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Jan 4, 2019
I was inspired to tell you guys my story of being a CubeCrafter thanks to another OG CubeCrafter returning to the server back in December.

As most of you can tell by my signature, I am an OG Bedrock CubeCrafter, who has played since the moment CubeCraft opened its doors to the public, but where did I start you may ask? Let's get right into it.

The story will be split into chapters (open the spoiler box) so it doesn't become a huge wall of text.

Setting: May 2012 - 2014
One day after school, I was going home by bus. One of my friends then started talking about a game called Minecraft. I never heard about the game until he told me. He described the game like this: "In Minecraft, everything is made of blocks". I was interested in the idea of the game so I looked it up. I watched a video of it and at the time I didn't understand the objective of the game but I gave the game a try a few days later. I had some basic knowledge about the game thanks to him, for example monsters spawn at night. Everyone's first night in the game is an experience. I was interested to see what they are like so I crafted a sword and prepared for nightfall. I did survive it, it was fun. I ended up buying the game during summer and played with my friend. By the end of the year, I understood how to get everything. The following years, I continued playing survival and meeting new friends thanks to my friend. Later on, I learned to get custom maps for the game since I liked the idea of playing games inside a game.

Setting: 2015-2016
The year 2015 was the golden age of Minecraft. There were so many videos on YouTube about Hunger Games/Survival games and during summer, videos of SkyWars and Money Wars (fancy way of saying EggWars) started appearing in my recommendations page. Unfortunately, I didn't watch those videos since I didn't think the games look appealing (I wish I did). At the time, I had no access to Java edition since I didn't know how to buy the game or thought of asking someone in my family to buy me the game directly from the website, I searched in Amazon for a code for the game but had no luck. Despite that, I got a chance to play Hunger Games and SkyWars on Xbox via custom worlds and I had no experience in PvP, so I lost games easily. I didn't revisit the idea of PvP until I have discovered a technique in 2016 called critical hits which helps me kill mobs and players quickly while playing survival. Soon after I discovered that, Battle Minigame got announced for Minecraft console edition, I was excited for the game since I now have a chance to shine thanks to the discovery of crits. On the first week of the game releasing, the balancing wasn't good since so many weapons were weak so I didn't play much at that time. The following week was when an update came out that buffed weapons. I played the game following the update and managed to win basically every match I joined, since I was one step ahead of everyone regardless of what gear people had. People thought I was hacking because I did more damage than normal. I played the game daily until something big happened in 2017.

Setting: 2017-2018
2017 started out as a normal year. I continued playing Battle Minigame on Xbox, but then during summer, E3 has happened. E3 was one of the biggest events people look forward to every single year. The significant thing that happened during E3 was the introduction of Minecraft Servers for console players via the Better Together update. In the trailer, four servers were shown and CubeCraft was one of them! The games looked a lot more fun than Battle Minigame as the game was slowly starting to get stale. Near the end of Summer, one of my friends begged me to buy Java edition and I eventually did. He introduced me to EggWars and Bed Wars (the game became popular that year). Not on CubeCraft but through a server owned by a famous Minecraft skits YouTuber. I later found out that the original EggWars was created by CubeCraft, which got me excited of the idea of playing EggWars on Xbox! The update has released and I ended up playing the Bedrock edition on my laptop with a controller, since Xbox didn't have custom skins. Unfortunately, CubeCraft wasn't available at launch so I went to the other server that was famous on Java. That's when I have revisited SkyWars and I have enjoyed the game even more since I became a PvPer the year before. I played on that server until Spring 2018.

