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  • How is your exams are going hamood
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    It's going good so far
    3 out of 8 already done:D

    Except for the first one
    I had to delay it because i was sick that day and couldn't answer well that's why

    Thank you for asking Kauna
    Appreciate it! <3
    Hi everyone! How is life going? :D
    Final exams starting in 8 days 🤚🏻..

    It's my last year in high school
    So i need to pass it to college
    And it's really stressful tbh :(
    Please wish me luck in my exams🤞🏻

    Wish you all a great time!
    Soooo i've been hosting giveaways past 2 days :cube_arrow::cube_light:
    Yesterday we got 7 bundles winners :agree:
    and today we got 10 more winners :agree:
    I'm so glad that everyone was there and ejoyed the event!
    why do i do this? simple..
    it just makes me happy and feel good:D
    its allways nice to make CubeCraft's community happy
    and making them enjoy their staying here :cube_dark:!


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    That is impressive and it's super fun to hear that you are taking an interest in the reporting of rule breakers so we all can enjoy the fun! Will be fun seeing what else things you will do here:D
    Mr Jii Gamer
    Mr Jii Gamer
    Wow thats literally a lot of money 💀
    That's amazing, it's super cool to see people care for the communities they enjoy being a part off. I also wish you good luck with your helper journey, I'm sure that you can make it, just make sure to not give up even if you don't succeed the first time!
    Hello everyone!
    I am Muhammed, but you can call me moha :) Iraqi 19yrs old.
    And this is going to be the epic journey for me in forums
    as you may already know me most of you
    known on discord as iTz1Hamood
    Recently I've been helping everyone who needs help on dc if you noticed, Aswell as i got an eye out for every cheater and bug i see in the games and report them directly to the forums.
    whoever needs help I'm here!
    My goals are to make the CubeCraft community better and help it as much as i can, as I'll be applying for helper role soon...
    wish me luck :)
    I am mostly active 24/7
    And know 4 different Languages including
    English, arabic, turkish kurdish
    So dont hesitate for asking anything, I'll gladly help 💙!
    I am so happy to hear that you take interest to report rule breakers!:D Also if you need any help contact staff and we will be happy to help have a good rest of your day ^-^
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