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  1. nott.dre_day11zx

    Bedrock BlockWars When Will BlockWars get fixed?

    BlockWars is kinda broken rn bc the block colors are just not working, for example all the planks are normally plan oak, the hotbar isn't saving to the spots i need them to either. hope it fixes soon because i cant really play right when the hotbar dont save to the places im used to
  2. adrian525pl

    Bedrock Giga Blockwars is a badly designed gamemode pt.2

    Another day, another complaint about a gamemode that barely anyone plays and one that I can't stop playing for no reason. Today I would like to cover the overpowered and rushed gamemodes as well as the ingame task and reward system. I have also decided to stop trying to "rank" the problems in...
  3. D

    Bedrock Bring back OG maps

    can you bring back OG BlockWars maps? please, i missed them and i am curious how they would handle 10v10, however you could also bring 5v5 back. Some maps in particular are: Old minus map Honeycombmap The old map with the diamond block in the tower. the one with the tv screens the mushroom map...
  4. zMohqm

    Bedrock CTF 1v1 GameMode

    I think CTF 1v1's should exist. Sometimes when am partied we get board and 1v1 in something fun and I go to 1v1 them in ctf then BOOM it doesn't exist I think this should be added tell me what you think
  5. Dualninja

    Bedrock Blockwars Deathmatch

    Blockwars Deathmatch Blockwars Deathmatch has recently released as part of the new GIGA update, however the mode has one huge flaw, diamond armour. On the other Blockwars mode, diamond armour is an advantage, but you don't automatically win the game, as the objective isn't tied to kills...
  6. Dualninja

    Bedrock Blockwars 5v5

    Blockwars 5v5 It was announced today that Blockwars 5v5 will be leaving soon, the first game to be removed since Line Dash. Ironic, as they both came out at the same time. As an avid Bridges player, this came as a shock, especially since the gamemode has been around for over 3 years now. I...
  7. caraMel

    Bedrock Mid-game queueing suggestion ♡

    Hellooooo!! ♫ So, it's been a (very long) while since my last suggestion, but I'm back! Today's suggestion is about mid-game queueing in blockwars (specifically CTF and Bridge 5v5s). I think it’s fair to say that being able to join games in progress has been controversial and not all too well...
  8. Dualninja

    Bedrock GIGA Blockwars feedback

    GIGA Blockwars I am mainly making this thread as an open discussion on GIGA Blockwars. If you have any ideas not in this post, please post them below. Background GIGA Blockwars is the most unique game on Cubecraft in my opinion, being a 50v50 version of Blockwars. It has both Bridges and CTF...
  9. hFurb4ll

    Bedrock Winstreaks and Blockwars

    I feel like this was talked about before, but in case it wasn't, well. Winstreaks are a problem, specifically in Blockwars. Let me first give a small vocabulary box. Blockwars: Referring to the 5v5 one, not duels, not giga. Issue #1: Now let's go through the wayback machine on pointercrate...
  10. profligate

    All Networks Toxic Community

    I'm sad to say this is one of the most toxic Minecraft communities I've seen for a while. I've noticed it especially in Battle Arena FFA and Blockwars CTF. Players will troll their own team, bully people in chat, cuss, threaten, hate speech, and just make the experience poor in general. It's...
  11. privqted

    Implemented Bedrock Move the "Your Side Tasks" item to another slot (Bridges)

    Hey! In the new Blocks QOL update Cubecraft added side quests. I think this is a super cool feature but they also added an item in your inventory to see these side quests. This item is placed in a super annoying and crucial inventory spot that would usually be used for blocks after getting a...
  12. dvodany

    Bedrock QOL Feature - Customizable hotbar

    Heya fellow CubeCraft enjoyers! Introduction The suggestion on it's own is pretty straightforward and I'll try to describe and explain everything in the best detail. CubeCraft is, as many other servers, mostly a PVP based server. And with PVP, there comes many different playstyles that every...
  13. Deepslate3D

