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Oct 31, 2023


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Sep 11, 2022
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Quick question. How common are half humans half animals in this world. Like is it unusual to see them like mutants in X men or is it like elves where they are common. (Sorry if this a dumb question, I'm bit of a lore and world building nerd lol)

Also Centuria story haven't been added into the table of content yet.
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Oct 31, 2023
Hewwo everynyan!!! :3

FHG character descriptions part 4 has been released! ✨

Check it out below:


Appearance: Bedrich is someone of average stature. He has a fair complexion, brown hair, and dark blue eyes. He wears a pair of gray shoes, blue sweatpants, and a lime shirt.

Bedrich tries to see the beauty and fun in the little things. Whenever he’s bored, he’d stop by to admire the scenery or pick up something to learn. He places great commitment and sheer focus on the things that pique his interest. He has a liking for sharp weapons, even having a collection of them that could cost a hefty sum of Arcadiums. He is really helpful and enjoys giving out bits of advice to people in need.


Appearance: William has a fair complexion, green eyes, and gray hair. He wears casual clothing consisting of a dark green sweater, grey pants, and green shoes. He also wears a crown that acts as some sort of headband.

William is pretty chill, getting along with almost everyone in the district thanks to his kind-hearted nature. He’s a frequent patron at Reesle’s restaurant, often eating with people and treating them to a meal. People love his sense of humor and lighthearted approach to things, though he stresses out and gets angry sometimes when something concerns him a lot.


Appearance: Remio is someone with a tall stature and a bulky, chiseled frame. He has slick blonde hair and blue eyes behind a pair of sunglasses. He wears a variety of clothing, but mostly chooses to wear beach shorts only to proudly show off his muscles. He has a tan complexion, due to frequent sunbathing.

Remio is someone rather arrogant. He appears boastful most of the time with a cold, careless approach to those around him. Despite this, a lot of people still look up to him and take his word for things. His outlook and philosophy in life, no matter how absurd and crazed they sound sometimes are taken into heart by those around him.

Appearance: Orhan has an average, medium stature and build. He has blonde hair, black eyes, and a fair complexion. He wears a variety of clothing.

A well-respected figure within Cubecraft thanks to his contributions to the district. Because of this, people often treat him like an uncle figure, even going as far as calling him uncle, especially by the children. He is Anol’s best friend, but unlike the former he often spends his time in the city socializing with people. He could get clingy sometimes and often drags Anol and a few others into his antics– much to their dismay– but they still find him very fun to have around as a friend.


Appearance: Thjis is a humanoid frog like Frogz, except with a shorter, slimmer build and green skin. He often wears a suit and a fedora that goes well with it.

Thjis isn’t someone everybody recognizes, as he prefers to stay chilling on his own, uninvolved in the district’s matters. He doesn’t care though, as he prefers an easygoing, laxed lifestyle unlike those of others he finds a little too hectic.


Appearance: A male dryad/tree elemental with a slim humanoid frame made of wood. His eyes and his mouth’s insides glow with a warm, magical light. His heart could also be seen on his chest, giving off a similar mystical glow. Some leaves, vines, moss, and occasionally, lichen could be seen growing on some parts of his body.

Dreamer is wise and capable, expected of someone who lived for hundreds of years and holds great magical strength. Unlike the other dryads, Dreamer mingles with human society and tries his best to understand the meaning of humanity out of his love for the people of Cubecraft. Hundreds of years ago, the world fell into a terrible cataclysm, warping the landscape and nature forever. Most of his kin died out from the incident and his powers grew weak as a result of the horrors that happened on Cubecraft. Because of this, he pledged allegiance to the Golden Harmony and its founder, Hoshi, in hopes of saving the district lest the world finds itself again in danger.


Appearance: Blom has a rather tall figure with a fair complexion. He has blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. He wears a variety of clothing, often casual and sometimes formal, at special events.

Blom is a rather talkative socialite with all sorts of connections throughout the district. He easily gets along with people from all walks of life thanks to his warm and open personality, and his vast knowledge on all sorts. Because of this, he is one of the more prominent voices that could bring change to the district, often attending the nine houses’ state of affairs talks as a representative, having a say on timely issues. This leverage of his is one of the reasons why he is one of the Golden Harmony’s most valued and most high-ranking members.

@MetaborgYT on Hive Forums :3

Appearance: A mint green-colored slime humanoid with an average height and build. He wears a detective’s outfit.

Meta is the Hive District’s greatest detective. A stoic man (slime?) with an astute sense of humor. He gives his all in quenching the thirst for knowledge and satisfying his curiosities. He also tends to respect the people around him most of the time, making him a gentlemanly figure. His curious nature which he got during his days as a mere slime led him to work as a detective. He likes solving problems, mysteries, and puzzles in the latest newspaper. Recently, he was invited to an event over at the Cubecraft district. There was never a better time for his arrival, as something has recently gone awry.

Thank you all so much for showing your interest in the story! This means a lot to me and Centy. <3

For now, we will be closing the character application form. Don't worry though! It will reopen sometime in the future, and you'll still be able to contact me thru discord/forum DMs to request for a new character.

Stay tuned, everyone~
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