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  1. Pescadoso

    Java Weird but probably effective way to solve team balancing in block wars:

    First of all my english suck a bit too much, so maybe you'll found some mistakes while reading this, I hope you can read the whole thread without misunderstanding me. I've seen that team balancing in blockwars is very problematic because frequently you see parties speedrunning games like trying...
  2. TheGamerASD

    Java (Blockwars) Change Trap Blocks To Special Blocks

    I have an idea for Blockwars CTF/Core which I think would make the game more fun. The idea is to change trap blocks to special blocks. The problem with trap blocks is that the TNT one is the only one anyone uses, so I think changing it to special blocks would add more strategy to the game and...
  3. TheGamerASD

    Java New Game Idea (With Video!)

    I have an idea for a new Blockwars related game, which is like Blockwars Core, but with upgrades and items you can buy. Here's a video you can watch of a preview of the game (In the video I play by myself, but this game is meant to be played with two teams of players): I think this game...
  4. TheGamerASD

    Java Replace Blockwars Bridges With Blockwars CTF

    Blockwars Bridges gets the lowest amount of players out of all the permanent games. I think Blockwars Bridges should be a featured game, and be replaced by Blockwars CTF. Blockwars Capture The Flag has more strategy involved due to the large playing field and the wide variety of kits. Blockwars...
  5. Herbubulle

    Bedrock Blockwars CTF Suggestion (too much noobs)

    Hey, the last time I played 5v5 Blockwars CTF was very boring : The enemy team farmed full fer, did 5v1 while we were in leather, and did spambow (remove bow its worst item EVER) and i had a noob team... I offer Blockwars SOLO, 1v1, with unlimited blocks, no iron and diamond ores, just SKILL...
  6. D

    Implemented BlockWars Bridges: Does it really deserve to be a permanent game?

    Let's be honest, BlockWars Bridges is not a popular game like it used to be, now that Java hits 6 thousand players I see that BlockWars Bridges rarely hits 100 players, comparing it to the less popular permanent game, MinerWare (not counting Duels or Assassinations), MinerWare hits easily...
  7. F

    Java Blockwars bridge suggestion

    I know i have made a thread for this before, but since the new update for bridge just came out, I want to suggest this again. I find it very annoying having to rearrange my inventory for every new game. With the new update, I (and others) have to do it everytime we score as well now, since your...
  8. Dreamer

    Video Blockwars but we didn't kill!

    We had a blast recording this :) go leave a like and join my discord server in the description from the vid! thanks in advance cuties
  9. EliteGamerYT146

    Bedrock Thoughts on BlockWars Bridges?

    I honestly want to know people's opinions on the BlockWars Bridges for me I ABSOLUTELY love it I have had so much fun playing it. honestly, Cubecraft, in general, is going on the right path right now and I can't wait for the future!
  10. FiredMercury21

    All Networks Personal inventory setup (blockwars)

    I wonder if it’s possible to setup a way to customise the arrangement of items you get when you start or respawn. Just to be clear, I don’t want to be able to get more items, I want a way to customise their arrangement before the match (maybe in the lobby). I’m pretty sure it won’t work on...
  11. SG_Jogik

    There is BlockWars in Java Edition

    Hey, I wanted to ask if BlockWars is also available in the Java Edition.
  12. A


    Hey! I want to say please keep BlockWars, it's great to have a minigame like this and add it permanently as some people doesn't know how to play. If you keep them, maybe you'll get more people daily on the server. anic17
  13. CedricFresh

    Builds [Blockwars] Bouncy

    - Map name: Bouncy - Creators of map: CedricFresh, TheSlimyPython - Description of map: Fun and Bouncy CTF map that has good techniques. Video of some techniques will be edited in here once im done editing it. It's based on the last map i made a few hours ago, only better, a bit longer (but not...
  14. CedricFresh

    Builds [Closed] Blockwars map

    This map has been updated. So much so, that I will have made a new forum post. I took the feedback into consideration, and made the map anew with TheSlimyPython.
  15. Osiris Usir

    Bedrock Blockwars leaderboard update?

    I have a suggestion of being able to view a players in game stats as a little quality of life update
  16. Xadreco

    Bedrock blockwars leaving

    I think blockwars should have some sort of punishment when you leave early because half the time either you or your opponent's team is already down to 2 people after the opposing team got 1 capture. I've already had two games that after less than 1 minute, a teammate and I were the only ones...
  17. Andyyy

    Implemented [BLOCKWARS] Robots

    Map name: Robots Creator: @Andyyy / Andyuu I'm back with a new submission and I think this is the coolest one yet! Hopefully it should become available on both Bedrock and Java, but that may not happen. Here we have the view from the middle of the map with the big boy robot and his underlings...
  18. U

    Bedrock Decrease Pop-up Size In BlockWars

    BlockWars was recently added to CubeCraft Bedrock. Since then, I have been thoroughly enjoying the game and the available maps. The game seems well balanced and is fun to play both alone and with friends. After playing the game for quite some time, the biggest complaint I have is in regards to...
  19. C

    Beta Blockwars Maps

    This will be a very small suggestion. I was hoping if we could get a few more maps from Java blockwars like Block Arena or Retro 99. Any map that is suitable for bedrock from java would be fine either way. I know the starting number of maps for new game-modes is typically 3 for bedrock. It will...
  20. P

    Java blockwars party's

    a lot of people seem to think blockwars party's shouldn't be allowed cause teams are 'too good' at pvp. I just wanna see what you guys think about this. I personally believe it should be allowed since its not cheating, yea its harder if you're in the other team but it's still fun to play against...
  21. Mivke

    Blockwars Core from 25hp to 15hp.

    So, why is blockwars core so un populair by the blockwars players? Because the games take way to long with 25hp. If you are mining it and you killed someone he can be back before you even mined the second time. I played 10 games and i won 9/10 times in overtime. The games are taking too long and...
  22. Saruhh

    Java Make BW CTF Permanent

    Hi, I know that many people won't even see this thread, but like, while BW was a featured game, I noticed that Cube's players went up. All I want to say is that if maybe Cube adds BW CTF as a perm game, yall would have more players. Plus, it's like an original game that dated all the way back...
  23. X

    Blockwars suggestion

    I have been playing blockwars since it came out, it's my favourite game in cubecraft and I think it should have something re-implemented that was present when it was launched. I am talking about "Auto-balance", when it came out, if one team had 2 or more members less than the other one, 1 (or...
  24. CaptainAdian

    Java Add Blockwars again!

    Blockwars is a strategic game where 2 different teams fight each other for either a core or a flag. We will be given a few minutes to set up defences using the materials/blocks that we have in our inventory. Later, the walls will unlock and the 2 teams will engage at each other. Long ago...
  25. AnUglyTurtle

    Java A bit of a Rant about BlockWars and the Changes Made to it Since the Chunk

    Ever since my friend found that BlockWars was still around on Cubecraft we felt the need to rejoin and see what it's like. We've come to the conclusion that the game is not nearly as good as it used to be two or three years ago. We've found some new maps are annoying and some changes to old maps...
  26. Oreo♥️

    Java [Debated Thread] Is Blockwars Core boring? Should it get removed/revamped?

    Hey guys, I see you clicked on my thread. Thanks! The reason of this thread is to debate about Blockwars core, and try to find a collective solution to this game. Cause let's be real: Core is boring. In my opinion, Blockwars core is boring cause the games almost always last till overtime. And...
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