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  • I still miss the website leaderboards from the website update :(
    Let´s hope CubeCraft will re-add it before 2021!
    [Bedrock] I am feeling great today! Lucky Islands are amazing! I am still lucky in this game, and i hope that it will continue! It is full of bugs, but i cant say nothing, because it is a beta game, so i fully understand it. Also today i have met only 6 hackers, and i have played for like 4 hours on CCG today, so it is amazing also! Lucky Islands Rank will be mine, after it will be released :)
    [Bedrock] I very like all the amazing updates for CCG. It is awesome to join CubeCraft, look around, and see something different than before month. It is awesome. ^^ Also very important is to update Sentinel. I am so glad that CubeCraft Developer Team is working on it!
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