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  1. Reesle

    Community Giveaway (#2) - January: Battle Arena ⚔️ [CLOSED]

    Introduction: Hello everyone! Hope you’re all having a great day! Today I will be opening my 2nd community giveaway. Giveaway: To celebrate the new Battle Arena updates and rank-refresh, today’s giveaway will be for the Battle Arena rank! To be entered into the giveaway, you MUST reply with...
  2. Reesle

    Winter Update Poll 🎄

    If you had to choose just 1 of the 4 updates that are “in progress” to be released before Christmas, which would you choose? Reply to the poll and comment in the replies to voice your opinion! If you don’t know about the updates, you can read about them here...
  3. GewoonBrutus

    CubeCraft NewsPaper 1

    NewsPaper 1 Thank you for taking the time to read our very first newspaper. In today's edition, we will talk about the new Texure pack programme that just released, the very first cubecraft related server hitting a crazy amount of boosts, and more, so keep reading and I hope you will enjoy...
  4. Spring5972

    Bedrock Remove SkyWars Mega

    So people letting you know they weren’t having enough players because game starts too late and it’s not a rushing game anymore and little XP gain. It requires 40 players for a fast start. SkyWars Mega contains 40 players. When the server is full, game starts early. Winning games of SkyWars Mega...
  5. Spring5972

    All Networks Implement a new Trees and Savannah map (SkyWars).

    So these maps are too old since of 2014. This map was over 8 years ago and we want to add a new trees and Savannah map in 2023.
  6. Spring5972

    All Networks Add mushrooms (crops/saplings), mycelium, and podzol (blocks) in the buy items menu in CubeCraft Skyblock.

    We didn’t implement mushrooms in Skyblock yet but I want them now because we didn’t have red and brown mushrooms in Skyblock. Don’t add the new mushroom island, but has to be unlocked in the 9th island which is the swampland by completing main quests including side quests. I would pick the time...
  7. Rocks1

    Bedrock Java Hub Games & Treasure Finder

    Are you ever bored on The Cube Bedrock & want to hand around the hub? So why don't you add the treasure finding & fishing hub games from Java onto Bedrock. The code is pre existing (I think) from Java so it would be easy to implement. Something else I would like to see in parity with the Java...
  8. IDKhan


    Why does all the really good updates always happen when I'm on holiday 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️
  9. The CubeCraft Times

    😲Valentine's day | TCCT - #57

    Valentine's day Happy valentine's day!!! To play a little mini-game with you guys I did hide a few little 's in this newspaper. Can you find them all? Let me know how many you found! Sadly, this will be the last time we’re doing translations, because we doubt they’re read enough to justify...
  10. IDKhan


    POGGG, AFTER LIKE 8 MONTHS OF THE END BEING CONFIRMED ITS FINALLY BEING WORKED ON YES5YHJ8IHER WSERW3RHWEUOWEUOWEUWUWEUIRGABUIRGABRGBIWERGUNIRFGUIFGGAPawergbraebbuigyhieapbuiiiaebuiopyhiopq3iop4 but yes this is very epic information, very nice edit: scrapped 🥰
  11. The CubeCraft Times

    🤗 Great news! - TCCT #56

    📜 Introduction Yay! We have news again! I hope you enjoy this edition, and especially the story. It's the writer's first story ever! 🖼️ What update could this be? If you’ve been following CubeCraft’s official Twitter page, you may have noticed that there have been a few spoilers about an...
  12. The CubeCraft Times

    📜January | TCCT - #55

    📜 January January is a boring month, holidays have just ended and there’s nothing to look forward to. That’s why we’re here to make your day a little more interesting! Oh and if you’re still bored, why don’t you join our writing competition. 😉 🫂 Taking Care We all have our moments. The moments...
  13. The CubeCraft Times

    🎉 New Year - TCCT#54

    📜 New year It's 2022! Happy new year from everyone at TCCT, I'm sure this will be a year filled with happiness and, of course, amazing articles! We also have a writing competition coming up, you can read all about it in this edition! ❄️ Winter Writing Competition It's cold, it's winter, and...
  14. The CubeCraft Times

    🎄 Christmas Winter - TCCT#53

    🎄 Christmas Winter Winter arrived on CubeCraft! Even if you prefer hot weather, I’m sure the Christmas vibe makes you happy too! The next edition will be on the 3rd of January, so happy holidays!!! 🎄💫 ☃️ Winter Updates Winter has started at CubeCraft! Everyone loves winter, and that’s why...
  15. Hoshi

    Future Minecraft updates? Your ideas!