Setting: 2018
On a random day in school, I noticed in the recommendations on YouTube that a YouTuber who covers updates on Minecraft Bedrock edition, posted a video that mentioned that CubeCraft has opened their servers to players who are in a beta version of the game. I was curious about it so I looked up videos of CubeCraft Bedrock SkyWars and I was surprised to see that the gameplay of CubeCraft SkyWars looks much more enjoyable than the other server I played on. I was disappointed that there was no team mode at the time but I understood that it takes time. A few days later, Minecraft Bedrock 1.12.16 released and included in that update was the CubeCraft server! I was excited to play it so I got on and played SkyWars for hours. I noticed that the PvP felt closer to Vanilla Minecraft due to critical hits existing, which other servers didn't have. I have made the decision to move here to CubeCraft fully when team games get added, since at the time, I can only play alone since teaming is punishable. I discovered the forums the same day and it had more information about the server, which mentioned that EggWars was supposed to be there at launch, though it still made the launch window as it released the next day. When EggWars got released, I made a YouTube video about the game, I started playing it a lot since I enjoyed the game in the other server in Java, I had a lot of fun playing the game. Two months later, Survival Games released and once again it has so much better gameplay than other servers. Then during the summer, the summer event came out to CubeCraft and it was the first event for Bedrock edition. Nothing special about it besides the revamped lobby and two maps. I believe that the Pioneer rank released sometime around June, and MinerWare released during the Summer event. That game was fun to play but I didn't play it often since I'm more into PvP games. One of the Summer maps (Desert - Solo EggWars) turned out to be permanent after Summer event ended. Halloween event came out the next month and it was bigger than the Summer event. Not only did it have more maps than the Summer event, but it also introduced item hunts, event specific bundles, and Ender seasonal game to Bedrock. Leaderboards got introduced before Halloween event was over, so I started grinding Solo SkyWars! Not long after Halloween ended, team games finally made their way to CubeCraft Bedrock! EggWars Teams of 4 came first then SkyWars Teams of 4 the following week. My friends finally can now join me in the server to see how cool it is, it was so much fun! Then to conclude the year, Christmas event released. It had the usual content that other events have, but the seasonal game was Snowman Survival, another fun game! Unfortunately, I wasn't a huge fan of the Snowflake Solo SkyWars map (and still not a fan of it today).

Setting: 2019
2019 kicked off with a strong start. I have continued grinding the Solo SkyWars leaderboards and continued making YouTube content on the server. I have joined the forums at the start of the year thanks to one of the Java players on CubeCraft Discord. In February, Valentines mini event came out which added a new limited time map for Solo SkyWars and EggWars Teams of 4. I enjoyed playing on those maps. March then arrived and EggWars got a new update that introduced Teams of 2 in the game, it was heavily requested by the community (myself included). I did grind the leaderboards for it but stopped not far from first place (I was second place) since the game was slower paced (blocks and food were expensive at the time). Spring event (Called Easter at the time) came out the following month and in my opinion, the Spring event had the best maps of all events. I enjoyed the Solo SkyWars Spring maps and the EggWars maps. The first birthday event came a few weeks later which introduced two birthday themed maps, Party (Solo SkyWars) and Birthday (EggWars Teams of 4). Those maps were permanent at the time, they were good maps. Summer event made a return near the end of June, with more content than the previous year. I enjoyed the Vacation map for EggWars Teams of 2. Speaking of Teams of 2, a few weeks later, SkyWars Teams of 2 got added. I was so happy when they added it because I wanted it for so long. I grinded it so much that day that I ended up becoming first place, overtaking InsaneOrbitzz (yes he used to be first in that game). I made a video about it and after that, people were messaging me on Xbox app wanting to play with me. Unfortunately, I didn't respond to them (and wished I did). I didn't stay in first place for long because when school opened, I couldn't play during week days so I lost my position as a result. I was unable to grind for it back. In October, CubeCrafters have noticed that there is now item voting in SkyWars. I was able to take advantage of it to make content on it to show people what those modes are like. After OP got added to SkyWars, I wanted to see OP get added to EggWars as well which did happen the following week. Once again, I did the same thing and the game mode got so popular thanks to me posting a video about it, which increased the amount of players buying the rank. I decided to grind for first place in EggWars Duos and I have accomplished it by the end of the year, which got the attention of other Pro CubeCrafters.

