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luck block

  1. Dz757

    Bedrock (Lucky Blocks) Fire Sword Needs a Nerf

    Easily the most powerful weapon just ahead of the trident, the fire sword does crazy amounts of damage on top of having its pretty good utility. Games often come down to who has one wins, and unless you get a good combo on them they can two tap you with most armor combos. It should still be...
  2. Roxrock

    Artwork The Lucky Islands Quiz

    Link to the quiz here Lucky Islands is probably the most complex and detailed cubecraft game, with a huge variety of different game mechanics even I still don’t completely understand. For fun, I created a quiz to see just how much you guys know about this game mode. It’s completely knowledge...
  3. Roxrock

    Lucky Islands LI Topic discussion #5: Next update

    This week, I want to find out what you guys would like to see most in the next lucky islands update. If there is something specific you want that I didn’t include, be sure to reply, as a lot of the listed ideas are all thing I have asked for in the past, or things I’ve seen in previous updates...
  4. Roxrock

    All Networks Lucky Islands feedback #7: Voting options

    People who purchase the lucky islands rank are able to vote for 1 of 4 game modifiers. Normal mode changes nothing and is the default mode. Blessed mode supposedly modifies lucky block outcomes so that they are more positive overall. Crazy mode is also rumored to change lucky block loot tables...
  5. Roxrock

    All Networks Changes to new lucky block types

    The 1.19 update added five new Lucky block types. I think they are a step in the right direction; however, I would like to suggest some changes for each of them. Food and block lucky blocks: At the moment, one of each of these lucky blocks are given to every player at the start of a match...
  6. Casualpoalrbear

    What is the dumbest strat/mistake that you made that somehow won you the game?

    This can be about any game from minerware to parkour to survival games to skywars. I go first. I was playing eggwars duos with my irl friend and I saw him sneaking on the middle island inbetween our base and a already killed enemy team. I walk up to him and saw him crouching I was confused but...
  7. Socratias

    Video Having A Friendly Discussion With A Mod

    Why yes of course, I don’t go outside even when the sun is quite literally burning me! Dislaimer: This video contains swear words
  8. Socratias

    Video Man, Lucky Islands Really Is Something Else

    Go NASA, go SpaceX. Godspeed @CaptainNebby Dislaimer: This video contains swear words
  9. Zebooky

    Java Revolutionary Lucky Block Island Idea!!!

    In lucky islands, you have a chance to get a insanely powerful speed potion. That speed potion is super awesome but how about one step further? Another potion that has crazy levitation on it only for a few seconds that will boost you high in the air. There are many was to avoid this death if...
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