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  1. Amazinq

    Implemented Java Replace block under egg with correct colour team - Ink Map

    Basically change the red wool block for a wool block of each team's color. I didn't know whether to report it as a bug or not so I put it here. Also I don't know if this map is on Bedrock or only Java and has the same issue, in this case, also fix on bedrock Thanks for reading :)
  2. LivingLuckyBlock

    Java Lucky Islands Did I just discover a lost map?

    So I was playing Lucky Islands, and upon joining another game, I spawned in some map I never played before. After a little digging i found out this map must be some variation of Art map which supposedly used to be a 4x2 team Lucky Islands map... except this one looks like its for 12 players...
  3. fatcatrq

    Bedrock Gap glitch

    Through all the glitches on the server there is one that stands out as by far the worst. There is a glitch that when you eat a gap you don't get the effect although the animation still happens. The way you can tell if it's happening it that when it is glitching there is no sound. While fighting...
  4. S

    Bedrock this bug are so cool

    thats not a texture pack. i know how fix that. bye. i like pink.
  5. Swxrz

    Bedrock Sentinel can be better

    Sentinel can be better because sometimes he bans you for no reason or even hacker can bypass sentinel by using methods like changing ip or bypass one of my friend got banned on a ctf game because sentinel though he was reaching Do u think sentinel is bad?
  6. Reesle

    Free for All 0.5 hp Bug

    Has anybody played FFA lately? I have, and it’s almost unplayable. Every time a player hugs a block or a corner of a block, they take a half a heart of damage. Because of this, is it impossible to climb mountains with taking loads of damage. It can literally kill you in less than a minute if you...
  7. hFurb4ll

    Bedrock Winstreaks and Blockwars

    I feel like this was talked about before, but in case it wasn't, well. Winstreaks are a problem, specifically in Blockwars. Let me first give a small vocabulary box. Blockwars: Referring to the 5v5 one, not duels, not giga. Issue #1: Now let's go through the wayback machine on pointercrate...
  8. A

    Bedrock Damage investigation pt 3: Cubecraft "testing" and enchanted Armor

    In my last thread, this one I had come to the conclusion that damage mechanics in the whole game are broken. Another thing I discovered is that cubecraft may be using an older damage model, one where weapons, instead of dealing 1 (fist damage) + x (weapons damage, for example 6 for iron swords)...
  9. A

    Bedrock I "investigated" and tested minecrafts and cubecrafts damage system, here is what I found

    This is a continuation of my thread about damage being broken, here is the link Basically, I came to the conclusion that damage calculation is a little messed up, but not just on cubecraft, but in all of minecraft, as armor sometimes appears to protect you from damage less than it should, at...
  10. Furzide

    Bedrock Fixes to Projectile Knockback

    Introduction Ever since Cubecraft's server software was updated to 1.19, the knockback dealt by projectiles has failed to match the melee knockback. While I made a bug report on this, it was rejected as "not enough people were complaining about it". In this thread I will discuss what's wrong...
  11. M

    Skyblock Unable to milk cows in bedrock skyblock on mobile

    I am trying to do the violent delights quest where I need to make cakes. But I am unable to miilk cows, like the option just does not show up when I go up to a cow with an empty bucket. Anyone else notice this or having this problem?
  12. T

    Bedrock Skyblock Skyblock Issue

    Was playing skyblock just there and my lure V fishing rod was going to break so I went to repair it to pretty much full, used 21 string I think. Double checked it was repaired, went to use it, then bam. It breaks and I lose it. Can you fix this annoying bug cubecraft (and reimburse my fishing...
  13. N

    Parkour An empty map in parkour

    I calmly passed the Desert map in parkour mode, but when I got to the 6th map, it wasn't there. There was just an empty world.
  14. N

    Parkour Bug on parkour

    Недавно я занимался паркуром на карте Арены. На 5-й карте минимальный рекорд может быть установлен в 21:300 секунд. Но прикол в том, что карта очень короткая, и я прошел ее за 9:694 секунды. Может быть, стоит сократить время прохождения паркура хотя бы до 11:300 секунд?
  15. Wigaar

    BlockWars Is there something wrong on CTF or.. (?)

