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Jul 6, 2021
I feel like this was talked about before, but in case it wasn't, well. Winstreaks are a problem, specifically in Blockwars. Let me first give a small vocabulary box.
Blockwars: Referring to the 5v5 one, not duels, not giga.

Issue #1:
Now let's go through the wayback machine on pointercrate for the geometry dash demonlist except instead of the geometry dash demonlist and the wayback machine on pointercrate, you use the brain's memory system and remember that on August 31st or September 1st, 2022 (love timezones <3), the entire game of Blockwars as we had known it would change in an extremely negative way that affected the game's experience as a whole. This is no English essay where I have to do citations, but might as well do it anyway to know what I'm talking about.
"Added the ability to join games in progress" (Cubecraft changelog) ?
Plus a couple other random things that don't need to be recognized.

This feature still exists today, and nothing about it has even gotten any better, in fact, it might be worse. What bothered the players the most is joining a game in progress and just immediately losing, or not having enough of a chance to do something so you still lost. Also Blockwars is also the type of game now where you need a party to actually play the game, if you solo, ha ha, good luck against entire teams of campers since currently powerups don't spawn at all. So with that in mind, if you join a game in progress, there's a very high chance your party is split and you're forced to leave and possibly rejoin that same game with your party split again. Putting you in an endless cycle until the party leader's brain says "I have map selection, try putting me in a game in progress now" and the game still has a chance of making the party leader look like a fool by still putting them in a game in progress. Got a bit carried away there but it's still true, and no matter the situation, if you leave a game that's already started, that counts as a loss. Nice try thinking the game was empathetic, or sympathetic, I actually have no clue what word it is. Anyways, another problem is players just randomly turning invisible, like they learned how to become one with the air molecules around them and now you got air stabbing you to death and air taking and capturing the flag/jumping in the pit of death. The thing about invisible people is you can't hit them even if you are aiming straight at them or try to shoot an arrow at them, so the only way for them to be slain is just hope they fall into the abyss. I myself have lost a couple games to invisible people, not as often as losing because of mid-game queuing, but even just one time is too many.

Issue #2:
Now let's take a look at the wayback machine again, just to a far more recent time where winstreaks became a viewable stat. I literally already just talked about losing games because of factors that aren't even the fault of the players. My genuine concern is the people who care so much about winstreaks it's basically their child to them, while I'm not one of those people, I can definitely feel the pain of working so hard for something and then that work was just all for nothing since in the end, it's all gone. The only way to really keep the winstreak going is to just play as smart as you possibly can against invisible people or play as smart as you can when you join mid-game without your party split and the other team is basically right there when it comes to winning, maybe play as smart as you can against both at the same time? In reality, it doesn't need to be that complicated to keep that streak going, it is so simple in games like Eggwars, Skywars, Lucky blocks, Competitive Parkour, any game that isn't Blockwars. In Blockwars, it just feels more like a game of bridges with 5 hackers against 5 people who just installed Minecraft, while that is 100% exaggerated, the point still stands. Winstreaks are a problem in Blockwars, and fixing it would be a good idea. You're also really lucky it doesn't end here, but god my fingers hurt from all this typing.

The Fix:
So what is this "amazing, perfect" fix ? Well it's not perfect or amazing either, but it would certainly do a lot if the queuing in Blockwars was how it used to be before. None of that joining mid-game or being forced into another game at the end of your current one, and if those were out of the picture, that'd also fix games taking longer to start than they actually last. Kill two birds with one stone, and I am absolutely positive that this will make the community so happy. I'm not forgetting to mention having a fix for players turning invisible too, because you can't argue, it's just simply unfair, so is the queuing. That is everything to do, just have Blockwars queuing normal again, and fix invisible players. It's also safe to say that the wrong thing to do is mess with how stats are counted, since you can join a game in progress and win, yet it won't count so it was a waste of time. While I've made many unfunny jokes throughout this whole post, this is still a problem at the end of the day, and the jokes are just here to make this experience bearable, actually going through it myself and speaking about it here. With everything said, thank you for listening to my TED-Talk, if I'm even allowed to say that.

Sorry if this was scuffed, uhh I wrote this in 50 minutes starting it at like 9:00 in the morning with my brain still a little sleepy, and I don't know how to make this good aesthetic wise.
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Jul 15, 2022
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I feel like the gamemode still has a lot of potential of getting it's OG players back if most of what was added got removed. A lot of players (especially rank holders) do not like the midgame queueing feature and non-rank holders cannot really do anything about it if it always forces them into a game that's in progress since they don't have a choice other than to stay. And I agree on the fact that the gamemode now is almost close to impossible to win without a party. If you are not paired up with new players, you get trolls that would sit around and do nothing. It was easily one of the most fun gamemodes on CC that involved pvp, strategies and infinite respawns when you die and chances of bring the game back when you were losing were so much higher. Whenever i would queue a game in progress, i would find that i am being placed in a game with someone who does not care and/or see what is going on around them. Other times, the enemy team has already 2 flags captured and they are holding the last one waiting to capture it, which you have no chance in bringing that one back. And for bridges, i would find that our spawn is completely blocked and players who try leaving are getting killed over and over again and there's not much you can do besides leaving. The rank has cool cosmetic and luckily you can still vote, which is now the only use it has 🤷

Players turning invisible is most likely a bug. If it was easily reproducible, it would most likely get dealt with as soon as they can. If you found out a way on how it's being done, you are welcome to create a bug report here.


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Oct 20, 2020
I totally agree, the option to enter games already started despite having the purpose of helping to have shorter waiting times, provides more negativity.

I think this post should be moved to Feedback and suggestions.
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