lezappen District 4: @MagnificentSpam and @telegamer District 5: @Younisco and @Shamel District 6...
  15. Camezonda

    Monthly CubeCraft Hunger Games - March 2018

    Happy Easter and Welcome to the Monthly CubeCraft Hunger Games for March 2018! ☠ The Districts ☠ District 1: @Camezonda and @Djekko_ District 2: @warriors1976 and @Elivat District 3: @SlainByMe and @telegamer District 4: @Scream and @Kqjwjevebeowjqhn District 5: @TheSadDurpy_ and @SanCookie...
  16. Chrisability

    80% Completed Survival Games Map. Vacation City

    I started this Map back in October of 2014, when I was really into playing survival games. I worked on it on and off for months at a time, but as I grew away from Minecraft, I never got around to finishing it. When I started this map, I didn't know how far I'd take it and how good It would be...
  17. Camezonda

    [SIGN UP] Monthly CubeCraft Hunger Games - December 2017

    Merry Christmas my fellow CubeCrafters! Welcome to the Monthly CubeCraft Hunger Games sign up thread. This is the December 2017 Edition! How can I join? If you want to join this forum game of Hunger Games! Please reply to this thread with your Minecraft username and one other person you want to...
  18. ImJunior

    Hunger games back to 1.8?

    Hello! Could cubecraft set hg back to 1.8 because the server will het more players, and 1.8 is funner for hg. I would really appreciate that.. If you also want 1.8 back for hg type comment something or like this post! :)
  19. D

    For popular games like skywars/team based, don't let the match start without a full lobby

    It is incredibly annoying trying to join sky wars matches then seeing I'm on a team by my self or seeing the lobby half full because of the timer cutting off at the most terrible time.
  20. Cyqni

    ⚔Hungergames ~ Season 20 ~ Sign Up Thread⚔

    Hello everybody! I'm Maestro, and I'll be your host on the 20th season of the official CubeCraft HungerGames! Remember, this is a hungergames simulator, not an in-game event! Every team wil consist of 4 members. Just like my predecessor, @Cynamooo , I will assign a name to every team depending...
  21. Rayne1936

    Ground War Survival Games

    Basically Survival Games, but Huge Teams 50-60 Players.
  22. N

    Issues With the Reporting System that NEED to be Solved!

    Hi CubeCraft. I've been playing on your server for a while now, and I enjoy it quite a lot, and I particularly like playing on the Survival Games server. But lately, I've experienced a lot of players that are teaming on solo mode, and when players warn the teamers not to, they continue to do so...
  23. Darkform9

    Kill Counter- Hunger Games

    I am and have always been a huge fan of the cubecraft hunger/survival games, and personally find their version to be one of the better version available on any server. However one thing that has bothered me is a lack of kill counter for individual games(I am aware of the total games kill...
  24. LordNuggs

    Video Survival Games #2 - 2 wins in a row <3

    The 2nd video in my SG series, here it is :D All feedback, good or bad is appreciated!
  25. LordNuggs

    Video 1.10 PvP Montage

    I was playing some Survival Games earlier and here was some of my 1v1s, and even a 4v1 at the end xD Another upload coming later today!
  26. LordNuggs

    Video The JotaPalma Legacy <3 MCSG #1

    I'm starting my Survival Games series over because I'm bringing Minecraft over to my main channel, so here is "Episode 1" :) Let me know what you think!
  27. P

    New Game Modes

    I think cubecraft should put new game modes because the new ones take so long and its kind of boring for some people like me i think it should make a team sg or it can be call hunger games like the book or the movie 12 districts two people per district would like to see new game modes or also a...
  28. Cheez

    ⚔ CCG Hunger Games: Season 7 ⚔

    Welcome, one and all, old and new, to the seventh (seventh?) season of the CCG Hunger Games! If this is your first time viewing this blood bath of entertainment, this is how it goes: In this thread, I will post (randomly generated!) Hunger Games simulated scenarios involving/featuring Staff and...
  29. Titanic27

    ➶ The Annual CCG Hunger Games: Season Four ➶

    Welcome to SeasonFour of the CCG Hunger Games! I am your host Titanic27. As per usual, the members will be reaped from the forums. This season the tributes will be reaped from those who have already competed in the ccg hunger games! Here are our tributes: DISTRICT ONE @Younisco @PinkStr3ak...
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