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  1. UpsideUpSheep

    Please remove the tnt kit from blockwars

    Imagine: You play a game of blockwars, you start building your defences around your block, and after a minute you think: "Heya, where are my defences around my block!?". Then, you see a player who chose the bomber kit, and they are trying to break your block! Fortunely, you could kill the enemy...
  2. C


    Hello my friends! I am here another time to suggest ANOTHER update for blockwars. Well yesterday I was playing blockwars with some friends and I thought that this could be a good idea, you let me know ^-^ Well I was thinking about ''MODES'' What I mean with modes? I was thinking about...
  3. Luzario

    [Repost] Featured Game. Reviving dead games. [90% positive poll]

    Featured Game UHC, Dead*. Blockwars, Dead*. Arcade, Dead*. I came up with an idea to revive these games for a little bit. Introducing Featured Games. Where a particular game will get centre of attention for a couple of days. How will I do this you may ask? Well, when you log onto the server...
  4. B

    Implemented Blockwars suggestie

    Hallo, Ik heb een suggestie voor blockwars. Die suggestie luid als volgt: Kan de respawntijd van blockwars verkort worden? Als je dood gaat in blockwars duurt het 10-15 seconden voordat je respawnt wordt. Als je in de void valt krijg je langzaam schade, dus dat moet je er nog bij rekenen. Voor...
  5. Andyyy

    Fix the terrible team balance in Blockwars

    When there are tiny amounts of players in the teams, it can get very unbalanced, very fast. After removing the team swap a while ago, the resistance replacing it is still far too weak in small games. For example, in a 4 v 1 scenario the solo player gets resistance two, which decreases damage...
  6. GONAL123

    In your opinion, what is the most fun game mode?

    Leave your answer in the survey you will find above! ;)
  7. B

    Implemented Change blockwars to 1.8 please!

    Please! Change the version of block wars, because 1.9 is too bad to take a pvp !! many blockwars players gave up playing because of the 1.9 !! Please come back with 1.8
  8. Eli

    Block Wars Update

    Block Wars was one of the most popular games a long time ago, it's popularity has now decreased because it is never updated. A small update is not useful, it would just attract players for a day or two, we need a complete overhaul, so these are my ideas to bring back to life Block Wars. The...
  9. God.

    Block Wars kits changes (the third time lucky)

    Please add new kits for blockwars like something more varied. Heres is an old post that I made about this: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/a...usta-la-papa-sancochada-v.192042/#post-853238 Well,lets start. Usually the most used kit is the runner(is the main kit for the pros in this...
  10. C

    New Team '''''''Balancer'''''''

    Do you really think that the new team balancer is fair? Ok lets see, the game cannot start if the teams aren't balanced, ok that's nice. If your team leave you get resistance, ok that's not cool cause see: See, 8 v 1 resistance 3 this is really what we expect of a game? The old balancer was...
  11. techguy123

    1.8 Blockwars?

    The title explains it all, you should be able to join BlockWars in 1.8!
  12. Luka (@IGNTuqon) (Tuqon)


    Blockswars and UltraHardcore, both nice games. But I think both needs an update. Sometimes I think ''lets play a game UltraHardcore'' then I join the lobby and nobody is online.. Blockwars needs an update to fresh it a bit up. I think it would be more fun. But I would like to see a special event...
  13. C

    Isn't boring have the same lobby by years?

    Ok I think we need a new lobby, I feel its boring the old one, I looked up by the lobby and there's nothing interesting, and, all the lobbys of the games have been changed and the lobby of blockwars never been changed!
  14. DreamTem

    Hey I beat parkour in 23 seconds! :DD

    Parkour BlockWars in 23 seconds, Here! https://postimg.org/image/f2dqpnc6t/
  15. Andyyy

    The hard limit on captures on BlockWars

    The new update on BlockWars update set a hard limit on the amount of captures a team can get in a game in CTF mode to 3, at that point the game ends, and the team with 3 captures wins, here is a few arguments for the positive and negatives on the limit on captures. What this effectively does...
  16. DaHammy

    Blockwars a few changes

    I thought about a few changes for BlockWars and I don't mean the minigame itself but the gameplay. Most of them are completely unnecessary and don't really need to be added, but in my opinion it would make the gameplay more fun. Here are some of the ideas that I could think of: Changing the...
  17. P

    Blockwars Team Balancing Suggestion

    We've all come across this scenario, you just captured the enemies flag twice and just stole it again, you start running across the field trying not to get hit by the intense battle happening around you. The enemy realises that you've got their flag and start targeting you, and no matter how...
  18. Badboyoo6

    Block Wars Cheating?

    This hasn't happened in a while but members of the opposing team are somehow starting to get to the other side of the wall again and preventing us from building our defenses with their blocks and we cant mine them because it is build phase (start of game). I have 2 videos of an instance of this...
  19. DaHammy

    Blockwars new Pre-Game Lobby

    Now, I have been playing on cube since march 2016, and the Blockwars Pre-Game lobby is still the same and kind of is boring. I thought about that you guys could change the Lobby and make it more colorful and way more fun to be in. Like the current one has a pretty boring parkour and I just...
  20. F

    A list of problems...

    I have noted some problems with the games I play on this server, this is not bugs that make the games unplayable, but is more of a glitch and general annoyances. Eggwars: - You cannot destroy blocks beneath team members, which might be very smart, but this has been exploited when I was walled...
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