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  1. Casualpoalrbear

    Video Minerware May Marathon.

    Hello guys for the whole this month I will be winning atleast one minerware per day and making a video out of it and posting it on this thread. If I fail to meet these requirements then @Desiderata has a punishment for me involved in their story Here is the first video
  2. caraMel

    Lucky Islands MinerWare Weekly challenge ~ 10 (PRIZE)

    Hiyaa!! For those who don't know how this works, every week I'll be posting a new exciting challenge for you to compete at! I'll generally announce the previous week's winners in the next week's post and you'll have exactly a week to join and share evidence. Anyone can join :) Firstly, I would...
  3. fatcatrq

    Wind Charge Game

    The new Wind Charge item from the latest snapshot is cool and unique and would be really cool in a game. It could be added as special chest items in Skywars. Or a item to buy from the Eggwars shop. Even making a Microgame for Minerware using wind charges would be really fun. Not often do they...
  4. caraMel

    MinerWare Other Games Weekly Challenge ~ 2

    Hi again!! :) For those who don't know how this works, every week I'll be posting a new exciting challenge for you to compete at! I'll announce the previous week's winners in the next week's post and you'll have exactly a week to join and share evidence. Firstly, here are the results from week...
  5. CrystalLegend01

    Bedrock Minerware King of the Hill Suggestion

    I have a small suggestion for the King of the Hill microgame: adding a wall around the arena This is actually my first ever suggestion thread, so welcome! 👋 When creating this thread, I saw that there was a similar suggestion from 2022 that didn't seem to be very agreed with. So here I’m going...
  6. Casualpoalrbear

    Holding myself to this...

    Hello friends... Alot of you know me... And I hope you all know that I'm a man of my word... So a couple month ago I made a thread here where I said if I don't get top 20 on the leaderboard by the end of 2023 I'll mine 100 obsidian... I'm redacting that... So that I can say DOUBLE OR NOTHING...
  7. CrystalLegend01

    MinerWare Minerware Poll: Favorite & Least Favorite Boss Games

    Hi there, welcome to my third Minerware poll! 👋 This poll is about your favorite and least favorite boss games in Minerware Thank you to those who voted in my previous poll! Try to choose a minimum of 2 choices (1 favorite & 1 least favorite) You can choose up to 4 options in total 👍
  8. Casualpoalrbear

    Video Minerware games can get intense

    I swear I have the worst luck at times lol. Also I'm nearly at 200 subs. Does anyone have any ideas that I could do for a 200 sub special.
  9. TBroz15

    All Networks Turn "Wrecking Ball" into an Actual Game Mode

    :cube_light: Hello there Cubecrafters! I've taken a break from playing for months on this network since new stuff was added while I was away there. Then I got back to the server and played for a few hours, then I caught attention on Minerware's update, it had a new boss minigame called "Wrecking...
  10. Casualpoalrbear

    Going into the win area yet again.

    It is still possible to do it boys. First day back and I'm already breaking the game lol
  11. Casualpoalrbear

    Video Playing Minerware for the first time since the update.

    I just tried it and I haven't had so much fun In a while. I can't wait to master the new microgames.
  12. CrystalLegend01

    MinerWare Minerware Poll #2: What are your top 3 favorite microgames from this list?

    Welcome to my second Minerware microgame poll! 👋 You can choose up to 3 choices This poll serves as a sequel to my previous Minerware poll. Thank you for your votes in that poll! The top 5 most voted-for microgames from that poll have made a reappearance here; the other 5 choices in this poll...
  13. Desiderata

    Artwork Forumer's Hunger Games: A Cubeforums Fanfiction! (Intro Chapters + Character Descriptions)

    ~ Table of Contents: Book 1: Prologue: A Legend Lost to Time Prelude: Paradise's Paywall Chapter 1: The Boring Sign-Up Process: Mineville Edition Chapter 2: Hyperbolic Hellscape Chapter 3: Gathering in The Golden Hour Side Stories: Nonfiction Character Descriptions: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part...
  14. Dualninja

    Bedrock Make players small in parkour microgames.

