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  • Sometimes i am very surprised how different is to play on CubeCraft Java and on CubeCraft Bedrock. Of course - gameplay is different, but mainly community is different. For example - i do not understand, why Java players needs to write gg after every game they play. That is very ununderstandable thing to players from Bedrock like me (I am Java player since March 2020). There are big differences in my opinion.
    [Bedrock] I am feeling great today! Lucky Islands are amazing! I am still lucky in this game, and i hope that it will continue! It is full of bugs, but i cant say nothing, because it is a beta game, so i fully understand it. Also today i have met only 6 hackers, and i have played for like 4 hours on CCG today, so it is amazing also! Lucky Islands Rank will be mine, after it will be released :)
    [Bedrock] I very like all the amazing updates for CCG. It is awesome to join CubeCraft, look around, and see something different than before month. It is awesome. ^^ Also very important is to update Sentinel. I am so glad that CubeCraft Developer Team is working on it!
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