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My CCG Story :)


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Jan 30, 2014
everyone's doing it, so I gotta :/
I first found the server through searching for PLAIN parkour servers and people said this server has good parkour but others, everyone started on the parkour i mean come on.
I played the server for about 2 weeks and then I left it. One day I came back and wanted to look around "bes t decision ever made"
I ran into all these minigames, skywars, parkour minigame, I wanted to try them all but I went for skywars as I recognized it the most.

I was addicted, I wouldn't leave the pc for anything.
That's when I got into the forums, 6 months later, I start exploring again, found the forums and decided to make a few suggestions and do a few reports.

My suggestion believe it or not was a Skywars Leaderboard. https://www.cubecraftgames.net/threads/suggestion-cubecraftgames-top-players-leaderboard.1564/
I'm not sure if I was the one who got it added because no other suggestions said otherwise. But 2 weeks later, bam, new leaderboard. Survival games followed up later on.
As it was new nobody knew about it. well i got cooking.
I gained 1st Place for kills and 3rd for Wins until the 15th and some guy called @MCEruption
went ham on the leaderboard followed up by many others.

I had no idea ranks were for the winners that's why I didn't see a point, I usually like a reward for doing well.

I've never made it back on the leaderboards ever again.

I stroll through the forums all the time 24/7 pretty much.
checking messages and others.
I love this server, I've become addicted and I'll never stop playing it.


Mar 2, 2014
i see you've noticed me! lol, i remember doing that. i love the server just as much as you do.
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I'll be honest I have seen a lot more Teaparties whilst playing today. I wonder if the admins made it open more. If so, this is excellent work. Magnificent, actually.
Imagine playing hide and seek in the lobby at 5 in the morning.
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Congrats TC ❤
I swear, sunflowers are aliens at night
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