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  1. Flip1482242

    Bedrock BlockWars Is Bridges 1v1s dead?

    Is blockwars bridges 1v1s dead?
  2. Spring5972

    Bedrock SkyWars, BlockWars, Lucky Blocks: Add functionality to Anvils and Enchantment Tables!

    For those who don’t know, anvil and enchantment tables don’t work in the game and lapis lazuli, bookshelves, and exp bottles are filled with chest refills every 5 minutes during the game of SkyWars (Normal/Overpowered). Please resolve this in Bedrock Edition, Java Edition has working...
  3. TBroz15

    Bedrock My Thoughts On Blockwars Giga And Its Flaws

    Hey everyone, these are my thoughts on a new game mode, Blockwars Giga. The way that the base game Blockwars was implemented into war-waging chaos of 50 vs 50 players, which I also like. But it has a few flaws in this game mode. For though it's a Beta Game and since it is unstable, it needs to...
  4. NotNitrouss

    Video CubeCrafts new Halloween update

  5. Spring5972

    Bedrock Ignore opening functionalities from using a tool or weapon for touch devices in other specific PVP games.

    Hello people, I can’t attack, move, or look while any functionality is opened. I’ve kept dying because I use touch screen and why does this functionality keep opening, was attacking one of the players. Just can’t hit someone and I also can’t move. Player pursues and kills me every time I open...
  6. M

    All Networks Bring back minecarts to the bridge

    A long time ago you were able to craft minecarts in the bridge by mining iron and crafting them. Today you can still craft rails using iron and the sticks given in your inventory, but cannot craft minecarts. Minecarts are just a fun little strategy that now many people will know about but will...
  7. SilicoFlare

    All Networks Add a kill count and a teammate count during game in CTF

    So during the game i sometimes find teammates missing and I have a hard time thinking they left the game or are in hiding, coz we need to devise strategy and battle plan based on number of teammates. And yeah, adding the kill and death count in-game is self-explanatory. Any suggestions, do...
  8. privqted

    Bedrock Fix CTF Duels!

    The most recent duels update added CTF Duels and in my opinion there's a few features that should be changed. Firstly - Respawn Time. When CTF duels was released the respawn time was 5 seconds. But then they decided to change it from 5 seconds to 2 seconds, this makes it very difficult to...
  9. SilicoFlare

    All Networks Remove "Return to Lobby" button during the 10 seconds countdown before start of team games like CTF, Eggwars or so

    So in team games, there's a rare chance that some player can join your game during the countdown. And I have observed many have left the game during that time. It's soo difficult to win even with the lack of a single player in our team. It's an unfair advantage to the opponent. I remember a...
  10. Herbubulle

    Bedrock Some problems about CTF Duel

    Hi, yesterday the new CTF duel gamemode has been released. I played 1 or 2 hours on it when it came out, and it was really fun. But after the 2s respawn change (a few hours after the release), it was just annoying. We don't even have the time to get the flag because the opponent respawn too...
  11. Silco

    Java Bedrock Option to turn off enemy score message

    Hi everyone! I’m back with a simple suggestion today, which is an option to turn off the “enemy has scored” message and/or noise in Blockwars bridges. Currently the message comes up whenever an enemy scores and it gets quite distracting and annoying especially with that sound, so an option to...
  12. grrknuckles


    I just thought of a great new addition to the blockwars games! TURF WARS! I used to play Turf Wars on many other severs but they weren't very good. Same with CTF (Capture the Flag) until I discovered Cubecraft's CTF! Cubecraft always seems to make great games, and I would literally go mad for a...
  13. JustinLRT1

    Other Games I win BlockWars Bridges by leaving enemy team

    This is first time to win this by leaving enemy team because the enemy can't control their pit to protect and the enemy can't scored more. I checked the players list on pause menu and I see it only 6 left and I mean it about 3 or 4 players in my team. Because of low amount of enemy players, I...
  14. Critomania