    Video two orphans 1v1 in blockgame to settle their differences

  14. Q

    Bedrock why did you remove arrow chest refills from blockwars in bedrock?

    having unlimited arrow chests was one of the best features of this game, it is not as fun as before now, even worse we get only 16 arrows instead of 32 when respawning, kinda defeats the point of the game because now doing bridges in the sky is a lot easier and there's less competition between...
  15. dimandre

    All Networks Add report for sabotage/anti-team conduct in mega Blockwars

    I think we should be able to report players that contribute to a negative experience in game by working against their own team (mega Blockwars specifically). Here are some examples of what I'm taking about: destroying ladders the whole team is using using a fishing rod to REDACTED with...
  16. agatecarrot517

    All Networks Add Armour trims to CubeCraft

    Hello, Today I’m making a suggestion about adding armour trims to CC. I know there’s already a thread about adding armour trims to EggWars, but this suggestion is different, so with no further to introduce here it goes: Basically with the launch of Minecraft 1.20 Armour trims were added to...
  17. Deepslate3D

    Video Cool amazing perfect video that will change ur life PERMANENTLY

  18. B

    Bedrock BlockWars Already Running Game is not Good and some more

    So I am playing Blockwars continuously for 1 month and what I really hate that join on-gaming. it's ok if opponent team in lead like with 1flag but if they are lead with 2flag that completely a loss match which make game worst. Also sometime I joined a game which will end in 10 second before I...
  19. I

    Bedrock BlockWars When are more Giga maps coming?

    Giga Blockwars is amazing, but it's been out for quite a while now, and I still haven't heard anything about new maps. When are we going to get more maps? We only have one bridges map and two capture the flag? I think a lot of you will agree we need more, I'm not trying to rush anyone, but an...
  20. agatecarrot517

    BlockWars Agate’s best tips to win in CTF

    As many of you might know I love playing CTF , in fact it is my favourite game mode in CubeCraft! So I have being thinking of this list a long time ago, but anyways, Here are my most recommended strategies in CTF: •This ones work for both normal CTF and Giga Blockwars CTF: 1. When to go...
  21. Casualpoalrbear

    Video Feels like the whole lobby was after me

    That was like 20 people trying to kill me lol. I got to admit I had it coming tho XD
  22. Casualpoalrbear

    Video Some funny clips of me being salty (Mega blockwars)

    I'm happy that dude killed them. That what they get for messing with my stairs
  23. TheOrderOfSapphire

    Video What do you think the hacker would say If he/she would see this video? XD

    I would love to read your thoughts! 😂 (Comment with link lol)
  24. Wigaar


    Am I on a good level?
  25. Wigaar


    It was kinda scary☠️
  26. Usurper

    Bedrock Add Efficiency 1 to Pickaxes in Blockwars Bridge Duels

    Breaking blocks with the naked pick is just a half second too slow to be able to tunnel out of a bridge or break a misplaced block. I don't want to melt blocks like would happen with effc. 3+ but I'd like it just a tad faster
  27. Flip1482242

    Bedrock BlockWars Is Bridges 1v1s dead?

    Is blockwars bridges 1v1s dead?
  28. Spring5972

    Bedrock SkyWars, BlockWars, Lucky Blocks: Add functionality to Anvils and Enchantment Tables!

    For those who don’t know, anvil and enchantment tables don’t work in the game and lapis lazuli, bookshelves, and exp bottles are filled with chest refills every 5 minutes during the game of SkyWars (Normal/Overpowered). Please resolve this in Bedrock Edition, Java Edition has working...
  29. TBroz15

    Bedrock My Thoughts On Blockwars Giga And Its Flaws

    Hey everyone, these are my thoughts on a new game mode, Blockwars Giga. The way that the base game Blockwars was implemented into war-waging chaos of 50 vs 50 players, which I also like. But it has a few flaws in this game mode. For though it's a Beta Game and since it is unstable, it needs to...
  30. NotNitrouss

    Video CubeCrafts new Halloween update

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