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Hello CubeCrafters!

With last weeks Christmas update bringing a lot of Christmas joy to CubeCraft, we've decided to add more! Introducing part 2 of our Christmas update, which brings more Christmas maps to spice up your gaming experience during the holidays. Also within this update brings back our demanded Christmas game, Snowman Survival.

Christmas sales.png

During the Christmas period, there is a 50% OFF SALE on our Store. This includes Lifetime Ranks, Non-seasonal Cubelets, Multipliers and T-shirts. This means that you will be able to obtain an Iron rank for only £4.00. Hurry before the sale ends at the end of our Christmas event. Visit our store HERE.

Also now available on our store are Christmas Cubelets, which contain up to 36 exclusive Christmas loot items. You can view Christmas Cubelets HERE.

Snowman Survival is back!.png

It's back! Snowman Survival joins the wonders of CubeCraft Games once again. Only available during Christmas, this mini-game brings a jolly and Christmas'y feeling to the infection themed games. Snowman Survival allows 8 players and there are 3 maps available to join and choose from.

Snowman Survival is a fun game where the objective is to survive as long as you can, without the Snowman giving you frostbite! The game starts with 8 players, then the sacred Snowman performs a ritual and the starting Snowman is chosen. The remaining players are human survivors and have a brief grace period of 7 seconds to run away before the Snowman is released. Humans need to run and hide whilst dodging the Snowballs that the Snowmen throw! The first Snowman needs to throw his Snowballs at survivors, this will convert the Survivors in to more Snowmen.

Snowman being selected.jpg
Starting Snowman being selected.

As a Snowman, you have...
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Hello CubeCrafters!

Ho ho ho, it's that time of year again, when fireplaces are lit and the stockings are out. This year, Christmas on CubeCraft is even bigger and better than before. We're giving you guys two Christmas updates, split into two parts. Both jam-packed with content for you to play and enjoy over the Christmas season.


This year for Christmas our lobby has been converted into a Christmas kingdom of snow, presents and candy canes. Explore the vast locations around the lobby, the huge Christmas tree, the igloo, the winter village and the snowy beaches.

Christmas Lobby 2018.
As usual with our seasonal lobbies, we've added our famous and well known Christmas Head Hunt. We have hidden 25 presents around the whole lobby and you must find them all to win the rewards. You have the chance to win a Christmas Cubelet, which can give you any of the 36 exclusive Christmas loot items.

Collecting a present from the Christmas Present head hunt.
With the Christmas lobby comes Christmas lobby game items. We've added 9 Christmas themed Lobby Fishing items and Relic Hunting items for you to collect during the Christmas season. These items are only collectable whilst the Christmas lobby is active, so you better get digging and casting. If you want to view your items, punch either the Relic Hunting or Lobby Fishing NPC and you will receive your fishing rod or relic shovel, then you can right click whilst holding them to open up your journal. The Christmas items are on the 3rd page.

Christmas Lobby Game items 2018.

For the first time ever, we've added a lobby Christmas Advent Calendar. For 25 days, you will be able to collect each day to earn...
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Hello CubeCrafters!

BlockWars is back on our Java network for a limited time! We've added both BlockWars Core and Capture the Flag modes for you to enjoy and play during it's featured period. If you love BlockWars, now is your time to play as much BlockWars as you can before it's removed.

BlockWars consists of two gamemodes, Core and Capture the Flag (CTF). In BlockWars Core, you need to break the other teams core and make it hit 0 health to win. In BlockWars CTF, you need to break their core to capture their flag and take it back to your core to save it and claim it, the first team to reach the needed amount of flags wins!

If you want to know more about BlockWars and it's past update, feel free to read any of the following threads:
1: BlockWars is here!
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3: BlockWars Core Mode and More!
4: BlockWars Mini Update
5: Mini BlockWars Update!

Thanks for reading. We'd love to read your feedback below in the comments!
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Hello CubeCrafters!

It's time to introduce what we've been working on the past couple of months and what we've slowly been releasing into each of our games. Armoury is our brand NEW shop and kit system for our network.

What is Armoury title.jpg

Armoury is our brand new automatic kit selection and kits/abilities shop. It holds everything such as kits, abilities and tower paths. Everything a minigame has to offer via a shop will be controlled by Armoury. You may notice in the future when a featured game is released, that the shop will not be Armoury controlled, this is because Armoury is only implemented into permanent gamemodes, but this may change in the future.

Armoury allows you to select a default kit for a game and avoids you from needing to select a kit every time you play a game, it remembers the kit you want! With this new implementation, we also allow you to purchase kits whilst in-game and give you an "are you sure" option before purchasing a kit, just in case you miss-click.

Armoury also provides you with more information about the kit, with a better layout in the hover-boxes and menu. You can also shift click on a kit and it will open a separate menu to show you the contents the kit offers, only if it does come with contents. Armoury will also tell you when you unlocked the kit, how much is costs and gives each kit a little description.


CubeCraft Plus users now have access to use /report! If you come across a cheater or rule breaker and you have Plus, simply type /report and follow the layout. Type "/report help" for a more detailed understanding of the command. For example if you want to report a cheater for Killaura, you'd type "/report Camezonda killaura". If you want to report for more than 1 report type, you'd type "/report Camezonda ka fly".

A report will be made and a staff member will be able to view your report and deal with it correctly. If the command...