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  1. SoloWarz3405

    Bedrock Include gifts, EggWars summer bundle, and the beach bundle in the summer discount.

    Hiya! So yesterday CubeCraft has released a sale on both java store and bedrock. The problem is that the sale on bedrock neither includes the gifts nor eggwars summer bundle and the beach bundle. So my suggestion is to make a 30% discount on Gifts, EggWars summer bundle, and beach bundle...
  2. Rocks1

    Java Make Among Slimes happen twice in the Featured Games Cycle

    Welcome to more mediocre ideas. Today's idea is to make Among Slimes Happen twice in the featured games cycle. Currently Among slimes happens only once in the cycle. But due it having (usually) double the player count of any other featured game I think it should happen twice in the cycle. For...
  3. SoloWarz3405

    Bedrock [REPOST] Suggestion regarding /f list command

    This is a repost of my old suggestion here: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/suggestion-regarding-f-list-cmd.306091/ Hey, CubeCrafters! I have a small suggestion about the /f list command in chat. When you type /f list and one of your friends is playing EggWars teams (Duos/ quads/ mega) -for...
  4. D

    Bedrock Minerware Rank

    Ive heard about adding the Minerware rank to bedrock so I thought i would throw in an idea of what I'd be like and some suggestions. Easy Cooks request: More stock of the food needed Drop to the ground: everything is a hay bale. One in the chamber: start with 2 shots Tnt tag: more speed or...
  5. SoloWarz3405

    Discord Add the ability to add reactions to messages for more ppl

    Hey, CubeCrafters! Right now, the only people who can add reactions to messages are staff, nitro boosters, and ppl with the plus rank (I don't know if the partners are able to add reactions to messages), but VIPs & ppl with ((Iron/Lapis/Gold/Diamond/Emerald/Obsidian) ranks) can't add reactions...
  6. H

    Updated Kit ideas

    Back in July I posted some kit ideas I had, I'm updating them due to the new update and iron becoming way more abundant 1st Kit idea: Chef kit, 8 Steak in Normal. 12 Steak and 6 Golden Carrots in OP (22-24 Iron) 2nd Kit idea: Builder kit, 15 Blocks and a wooden sword in normal. 24 Blocks and a...
  7. SoloWarz3405

    All Networks Battle Arena (Duels) Suggestion

    Hey, cubecrafters! Let's dive quickly into the suggestion: When you play duels and win/lose, it only shows if you want to duel (x) player again, if you accept and the (x) player accepts, then you will duel again, but, if you choose to accept or deni and (x) player denies, then it sends you...
  8. SoloWarz3405

    Bedrock More Maps

    Hey, cubecrafters! I love everything on cubecraft, it has its own unique maps, and also, it's funny to play, but, maps on the java version of cubecraft has a lot more maps than bedrock version, so why not adding java maps to bedrock? The possible maps that can be added to the bedrock version...
  9. SoloWarz3405

    Bedrock New suggestions prefix

    Hey there! In every successful minecraft server (like cubecraft), there must be a way to suggest things and hear the communities' feedback, and bc cubecraft has this great feature, im gonna suggest to imrove it a little bit more, by adding the "Work in progress" prefix; to know what things and...
  10. SoloWarz3405

    Bedrock Level-based loot and prestiging

    Hey there, cubecrafters! loot in cubecraft is a very amazing thing which you can get, by buying ranks, or even as an easter egg, but, you can't get loot by leveling up in cubecraft, so my suggestion is to add level-based loot, which can be cages, graves, egg skins, or even prefixes. Also, it's...
  11. SoloWarz3405

    Will we get level-based loots and prestiging?

    Hey there ! I have a question: will cubecraft implement level-based loot and prestige?
  12. SoloWarz3405

    All Networks Fix snowball system

    Hey there, cubecrafters! The snowball system in cubecraft skywars is not working well, for example, if you hit a player with a snowball, it doesn't register...
  13. SoloWarz3405

    All Networks Update the minimum playable version to 1.13

    I think they should do this so that more maps get published, especially for bedrock version, and there's no way that anyone in this world plays on version 1.12 when it comes to mcbe/mcpe If you agree react with :agree: and i love you +1000 times If you disagree react with :disagree:
  14. SoloWarz3405

    Web Add the agrees to disagrees ratio

    Hey, cubecrafters! I have a suggestion for this amazing forums place, it's to add the (agrees) to (disagrees) ratio on feedback and suggestion, by clicking on the "Feedback and suggestion", then you'll see a bunch of suggestions, so I suggest adding an "agree to disagree" ratio that displays...
  15. SoloWarz3405

    Bedrock Remove the old "Awesome Lobbies !" screenshot

    I've just noticed that the screenshot "Awesome Lobbies!" that displays the old lobby is still not removed, so I suggest removing it, here's an image :D *Don't ask me why I'm using *8 pack! You can clearly see the screenshot, it's located right under the "Join server" button If you agree...
  16. SoloWarz3405

    I need some help and advice...