Setting: 2020
2020 started out as a normal year. Once again I continued grinding OP EggWars Duos and making content on that game because it is so much fun that I have played it for longer than Solo SkyWars. I then decided to do my very first livestream and the CubeCrafters went to work advertising my livestream. In the stream, I played EggWars Teams of 4 with viewers. It became a success (18 concurrent viewers) so I streamed again the next day and I believe it hit 30 concurrent viewers. I have started streaming often since I was enjoying playing with and talking to the fans. Then out of nowhere at school in February, there was talk of a virus. At the time I didn't think it was a significant topic until during Spring break in March, when the school announced that the Spring Break got extended due to the beginning of the pandemic. Mega SkyWars has released during my Spring Break and it was good since now I'm able to play with more fans. The pandemic has given me a boost in popularity and in the server's popularity. After Spring Break was over, the rest of the school year happened online. When Summer started, I got to talk to my fans at Lobby 1 (later EggWars lobby 1 following the June update, my favorite update at the time). I kept the streaming momentum going until near the end of July, which I then went back to focusing on regular videos which did well. I was gaining 100 subs a month since my first stream, up until the end of the year which I reached 1,000 subscribers, just a few days before the new year. While everything was going on, CubeCraft was releasing so much content throughout Summer, including games like BlockWars, Line Dash (Salty, I see you), and Lucky Islands. Those games are fun to play. Both BlockWars and Lucky Islands became full games while Line Dash was wiped from existence until a few years later. I was one of the big three Bedrock CubeCrafters at the time, alongside InsaneOrbitzz and RelatedNoobs. Mega EggWars released near the end of the year so I streamed it and while it was hectic, it was fun. Around this time, Chief Aaron started becoming known on the server, making him the fourth biggest Bedrock CubeCrafter. Later came something which caused my downfall...

Setting: December 2020 - 2022
Two days after Mega EggWars released, CubeCraft released the knockback test Beta Game. I was so excited to finally play with proper knockback on the server. When I played it, I was extremely disappointed as I didn't enjoy vertical knockback PvP the other popular server has. Thankfully most people were on the same boat as me and CubeCraft released a second version of the knockback test which focused more on horizontal knockback. I have enjoyed it so much that I wanted it to be fully released on the server. It was received better from the community than the first version. The day it finally released was extremely disappointing. It felt closer to the first version of the knockback which I really hated, even though it was said that it's actually a mix of both. So many players have quit (myself and my audience included) as a result of the update and no adjustments were made to the knockback. From that day, I went back to the first server I played and shifted my content towards it, and also played other video games. Despite the controversy, CubeCraft as a server got bigger. Despite me quitting the server, I still followed what was going on in the server. They later added map selection and regional servers that year. In September 2022, CubeCraft announced that they are working on the 1.19 update, I'm excited for it because it would be the first PvP server to fully utilize content from modern Minecraft.

Setting: 2023 - Present
2023 at the beginning felt like a third part of 2021 to me. Until the middle of May when the first server I played ended up closing down. I thought that it was over for me since there was no where for me to play, since it had the best PvP on Minecraft Bedrock. Then in July, the 1.19 public beta testing began so I gave it a try and I was shocked to see that the PvP is so much better now. That fix was also applied to the main server too while the beta test was going on. I have decided to make a return to CubeCraft! That was the best decision I have made. I continued making content on CubeCraft and streaming it from time to time. I was sad when OP on EggWars was changed when season 2 started but it didn't kill my enjoyment for the game. I played SkyWars again since the game actually feels like SkyWars now. Since I quit in 2021, I have a much smaller audience now compared to 2020, but I'm still having fun on the server. Here I am now telling you guys my story on the server.

I hope you guys enjoyed my story, if you have any questions, feel free to ask! I have attached screenshots below of my adventures in the server!

Me on the second day of the server (April 26 2018)

Me being first in SkyWars Teams of 2 (August 9 2019)

My level 100 game (December 14 2019)

Gamenight888 (#1 Solo SkyWars player) and Sh00sx (pro EggWars mobile player) joining me in my first livestream (December 14 2019)

Me getting to first place in EggWars Duos (image from CubeCraft web leaderboard) (December 16 2019)

Streaming the lobby update with fans, Resi17 is in it (#1 Solo EggWars player) (June 3 2020)
Getting ready to record a video with my fans (September 2020)

Getting ready to record SG Duos with InsaneOrbitzz (September 13 2020)

Fans gathering around before the Mega EggWars games, ProfParzival was there too! (December 26 2020)

The stream gang! At the time we can only have 9 people max in the party (December 26 2020)

In no particular order:

1: You said in your story that you livestreamed. What are your streams like?

Yes I do livestream sometimes and unlike any other CubeCrafters who livestream, I stream for the purpose of letting my viewers join me in games and have fun while doing so. I don't allow stream sniping since it ruins the fun of the stream and that I hate stream snipers.

2: What is your community like?

My community is a family friendly and a chill one. Swearing and toxicity are not allowed there. We also have a Discord server.

3: Could you send me a link to your YouTube channel? I'd like to check it out!

Edit: Included the list of people who I met through CubeCraft

Edit 2: Added possible questions
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