    Parkour Microgames There are many Microgames in Minerware that I would classify as parkour Microgames. Thing is, it's a broad category. But for this suggestion I'm going to stick to Mushroom Parkour, Drop To The Ground, and Thimble. In these three microgames, players are at their full size...
  15. CrystalLegend01

    MinerWare What are your top 5 favorite microgames?

    This poll is now finished! (Ignore the [Unfinished] in the question :P) Welcome to what is probably one of the longest polls ever! This is a poll to see what people’s favorite microgames are in Minerware; You can choose up to 5 choices! I accidentally published this too early :facepalm: and...
  16. Dualninja

    Bedrock Make Minerware fair on Mobile!

    Minerware on mobile Minerware on mobile is in a poor state right now! It's the only game without input based matchmaking and it really shows. Minerware doesn't have it because when input based matchmaking was implemented, Minerware was viewed as too casual to need it. However, there are many...
  17. Dualninja

    Bedrock Add Whack A Mob!

    Whack A Mob With the inauguration of the mob vote server came a new minigame, Whack A Mob. The premise was simple, it's Whack A Mole, but with Minecraft mobs. The issue is, the mob vote server is shutting down today and Whack A Mob will be gone with it. So I propose that Whack A Mob be...
  18. Casualpoalrbear

    I landed inside the win area XD

  19. Deepslate3D

    Video bestest ever video ever ever ever

  20. Deepslate3D

    Video two orphans 1v1 in blockgame to settle their differences

  21. Deepslate3D

    Video Can I win bridge if I wait 10 seconds?

  22. Casualpoalrbear

    How does this count as a loss?

    It was 10/10. Is that a glitch?
  23. T

    Java Bring Minerware and Tower Defense back to java in the next update

    Why bring the gamemodes back? - these make cube unique -> you also once said cube want simple and unique things - you can fix the "too less players" by maybe adding a duel tower defense mode where you have to 1V1 Vote if you agree! I want to see 1K likes.
  24. Casualpoalrbear

    Video Playing Minerware for the first time since the new update.

    So far I like some changes and dislike some. I like the answer the questions and how it changed and I think the crossbows could be decent. Not teleporting is kinda weird but I think I need to give it time to say if I like it or not. The coin game adding a counter is neat. I like the platform...
  25. jacob12dx

    Bedrock MinerWare Update Suggestions

    Hello! Many of people say MinerWare is too easy and boring, so I have compiled a list of changes to the microgames that could make it enjoyable. Let me know in the replies what ideas you like and/or dislike and if you have anything else to add :) Find the Button (Rework) Add several buttons...
  26. jacob12dx

    Bedrock Minerware [Suggestion]

    Please add the bonus text back in Minerware (I don't know what else to call it). I am unsure when or why it was removed, but in the Minerware gamemode it would say things such as how many people won the microgame as well as a fun fact about it. Examples for clarification: "[Username] won the...
  27. Casualpoalrbear

    Bedrock Add a backroom skin for Avoid the pig

    For Halloween this year they should make a backroom skin for the avoid the pig game. What I mean by that is that the maze would look like the backroom. It not really a big feature but it be a cool and fun idea for Halloween. Maybe they can mimic the style of the backroom in the lobby
  28. Casualpoalrbear

    Video Minerware players are built different (clip and video)

    Here the 1:30 min clip of the funniest part imo: Here the 30 min video for those who are interested:
  29. Casualpoalrbear

    Video Dude got banned in 4k (well 1080p)

    Thanks again @ItsJustWildd for the quick save lol (ps between this and sapphire stream I'm starting to think my superpower is just summoning you lol)
  30. Deepslate3D

    Video Cool amazing perfect video that will change ur life PERMANENTLY

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