    So , as you know , I've opened a cubecraft bedrock YouTube channel, im on PC, and i have to upload my first video on YouTube ... I recorded a video using Bandicam the premium version , i uploaded the raw footage to youtube as a test, the resolution was 480p (max), why was the resolution soo loww...
  17. SoloWarz3405

    Should I...?

    Should I put an avatar? tell me what to put in the replies!
  18. khco

    Java My false ban (and appeal) [Feedback]

    Hey guys, From 27 days and 4 hours, I got banned on the CubeCraft server while playing Blockwars CTF falsely. As you know sentinel bans are 30 days --> permanent, so naturally, I got banned for 30 days. As it already happened to me twice (obviously for 7 days back then), I thought that it would...
  19. pamparampam

    Java Change map Whale on eggwars

    So im sure most of you allready saw the new map Whale on eggwars for 4 players, after playing couple games on it i came to conclusion that its the worst map in game, why? here's a list of reasons: the map has 2 iron generators lvl 1 for 4 players meaning that without a proper team its almost...
  20. H

    Bedrock Which of these Kits do you think could be added into Eggwars

    Which two would you prefer? Maybe at some point one or more of these kits could be added
  21. H

    Bedrock New Kit Ideas for Eggwars

    1st Kit idea (Revamped Builder Kit): 8 Blocks and A leather chestplate on Hardcore, 16 Blocks and a leather chestplate on normal, and 24 Blocks and A prot 4 Chestplate in OP (9 Iron) 2nd Kit idea: (Revamped Miner Kit) A wooden pickaxe and 4 Carrots on hardcore, A stone pickaxe and 12 Carrots on...
  22. msebastian100

    Java Feedback on Cubecraft server

    Hello Dear Cubecraft Team, I think your server is good. A few more would be nice. I had already written one idea in my translator application. Therefore it will repeat itself here. Here come first the ideas that you already know from the forum: About the Cubecraft server: I think it's good and...
  23. pamparampam

    Java Among slimes dead

    I'm sure you've seen a big drop in Among Slimes's player base lately. This is partly because Among us is not so popular anymore, but Among us still survived on top almost 6 months, meanwhile Among Slimes didn't even survive 2 months. I think the reason why it died so quickly is in the rules...
  24. HyperPal

    All Networks My 1 Year [almost] Experience with the Translation Team

    Hello! I posted this 1 month before my 1 year to avoid someone stealing the idea :) anyway..... Intro: I joined the team on 19/May/2020 after applying for the team through the chat message I received while playing Skyblock, this translation team was the first team of any kind I had ever...
  25. Twyra

    All Networks there should be some kind of fast moving objects/images warning on the farmers quest line

    !CONTAINS SPOILERS OF FARMERS QUEST LINE! In the farmers quest line there is a side quest were you have to cure rabbits, in a lab.The rabbits you have to cure move extremely fast and wildly around. together with the name above them, there was extremely much going on. Which made me extremely...
  26. mooseman

    Bedrock Parkour Superjump Glitch

    I love the new lobby parkour. It's a great addition. I've been very excited to play the new levels but I keep encountering this issues on the supperjump section. It seems like the server or my client lags at just the wrong time and it sends me down the pit, then back to the lobby. This has...
  27. Wave Master7S

    Bedrock Bedrock Leaderboard

    Hello guys hope your having a good day.Today I present what I think could make lb even better. Visible leaderboards It will work like this.It will show top 50 for every game so using ew has an example it will show solos, duos, squads, and mega.They’ll be placed in every lobby with a special...
  28. P


    ik heb net een spelletje eggwars gespeeld en toen kocht en gooide ik een enderparel en het raakte niet aan hoe dat mogelijk was
  29. Leogomo

    All Networks Colony Control brainstorming

    A FEW SUGGESTIONS AND IDEAS I HAVE TO MAKE I had played this fantastic new game mode many times and read several posts about it and of course, it is a new game and it is expected that it still requires retouching, and I have read several ideas in the forum and thought about others by myself...
  30. TBroz15

    Bedrock Laggy Cubecraft server bans me for no reason.

    Once i played Cubecraft Bedrock server from few days ago. The server become laggy, laggiest server that i expected. --- Explaination: I come play Lucky Block Skywars Quads. Once i click the game 30 seconds i entered the game then i cant pick a kit because its laggy and i glitched out and i...
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