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Oct 24, 2023
Hey CubeCrafters!

We're here to announce the release of an awesome BlockWars Quality of Life update! Read below for more.

🎯 BlockWars Side Tasks!

If you love playing BlockWars but want an extra challenge, then you're in luck. From today, BlockWars now has side tasks!

In every game, you will be given 3 randomly generated side tasks, tiered: Easy, Medium & Hard. Everyone has different side tasks. You can view them in the chat on join/start of the game, you'll also have a hotbar item to view them. If you complete them, you'll get rewards!

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Side tasks in chat.

Care Package - Medium side task reward
Porkins Airstrike & Tank upgrade - Hard side task reward

🎉 New Maps!

In this QoL update, we've added a new CTF, Giga Bridges and Bridges Duels map!

Cave - BlockWars CTF

View attachment 223756
Put a cave face on for this map!

Mangrove - Giga BlockWars Bridges

View attachment 223757
Don't get too swamped playing on this.

Farm - BlockWars Bridges Duels

View attachment 223758
What a legen-dairy map!

Along with side tasks and new maps, we've made many other QoL changes!

⚡ New Powerups!

There are two new powerups, Thorns and Slow Falling. Which will give all of your teammates and yourself either slow falling, or add thorns to your armour temporarily. Along with this, we've refreshed some of the looks of the existing powerups!

Slowing Falling Powerup

🥳 Pit Skins Revamp!

One pet peeve we had in BlockWars Bridges, was the pit skins were all designed differently, inconsistent and you couldn't place blocks on the pit.

We've overhauled this! - Each pit skin has been recreated on a strict new template, making them all consistent. You can now place blocks on the edges of the pit, and the base of the pits is now animated!

New pit design/structure and block placement

🎉 BlockWars Rank Refresh!

As mentioned above, Pit Skins have been overhauled! We've also changed existing flag skins, even ones not in the BlockWars Rank, giving them an up-to-date polish. The cages in the BlockWars Rank have also been snazzed up! - This means the BlockWars Rank has had a full refresh with newly designed pit skins, flag skins and cages!

View attachment 223772
Revamped BlockWars Rank!

🎈 Other Changes!

  • Experience values for pit and flag captures/returns
  • Change wood types players get
  • Players now get 3 arrows per kill
  • And much more, read below in the full changelog
- Added side tasks feature in Normal CTF, Bridges and Giga modes (Not duels)
- Added new CTF map: Cave
- Added new Giga Bridges map: Mangrove
- Added new Bridges Duels map: Farm
- Refreshed many existing flag skins
- Revamped how pits work: Able to place blocks on the pits, consistent model sizes
- Refreshed existing pit skins, including default end portal pit skin.
- Added 2 new powers: Thorns & Slow falling
- Change wood types from Oak to Crimson and Warped versions.
- Refreshed some of the looks for powerups
- Players now get 5 experience for each pit capture
- Players now get 5 experience for each flag return
- Players now get 15 experience for each flag capture in Normal
- Players now get 40 experience for each flag capture in Giga
- Players now get 3 arrows for each kill
- Increased spawn rate of powerups in Normal CTF and Bridges (Not Giga)

Thanks for reading!
(We have some more BlockWars tweaks and changes for next week)
Wow!! Nice!!
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