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  1. Eli

    Implemented [BLOCKWARS] Basilisks - [ACCEPTED]

    Map Name: Basilisks Creator: @Elivat {Disclaimer: I will be attaching images at the end of the thread, but as of now I find it useful to be able to directly comment on some of the pictures!} The creation of this map started around the theme of dragons! But as things were taking shape, those...
  2. Andyyy

    Java Fixing Blockwars core

    After the recent controversies around the picking of core as the featured game, maybe instead of shunning core and sending it to the underworld to never be seen again, we could make it slightly less awful. So what's wrong with core? 1. It's boring. There's no excitement to a number very slowly...
  3. Eli

    Java Tank Kit Fixed

    BlockWars only has two kits that are underpowered in relation to the rest. For this thread I will be talking about one specifically: The Tank. For this suggestion I will be comparing the two -supposedly- opposite kits in BlockWars: Runner and Tank. Whilst a Runner is supposed to be fast but...
  4. Skoedel

    Java Blockwars

    Very occasionally blockwars is there and I want that blockwars is there always because it's very funny. a set game as skywars, eggwars, Lucky islabd,...
  5. D

    Java Blockwars suggestions, rebalancing kits, trap blocks, and voting options revamp

    Haii guys, I really wanted to make a blockwars suggestion not so long ago, so here I go. I am Cuteee! :3 Ahhh, here we go again, first of all let's balance the kits! Well, blockwars meta is a bit weird, all the kits (besides from tank lololo) are pretty good in some way. But let's balance it...
  6. Jesse<3

    All Networks Blockwars.

    Honestly. This game was so fun. I don't know why it was removed, I played it a lot and met a lot of regulars. I suppose money is in the equation as to why it was removed but I don't know to what extent. Please bring it back :). Love. Jesse. <3
  7. G

    Java Why Blockwars should become a permanent game?

    Some of the reasons why blockwars should come back. A fun game Blockwars is a very funny game when you understand it, that is why many people have suggested doing a tutorial on how to play, I have met people who are very good at pvp but who lose because they do not know how to capture. There...
  8. G


    I was thinking, well, all the threads that are created for blockwars are ignored but why not try it? Blockwars is a game that has a lot of potential, but has not been taken advantage of due to the small updates it has received in recent years. I was thinking that they could implement in the...
  9. H

    A blockwars guide by hackcr

    Ok so first you might need to reserve 1600 points for this guide to work 1. buy bomber 2. buy ninja(skip these two step if you have it) 3. Start a game(LAME) 4. use bomber 5. blow up a large hole at the enemy's base 6. pick up blocks since tnts drops blocks 7. take the flag(go to step 8) or die...
  10. BadGuy

    Java Minigame Duels

    this is an old idea from not long ago but im expanding the idea a bit In duels there need to be a fun new set of gamemodes by all the other armor stands for duels. there can be mini-game duels based on games such as skywars, eggwars, blockwars, etc. instead of having 8 10 or 12 players they are...
  11. Art3m1sTV

    All Networks Blockwars Reccomendaiton

    I've been playing BlockWars a lot lately, and just recently, I've come across an issue where the enemy team can go into spawns and kill other players getting ready to get back in the game after being tagged out. Even though this has only happened twice to me, I can find it very annoying that a...
  12. williamSG

    Why is BlockWars dead?

    Hello, So I have recently discovered this game mode in CubeCraft named BlockWars, I didn't know about it and I happened to find it by coincidence. The games there seems to be very good, and yet there were only 4 players in the lobby when I first entered yesterday evening. Can someone explain me...
  13. H

    Blockwars should have regeneration after kill

    Ok so skywars have golden apples, also about eggwars. But in blockwars there is no golden apples! Cleaning is the thing keeps me tied. You should add a mechanism that you can do this: Kill: +1.5 hearts Assist: +0.5 hearts So that cleaning is morehard and make the game faster and even less than...
  14. C

    Please Staff do a great update for blockwars.

    Well, it has been a while since we had an update (A decent one) and Imma purpose one here: New Maps -Savannah -Desert (The flags must be into a pyramid) -Mario -Farm -Nether -Taiga -Undersea -Volcano New Kits/Removing Kits/NerfingKits/BuffingKits -Removing Viper, its useless and its not a good...
  15. JT8D

    Blockwars : A thank you to the staff

    All I'm going to say in this thread is a big thank you to the staff who put back the signs for map choosing. Although a long way off perfect, this is the first step in the right direction to making the game as good, if not better than what it used to be. Thanks.
  16. Andyyy

    Blockwars isn't fun now

    The game is almost more dead than before the update and there are reasons for it I can't be asked to format this nicely because its about the content no how it looks. Even less than 2 weeks after the Blockwars update, I'm struggling to keep an interest in it anymore, getting sick of it after...
  17. Mrtooo

    Idea for new kit in Blockwars called Boxer with leather hat and pants, golden chestplate and boots,

    Idea for new kit in Blockwars called Boxer with leather hat and pants, golden chestplate and boots, wooden sword + strenght II effect?
  18. JT8D

    Bring Back Map Choosing In Blockwars !

    I have noticed that the stands where players can choose which map they want to play are gone. Now people must be at least iron rank to do so. This most extremely annoying to stone rank players as this is now the only lobby with no map options. I demand players' rights to freely choose what they...
  19. Andyyy

    Fix the terrible Blockwars team balance (repost)

    I just had a terrible game that really pissed me of because of how crap the balancing is. 4v1 every single fight because it was an 8 v 5 and had no good buffs to compensate for it whatsoever so I'm reposting because people don't like bumps Old poll: Yes ( 6 votes ) No ( 0 votes ) Here's the...
  20. Andyyy

    Ultimate Blockwars Guide (In depth)

    I thought that the pinned guide seemed outdated and not in line with the current meta, I was really bored so a wrote this. This strategy is only covering CTF because core sucks, if I have made any mistakes in this please tell me and I will fix it! Enjoy and learn! I'll split this into 4...
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