    So basically today I played some CTF matches but something weird happened. "Enemy" players were invisible all of a sudden, I have some screen recordings too. It happened in almost every match I played today, now or there's a visual bug or we have a lot of cheaters using invisibility hack.
  16. pekd

    Bedrock Minerware rework

    this is a list of all the minerware games that have annoying bugs/are too easy/make no sense: 1. the crocodile game from the extra mini games is super easy. i think the crocodiles speed has been slightly increased but its still not enougth. any decent player can overtake the crocodile before the...
  17. Dreamer

    🧐- Share stories of bugs you have encountered!

    Hello forums! Today I wanna share some funny moments, from bugs... I'm sure we have all found some, here you can tell your story and maybe add some pictures? BUG #1: Someone found a way to break all blocks in the lobby when using the cowboy gadget! BUG #2: After some kind of update, the...
  18. S

    All Networks mob bugs

    so when my island is loading in skyblock the blocks aren't really blocks yet so the entity's that walk can just escape. so spiders keep escaping the spiderfarm that i made when i need to repair something. How can i fix this?
  19. A

    floating chest

    when i have a chest open in skywars you can see a floating one behind you
  20. Wigaar


    It was kinda scary☠️
  21. F

    Inactive Ocelots in sky block won’t follow me off of the jungle isle

    I have tried to get my cats to follow me off of the jungle island but they stop a few grass blocks away from my bridge. The bridge is made of oak slabs. Any idea why? Anyone else have this issue?
  22. L

    Inactive Random damage

    For some reason, I get damage whenever I jump on the bed or enter the ruin on the jungle island. Is there a reason for this or is this a bug?
  23. humorpatient

    Bedrock Teaming in Solo Eggwars

    bug Report So my cage did not let me play this round. I could hit out of the cage, and blocks could be dropped inside but the Maximum of movement has Bern one Block upstairs, so i could Not leave the cage. After some fun and failed tries of the enemies i left the game. Dear greedings...
  24. SixPqcks

    Bedrock Skyblock needs to change

    I used to play skyblock and i really enjoyed it. But there are so much things that can be done better, for example the bugs. There are a lot of them and that just ruins the game. I aslo think that there should be a punsihment for griefing because its starting to get so annoying.
  25. MynxTheCat

    Resolved Minecraft VR Ban Bug

    Hello, I wanted to try again if you can now play with VR on CubeCraft. It quickly turned out that you are still banned by Sentinell. So I'm asking if you guys could finally fix this bug in Sentinell? - Benjabah
  26. BurntCrown8876

    Video Ruining 38 People's Day In 1 Minute And 16 Seconds (Bug!)

    Hiya! I found a literal game breaking bug. Video and idea completely by me. And yes, this is the machine mentioned by @guinea_pigcrown5687 in this thread! 😂 Thanks to @guinea_pigcrown5687 and RemanentImp8206 for letting me 'test' it on them! Cube, you need to fix this. *I didn't kick the entire...
  27. B

    Resolved Bridge Duels Bug

    Everytime i bridge the fast bedrock way (I'm new to bedrock btw) this happens. It's only possible on the bedrock edition Temple map. I recorded a video of myself doing it, this always happens and cost me a few wins. I uploaded a video of it happening and a screenshot of the bungeecord kick...
  28. A

    Resolved No one can see my messages in global chat

    Hi everyone, I have noticed something unusual in cubecraft bedrock recently. Yesterday I found out that no one can see what I'm sending in the global chat, I have never been muted by cubecraft for swearing or something like that but still no one can see what I'm saying. The only method of...
  29. Moos_

    Where are the Cubelets?

    5 minutes ago, I completed the Summer Quest and got rewarded for it, one of the rewards was a Cubelet. Where can I open the Cubelet? I'm currently playing on Bedrock and I just can't find the place to redeem it. Could someone please help me?
  30. Moos_

    SkyWars Wings of an angel (Elytra)

    Maybe some of you had the same bug as me, the Elytra sometimes uses itself without clicking the jump-bar etc. Like I built myself up and try to fly and it sometimes just not even start to glide, so I just fall down to my death. Please fix this CubeCraft!
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