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  1. Desiderata

    Artwork Forumer's Hunger Games: A Cubeforums Fanfiction! (Intro Chapters + Character Descriptions)

    ~ Table of Contents: Book 1: Prologue: A Legend Lost to Time Prelude: Paradise's Paywall Chapter 1: The Boring Sign-Up Process: Mineville Edition Chapter 2: Hyperbolic Hellscape Chapter 3: Gathering in The Golden Hour Side Stories: Nonfiction Character Descriptions: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part...
  2. Aratic

    Cubecraft has lore (pt.3)

    I’d you haven’t seen part 2 this won’t make sense, but to quickly sum it up, I spent 4 months researching on cubecraft lore and lost all of the progress on a video and research. I’m planning on making a cubecraft lore video (from mainly memory) so here are two thumbnails
  3. D

    Coding Clan Tag - New Labymod Addon

    Hello Cubecrafters! I along with CCC team would love to present you our newest creation! Clan Tag is a Labymod addon that will help you connect with community! Features: Shows clan tag above player's head. Ability to colorize the clan tag. Detects relation to other clans and automatically...
  4. Hoshi

    Implemented Discord Allow non-boosters to react in #creations

    This is supposed to be a very short suggestion, so I’ll get straight to the point. Allow non-boosters to react to messages in #creations with the default Discord emotes (that means it excludes external emotes unless you’re a booster). If you post something in the channel, your creation will get...
  5. dragonsnipe1

    Builds Skyblock Base

    I died trying to get this screenshot -_- wish I could make a base with someone
  6. DreamFudge

    Builds Circus SkyWars Map!!

    Enjoy :D
  7. DreamFudge

    Builds GameBoyz

  8. DreamFudge

    Builds Stranded!

    Hey everyone! Back with a relatively small but cute build. I love these kinds of small creations because they can always be implemented in bigger more complex projects.
  9. P

    Builds Map Idea

    My friends and I have been working on a team of 8 team skywars map, surrounding the idea of Luxury. Looking to see if that is an interesting concept or if anyone has an ideas of how to add a more luxury feel to buildings in Minecraft.
  10. Dieter Geerts

    Skins Working Labymod cape desings.

    Those re all the cape desing's from the internet and Megaaa. These Cape designs re working rightnow. 1. The CubeCraft Logo Cape by: Megaaa 2. The mean Kawai boi Cape by: OhMegaaaDrie The OOF cape by: Megaaa The Kawai Sandwich Cape by: Megaaa The Il See u one eye by...
  11. rolexio888

    Our skyblock island + pixelart

    By rebel2424 and rolexio888
  12. Gatsbe

    Builds Minecraft Creation: SLOW POT

    I made this sci-fi bridge/highway build in around 2 or 3 hours. Only a small section has been built, mainly because I haven't figured out what to build at its destination. I also built this after i submitted by builder app- oops. my portfolio lacks builds, so I fear the app might be denied, but...
  13. remio

    Builds Wailing Woods in MineCraft

    Hello! I am Remi and I made Wailing Woods in MineCraft! Wailing Woods is a place in the map of Fortnite, and I made it to support this thread. Here are some pictures: I hope you've liked it! Thanks, RemiO05. (Tips to improve my builds are always welcome!)
  14. Gatsbe

    Builds Minecraft Creation: 4 builds

    I made some smaller builds that I don't think are deserving of their own thread so I decided to put them all into one. Leave feedback or something :^) (^:
  15. Gatsbe

    Builds Minecraft Creation: Joonk

    I made a 149x149 post-apocalyptic kinda build, really proud of it: Special thanks to @StopWalking for the render! its kinda hard to get a screenshot of the whole build since i kinda reached the skylimit lol tell me what you think!
  16. Gatsbe

    Builds Minecraft Creation: Chaussure Château

    Made this on another server: I need to work on making better trees, any comments?
  17. P

    Builds Teaser - map

    Thanks for reading again! I've had some pretty postive feedback on my thread that I made, in which I showed you some of the builds in an Adventure map that I'm working on. You can read the thread here Today, I've been working a lot more on the map, and decided to share some stuff again! I...
  18. P

    Builds Adventure map

    Hey everyone! I "found" this section yesterday, and litterally; I've been checking out everyone's epic creations! So I thought to share some of my little builds for my new adventure map! Just to be clear, Ethan is proposing. I did this to show that gay is okay :p I'm still looking for lots...
  19. DreamFudge

    Builds Island Tropics

    Enjoy :D
  20. DreamFudge

    Builds Factions Spawn

    Made this factions spawn I hope you like it. :D
  21. DreamFudge

    Builds [Build] WarZone

    Implemented an old build of mine into a bigger one. Enjoy :D
  22. DreamFudge

    Builds [BUILD] Serpent Layer

    Just finished this big project. Serpent layer with a skull, sword, snake and more. I hope you all like this. Thanks @StopWalking for the render. :D
  23. DreamFudge

    Builds [Build] Royal Castle

    Hi everyone, I've finally learnt how to render my builds. Here is one from yesterday - looking a bit more professional then shaders.
  24. DreamFudge

    Builds [Build] The HULK

    Thought i'd make this build for the sake of variety. Enjoy :D
  25. DreamFudge

    Builds [Build] WW1 Plane

    Big build of a World War 1 plane. Enjoy :D
  26. DreamFudge

    Builds [Build] Dream Hub

    Massive Dream Hub hope you all love it :D Credits: Dashsmashing & DreamFudge
  27. DreamFudge

    Builds Pirate [Build]

    Skeleton pirate crashed on a bay.
  28. DreamFudge

    Builds [Build] Mars

    Enjoy everyone :)
  29. DreamFudge

    Builds Fighter Sculpture

    Worked on this for 2 hours I hope you all like it. :)
  30. DreamFudge

    Builds Minecraft Creation: Retro Arcade

    Hope you all like this Retro Arcade build. Have a great day! :) ~ DreamFudge
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