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Jul 21, 2021
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Hey Bedrock CubeCrafters!

Survival Games has been given an update with a new map, supply drops, new chest items, rank refresh & more. Read below to learn more!

☄️ New Map - Space


One giant heap for SG kind...

🪂 Supply Drops!

Need a little support when playing? We've got you! - Introducing Supply Drops for SG. They will spawn every 60 seconds within the arena, located using gold markers. Follow the marker, then loot the supply crate!

Supply Drop

🛍️ Rank Refresh!

The Survival Games rank has been given a polish. With all gravestones redesigned and retextured, and the biggest change, the kill effects have been revamped with the addition of a new one! - Check them out.


Survival Games Rank

Revamped Explosion Kill Effect

  • Added new map: Space
  • Added supply drops
  • Added 1.19 Items into chests (Crossbows, food, Netherite)
  • Added tipped arrows into chests
  • Added more strings and sticks
  • Added smithing table to all maps
  • Added farm animal spawners in maps, for experience purposes
  • Added new enchants to weapons and armor
  • Added more crafting tables around the maps
  • Improved the design of some maps and pre-lobbies
  • Removed power 2 bow from normal
  • Slightly increased the chance of chests appearing on maps
  • Slightly increased the amount of experience bottles in chests
  • Healer kit: Changed one of the health potions to be drinkable
  • Changed Chef kit:
    • Basic - 1 Steak & Golden Carrot
    • Normal - 2 Steak & Golden Carrot
    • OP - 2 Steak & 2 Golden Carrot
  • All healing potions found in chests are now drinkable
  • Added new Kill Effect: Disintegrate
  • Revamped Hospital Gravestone
  • Revamped Bone Pile Gravestone
  • Revamped Sword Podium Gravestone
  • Revamped Explosion Kill Effect
  • Revamped Cold Death Kill Effect
  • Revamped Love Kill Effect
  • Revamped Cloud Kill Effect


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Feb 9, 2021
This looks incredible:heart::heart::heart:! My only concern is that supply drops don't seem to give too many miscellaneous items.It seems that they give you good loot, just not much food, crafting materials, or XP bottles. This is just going off of what I saw in this post though, so it might be different in game.


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Oct 20, 2020
Finally, SG needed an update, the drops add more pvp since users go to them, and the map is spectacular.
The rank already deserved a renewal, the kill effects look incredible, good job!
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