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  1. Desiderata

    Artwork Forumer's Hunger Games: A Cubeforums Fanfiction! (Intro Chapters + Character Descriptions)

    ~ Table of Contents: Book 1: Prologue: A Legend Lost to Time Prelude: Paradise's Paywall Chapter 1: The Boring Sign-Up Process: Mineville Edition Chapter 2: Hyperbolic Hellscape Chapter 3: Gathering in The Golden Hour Side Stories: Nonfiction Character Descriptions: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part...
  2. Orientalz

    Creepiest thing you have seen!

    I'm in the mood to hear some stories! Would love for anyone to respond with something creepy they have seen in real life before x <3 <3 <3
  3. Hoshi

    A big thank you!

    No, this is not a goodbye thread. There isn't any special anniversary either nor is there some kind of celebration. I'm writing this thread as an incredible appreciation to the CCG community. In this thread I'll tell y'all more about how I got to know about CubeCraft and why I joined the forums...
  4. Socratias

    Video Designer StorySays Tells His... Story - SocCast #3

    Ty StorySays. Disclaimer: There are some swear words in the video.
  5. Elenahh

    Summer Story Competition

    Hello dear storytellers! A little bird told me you’ve got a sunburning desire to unleash your inner artists, so I’ve decided to give you this opportunity. Welcome to my unofficial CubeCraft Games Summer Story Competition! If you have got an interesting story to tell, post it here and compete...
  6. Skyfire_swe

    Video Fairytale of the stolen diamond sword (Swedish)

    Hi everyone! I wanted to make an unique kind of video, and got the idea of creating this Minecraft story video from some Lucky Islands gameplay footage. Hope you like this creative twist, and yet again I am sorry that it is in Swedish.... :/ Have an awesome day!
  7. Sweetenerera

    i made a story (i don't know a better title)

    Hello, So recently I've asked if I should post one of my stories, I've read a few and realized that all of them are bad. So I decided to write a new story. First I want to say a few things: - This isn't the beginning of my story, so it might be confusing sometimes (That's why I'm making a...
  8. Cheez

    ❂ YOUR Origin Story

    We all have different stories on how we came to be playing Minecraft and more specifically Cube, so... how did you get here? Format: What was your ORIGINAL username? What was your FIRST skin? How did you discover Minecraft and when did you start playing? How and when did you discover Cube...
  9. BanBoy

    Your biggest playz

    Hey! Here I am again! Tell me about your most Unique Or your Biggest play every! Tell me every story and include a video if you can :) Gr. BanBoy Sorry I don't have no good playz xD
  10. NotAnOG

    CubeGames IRL (POINTLESS) Pt. 3 "Miner Or Loser"

    When the map switched the magic egg was being held by Kenny, he looked into the eggs core and saw a slime ball inside of it. When he touched the slime ball it flew out of his hands as he started to fly miles away very quickly. Jimmy saw it and grabbed the slime ball and he flew with Kenny away...
  11. Lezappen

    Builds The story behind my skin...

    Part 1 : While journeying between the overworld and the end, the minecraft universe came to a halt, minecraft had crashed... Lezappen now free of the main user's control, was all but stuck between worlds. His body, half numerized, had dissapeared and all that remained was a shadow, his dark...
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