    ✍️ Introduction Haii! As most of you may know, I’m Hoshi/Jade/Snow or whatever else my other nicknames were. I haven’t been all that active so I decided to make a thread. There was one little problem though... I didn’t know about what. Since recently, I’ve been starting to get more active on...
  16. kibelek

    Bedrock What about adding a server update (changelog) book on bedrock?

    Hello, What do you think about adding a server update book on CubeCraft bedrock, like on Java edition. In my opinion it would be a good idea, because all people playing Cubecraft bedrock will be up to date with server updates. What do you think about this idea?
  17. EliteGamerYT146

    All Networks Which game mode both Java and Bedrock do you think needs a new feature the most

    vote now of which game mode you think needs a new feature the most!
  18. Chr7st

    Bedrock CubeCraft Bedrock Edition Updates

    #equalrightstobedrock lol I am well aware that many posts like these have been made, but we still haven't seen a change in the way Cubecraft is Handling updates on Bedrock. So this Post is just a summary of Updates I'd like on certain Game-modes. Hope you enjoy reading through this and comment...
  19. TheSocialDalek

    Custom CubeCraft Ads/Banners/Signs

    Here is where you can post your own custom banners/signs (E.G. News update banner in the hub spawn).
  20. ItzCamJam

    Are you serious, Cubecraft!?

    Look don't get me wrong here. I just came here to give you my opinion and walk out (not literally.) Just listen to me for a bit, and hopefully you will consider this. We all hope Cubecraft can re-vamp itself in 2018 and make it one of the greater servers again. I remember when they had at...
  21. TheBoom989

    [[EGGWARS]] Lab Modes

    So recently there has been a lot of talk about cube desperately needing an EggWars update. It hasn't been updating in a while, its getting old, and the number of people who play it are slowly dwindling. SO WHAT DO WE DO??? One of the main suggestions that has been asked for by many people are...
  22. ItzCamJam

    Wins and Losses: A Cubecraft Story and what needs to happen.

    Intro: Alrighty I'm not going to sugar-code this. I'm going to be as strong as possible for my reasons that Cubecraft is lacking almost everything, and how they could fix it. I'm going to be honest with you. Some updates I like, like the recent Skywars update. Let's start out by...
  23. I

    Make Assassinations BETTER

    Ok 1. The updates! where are they!? Litterly there has been no updates in years!!! I'm getting a bit annoyed I kind I've want some updates like AXES don't add diamond that would be too op. Add at least iron or stone there has been no changes there needs to be I can't stress to you enough.Players...
  24. mdk_chicken

    Community Test Server

    Could it be an idea for you guys to have a server on which you test out upcoming updates for the community to test? That way, people can give you feedback without you releasing it to the official server yet.
  25. Nitalo

    Points spent on old towers now useless?/ Other Grievances

    In the last version of Tower Defence I had bought all of the towers and now everyone has access to them? You have to spend points just to be able to get a max level tower Mob upgrading: Once again supporting the notion of dumping every last point into Tower Defence EggWars Kits were cheaper and...
  26. Maomi

    More Frequent Updates to BlockWars

    Hello! A lot of players really like BlockWars, including me and my friends. I noticed there was a map update yesterday, and there were no BlockWars maps. I understand there is a lot of work to make a map, but personally, there were absolutely no maps for very long periods of time. Most of us...
  27. Dogegamer295

    Coding Minecraft 2.0 changelog

    Hei guys! Da Doge back and i want to provide a taste of 2.0. This update has been worked on since 2013 as so many new feature were added in:D:cube::D ... Flying sheep, aggressive chickens.. an insanity. To find out the full thing, download my .txt doc at Link redacted
  28. Ellie Williams

    We Need more Devs :/

    Reasons: 1. FreeBuild has been in maintenance for 0.75 years- 1.9 was only in development for 0.5 years! 2. A new friend and party system has been "in the works" ever since I came here- 0.5 years ago. 3. TD Tower Skins has been in "Coming Soon!" status for 0.91 years. "Coming soon"... lol. 4...
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