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  1. khaostica

    EggWars Ignoring the Competitive CubeCraft Community

    For those that are unaware, CubeCraft has two types of players, nons and sweats. Nons are the people who join the server for a fun time every now and again. They play for fun, and hope to get a few wins while playing. Sweats are those who devote quite a bit of time to the server. Sweats are also...
  2. Shadowcade

    Bedrock Party separation

    I have a suggestion here and it would really be useful if this is added. I would like for it so if you have a party of 2 or more you can join solo skywars or any different gamemodes. It would add more competition with friends and maybe partly the reason why cubecraft players join the hive with...
  3. Joaqie

    Bedrock Tournaments!

    If you have any plans to make a tournament, post it ⤵️! I’ve seen a lot of people asking for tournament but not finding them, so this is meant to be an easy place to find one.* ________________________________________ *For the record l, this is not me starting a tournament, it’s a thread for...
  4. vefti

    Bedrock Parkour Suggestions

    A suggestion I have for the Parkour is that the have a leaderboard for fastest times, both on normal maps and competitive. Second, I play the competitive parkour a ton, and I think it would be cool if you were able to practice the competitive maps. I went on a long streak of never being beaten...
  5. ZeroResistance

    All Networks add enderpearls to normal and even more to OP

    Hi everyone, I think there aren't that much enderpearls to find in Skywars. So my suggestion would be to add more enderpearls to OP so it is easier to find. I also would like to see enderpearls being added to normal. I already know there are going to be comments about this being unfair if you...
  6. kochido

    All Networks Public stats

    I don't know if public stats are a thing in java but it isn't in bedrock i think public stats should be a setting option where you can see others stats i see it as like a totem of undying item will bring you to a search grid to search up others public stats i would also be interactive with...
  7. xBadCappisito_

    Java 'The Competitive SkyWars'

    __________________________________________ -English: Good morning, today I would like to present my proposal; 'The Competitive SkyWars' Introduction: THE PROPOSAL WILL BE IN ENGLISH AND SPANISH, ENGLISH AT THE TOP AND SPANISH AT THE BOTTOM SEPARATED BY A LINE, THIS IN ORDER TO BE UNDERSTOOD...
  8. jamar781

    Cubecraft Teams

    So, I recently got back on from a long hiatus and now being relatively new to the community, I've been seeing a lot of teams. No, I don't mean cross teaming like in skywars, I mean like competitive groups (i.e. Outlaws). So, all I want to know is how they work, and how to join them. I appreciate...
  9. Er3bos

    Java Clans or Guilds

    I think that cubecraft needs something that increase the competitiveness of cubecraft And that thing it's the clans or guilds thatt will makes all Cubecraft's games more competitive, because cubecraft could add a leaderboard to the best clan or guild of the month or every time!. and a way to...
  10. Simply

    Java Duel Tournaments! *EDITED*

    *EDITED* Here I am, back at it again, with yet anothet suggestion! So this time, this suggestion is connected to a specific game, though it could also be considered for other games too. PvP Tournaments: The idea is to have occasional PvP duel Tournaments. The Tournaments should be announced...
  11. Powerofbeds

    Parkour competitive teams

    So, in parkour, there's easy, normal, hard, and competitive 1v1, but why not add 2v2? Competitive 2v2 mode would be usable in 3 different ways: 1. Slowest time of teams Each team member would go on a separate parkour race, and the person on the team who is the last to finish's time is the...
  12. damt983


    So if we play a lot of eggwars team with a group of friends wouldn't it be fun try to get to top 100 of CubeCraft? In the server it would only appear the best 5 teams, but in the webpage it would show the top 100 best teams. When i join a party or croubs (if they add it to cubecraft) they create...
  13. RouTube

    A Zone mode for speed eggwars??

    Hi everyone, last night, whilst playing the latest game which has taken steam by storm, PUBG, I was thinking what a good idea it would have been to add kind of a battle Royale mode to this server, but then I remembered there was survival games which is more or less identical to a Battle Royale...
  14. Luzario

    Competitive Teams

    Competitive Teams Hello! My name is Luzario_, and today, I have a new suggestion. Please leave feedback in the comments and tell me any flaws :D. Thats all! Anything you want to add comment it etc. ~Luzario
  15. Luzario

    Prestige Levels

    Prestige Levels Before I start this thread I want to credit @CampersDontWin for inspiring this thread and @MagnificentSpam for giving me that spark for the idea. :D Hello! My name is Luzario_ and today I came up with this idea for cube craft! Please leave feedback. This might have...
  16. Luzario

    Micro Tournaments

    Micro Tournaments As a few people suggested, a pvp tournament, and you would apply on the forums. But the only difficulty is that people live in different time zones, meaning it would be difficult to set up matches and when to start/finish the tournament, so I came up with this idea...
  17. Hex4Nova

    Game Idea: Deception (NEW Game Modifiers & 50 CLASSES!)

    The game is currently only a concept, so I don't know if it'll work in the real game. If this game ever gets accepted, please make sure to do balance changes occasionally so there won't be any meta, which is usually the largest problem of a strategy game. Thanks. General Information...
  18. Elissaios

    Tournament Megathread

    A few tournaments have been announced lately for many different game modes. I think as well as these, if people have organised tournaments, are planning to make any or just simply want to discuss them, maybe it would be a good idea to do it in a single thread. Current tournaments that I'm aware...
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