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May 29, 2015
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Welcome all to Cubecraft
Hunger Games January 2023!

What am I getting myself into?

- It's a RNG-simulator based upon the original series, following a cruel, but hilarious and tricky spectacle.

- There is no gameplay involved, just sit back and relax (and watch your companions getting slaughtered)

- It's been known throughout the lifespan of the forums as a real community classic Forum Game.

- There's no in-game reward bound to this Forum Game. It's purely for entertainment and eternal glory.

Make sure to check it out every day (or when you have time). So you can view results on what happened that day and night. There will be a total of 12 districts, and each district has 2 players in it. If you want an idea for what this game is, you can find an example here:

•How to participate?

-Submit either your Java or Bedrock username.

-Mention the district you want to be in (1-12) and with whom or by yourself.

-Tag the person you want to team up with. Your teammate will have to send an affirmation.

-Please make sure to reply with the correct username. (Used for selecting a skin)

-Submit a java skin i could use when youre a bedrock user instead. Otherwise I'll select a random skin.

-After the sign-up has been completed, you'll be able to view the Forum Game play itself here:

District 1: caraMel, Nightmare
District 2: pokemondjs7, mismut
District 3: legendaryfox977, dweamyvoid
District 4: Komodo, Marieke2001
District 5 SanCookie, 99th_DutchScary
District 6: pekd, ssunsett
District 7: Amazinq, Neurogenese
District 8: Dreamer, Salty_Shadows
District 9: Lyraaa, Plusle
District 10: Kazwa, Evaluatiefout
District 11: LoveAndMafia, Catss
District 12: Frontlane, ToonBer

Spaces left: 0!
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May 29, 2015
Amersfoort, The Netherlands
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