    Bedrock Bridge healing+lava kill

    Greetings, after playing on the bridge I got 2 ideas. At the moment there is such a feature on CTF that the player heals quickly when not fighting and the question arose why there is no such thing on the bridge? 2nd on the Temple map, the portal has a lake of lava, when you drop a player there...
  15. Riscakes

    Video TOTAL DOMINATION | Minecraft BlockWars #5

  16. solomka238

    Bedrock Blockwars CTF kit

    I think it can be a good idea to add kits in capture the flag on blockwars.Kits like warrior, archer, medic and other.
  17. Silco

    All Networks Kills for portals

    Hi everyone, When I was playing Blockwars Bridges earlier I noticed that if you push an enemy team into their own portal, it makes them respawn but you don’t get a kill for it. I think you should get a kill for it. Thoughts on this? Or as @AM71113363 suggested: Maybe the game should give...
  18. Riscakes

    Video DEAD MAN'S CHEST | Minecraft BlockWars #4

  19. Riscakes

    Video THE FINAL TIE BREAKER | Minecraft BlockWars #3

  20. Riscakes

    Video BREAKING THEIR DEFENSES | Minecraft BlockWars #2

  21. AlexTheNG

    All Networks MVPs win effect for blockwars

    Suggestion: Make it so only MVPs have the win effect for both The Bridge and Capture The Flag (CTF for short). Reasons: I mean who likes to see bilions of fireworks being thrown to the sky? And the fact that CubeCraft Team just loves adding Super Unnecessary Win Effect That Could And Will Lag...
  22. Sqnder

    Blockwars Bridges Powerups

    Hi everyone, I decided to make this post because something has been seriously bothering me about Blockwars Bridges. As all of you Blockwars players already know, the goal of Blockwars Bridges is to score 25 goals and win. A very big component of the game are the powerups, which are supposed to...
  23. Puppyfied

    Bedrock Make CTF flag go in a free slot.

    The reason I made this thread is to discuss something that messes me up whenever I collect the flag in CTF. This happens to me on Bedrock, but might happen to Java players too. In Capture The Flag, I have my inventory setup to where I have my blocks in the 9th inventory slot. I hotkey to that...
  24. BWBJustin

    Bedrock I found a hacker, but I forgot to record...

    Yep, that's right. I found a hacker, on BlockWars Bridges, on the Factory map. They used fly hacks to get to my base, but they only scored twice. I had one layer of clay over my team's pit. The key thing is, I forgot to record. My dumb brain was too cocky and focused on winning, that I forgot to...
  25. Westsi

    Video Bridges against the WR holder?!

  26. Westsi

    Hi! A CC Bedrock YouTuber who has an obsession with Bridges

    Hi!! I play bedrock, mostly play bridges and skyblock. I play on an Xbox, but have plugged in a keyboard and mouse. My YouTube channel: here Nice to meet you all!!!
  27. Westsi

    Bedrock Bridges Sword Slot setting

    Hi! I know that the bridges inventory setup is what is best for most people, but I think it would be very good and I would benefit from it if you u added a setting where you could arrange your hotbar. Personally, I like to play bow slot 1, sword slot 2, blocks slot 3 and pick slot 4. Thanks!!
  28. xHappyMood

    Implemented BlockWars Bridges 'Crazy Mode'

    At the moment every blockwars bridges game is quite similar. The only difference can be no modifier/speed/jump boost. So I thought why not add another voting option: Normal Mode (how it is now)/Crazy Mode. What is Crazy Mode? Crazy Mode would make the whole game a little more 'crazy', by...
  29. Lawnti

    Java Blockwars and Featured game statistics

    Heya curious person, Since the 2 other Blockwars games are placed in a cycle with Blockwars Bridges, It would be cool to see other people their Blockwars stat in the lobby(By rightclicking on somebody and going to vieuw statistics). For example when Blockwars CTF is available to play -> Replace...

    Java BlockWars: Changes in Kits, Powerups & Modifiers!

    Hi! I come with a suggestion for BlockWars, all the ideas that I am going to present were thought for BlockWars CTF. I see that BlockWars becomes more monotonous because it does not have such a large player base and because there is not much to vote, in addition to that people usually use the...
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