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  1. CaptainY2A

    Video How to hide the SCOREBOARD.

    Most of you might already know this but none the less I made a video about it. This is how you remove the scoreboard on CubeCraft.
  2. _dnn

    AFK Witch farm tutorial

    Ive designed an afk witch farm thats really cheap here vvv if you have any suggestions for things i could do better in future videos, or ideas for farms/ tutorials i could build feel free to leave them here
  3. ShinyArrow

    Java Among Slimes - Tutorial, Private Games & Preset Menu

    Hi everyone! Lately I have been thinking about some ways to improve Among Slimes and decided to post 3 suggestions: Add an Among Slimes tutorial In many games I have played there is a player who does not know how to play Among Slimes, since it is rather a hard gamemode. (Or players who do know...
  4. Nexyplayz

    Video Small Survival Castle

  5. YahirplaysMC123

    Bedrock How to get to the top of the lobby

    Hi, i found a way to get to the top of the skywars lobby on bedrock without block glitching. I havent seen anyone show how to get up there so im gonna do it because why not. Also tell me if this isnt the place to post this since this is technically skywars but it isnt about the game. Sorry...
  6. Socratias

    Video How To Get Good At Cube FFA 101 (1.9 PvP)

    No hate pls no ban admin D: Disclaimer: There are some swear words in the video.
  7. Filleee

    Efficient automatic spider grinder :P

    Hope this helps anyone :D
  8. Stablish

    Java [Suggestion] - New Ideas

    Hey everyone! I'm happy you're reading my suggestion and hope it's creative enough for everyone to like it. Today, I'll be suggesting new things for everyone. So let's begin! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ I will be suggesting: Premium Lobby. Game...
  9. B

    Video Tutorial - Present Hunt 2019 - ALL 15 LOCATIONS! (Cubecraft Bedrock Edition)

    Hi! In this video I will show you all 12 Presents' location on CubeCraft's Server for the Christmas Update! Enjoy and MERRY CHRISTMAS!
  10. B

    Video Tutorial - Pumpkin Hunt 2019 - ALL LOCATIONS! (Cubecraft Bedrock Edition)

    Hi everyone! In this video I will show you the route to every Pumpkin themed candy buckets in main lobby! Enjoy
  11. coralines

    Java Tower defense suggestions (how to improve the game for non-experienced players)

    TOWER DEFENSE SUGGESTIONS (how to improve the game for non-experienced players) Hello there! I have been gathering a few ideas from the overall Tower Defence community here on the forums, and have decided to compile some of them with additional suggestions on how to improve the current status...
  12. caspar1500

    Java A better tutorial of tower defence.

    I think the tutorial needs to be bigger. I did a suggestion for a solo tower defence and i also got the in a few comments. For example what TheJeroen sad: " Every single game, no matter if I have 2 or 5 team mates, once of these things is guaranteed to happen: - People not understanding how to...
  13. Dawnie

    Escalated (Tower Defense) Mandatory Tutorial.

    (I'm fairly new to the forums so please my apologies if theres a specific format to this.) I've been a player on Cube Craft for roughly a year now if not more and I spend all my time on the Tower Defense gamemode. However out of all my time playing I can tell you the one and only problem with...
  14. DjaroGames

    All Shortcut [WIP]

    As the title says this is still a WIP, I haven't finished medium and hard yet. Only 20 images are allowed per post so I will continue in the comments! If you know a shortcut I missed or find out a shortcut on this list has been removed please comment it so I can fix it. What are shortcuts...
  15. Andyyy

    Ultimate Blockwars Guide (In depth)

    I thought that the pinned guide seemed outdated and not in line with the current meta, I was really bored so a wrote this. This strategy is only covering CTF because core sucks, if I have made any mistakes in this please tell me and I will fix it! Enjoy and learn! I'll split this into 4...
  16. Vimiks

    Video How to Grow Your Youtube Channel FAST

    Yo guys! My name is Vimiks and I’m going to be teaching you how to grow your channel and create a community quickly of 1,000 or more viewers. In this forum post, I’ll be leaving notes from the video about converting the server player base to subscribers, establishing your dominance as the main...
  17. Jackxist

    Cubecraft Guides | Detailed Staff Application Explanation

    *This guide is for the 2017 August application update. If you are viewing this in the future and some questions are different or missing contact me and I will update this thread :)* In this thread I will be giving opinions and will not represent Cubecraft or guarantee a successful application...
  18. Cactus Awex

    Interactive Tutorial.

    This suggestion is one that has been suggested a few times now, but I guess I'll suggest it too. I (and others) want an interactive tutorial for new players whenever they join a game they haven't played in the past. Now, this tutorial feature can be turned off with /toggle it, but I think it'll...
  19. Cactus Awex

    Tower Defence Suggestions #5

    So, I have decided to turn all four of my previous Tower Defence posts into one series: Tower Defence Suggestions. And so, to celebrate being back after 3-5 months of absence, I have made this post. So without further ado, Let's begin with Tower Defence Suggestions #5. (Yes, I know the...
  20. SpankMeSanta

    How to PvP (1.9)

    Quite a few people I have duelled the last few weeks have been asking me to spend time with them in custom duels to teach them how to PvP/how to get really good at PvP, so I thought I may as well make a tutorial type video and just post it on the forums as it is much easier that way. This video...
  21. 1314520

    TD Tutorial Suggestions

    Okay so I found this thread and I think these people just don't finish the tutorial. I play about 120 games of TD and I bumped into about 10 people that just doesn't know how to play the game. For non-English speakers/muted people, I can't deal with that. But for English speakers, they think...
  22. Iggleboz

    My Best Strategy for Eggwars/My Main Solo Eggwars Strategy Tutorial

    (NOTE: THIS IS FOR SOLO NON-SPEED FOR 1.9+) So TriangleAttack has recently made a post about his two strategies for Eggwars. I personally never use the rushing strategy unless I want quick points, which I usually don't. This is, in my honest opinion, a terrible way to try to win. Sooner or later...
  23. Iggleboz

    A 1.9 PvP Tutorial Area

    Seeing as there's so many 1.9 spammers on 1.9+, I figured that it would be kind of unfair to get easy wins of them in a fight, so, before they join their first game of logging on the server, a message says: "Be sure to turn on attack indicator in Escape Menu, Options, Video Settings! Wait for...
  24. Sebastian_YT2

    Freebuild guide

    Hello people, here is some information about the new gamemode Freebuild! - To start, do /creative menu and press on the green glass - Than you're on your plot, good! - Here can you change settings Stay...
  25. Ping Ether

    Coding Recording Hacks tutorial with Nvidia Shadowplay

    So... You start a fight... as usual... And BAM KAPCHOOM SWANG you're ded. Because that guy you were fighting has such a bad aim they need an hack to insta- aim and cooldown their attacks. Not fair. Not an excuse. So yeah, you don't wanna see these people ever again. And HERE in this post YOU...
  26. Lezappen

    Video HOW-TO : Skywars pvp in 1.9

    I made a quick video to help with pvp in 1.9 this video covers a few techniques to pvp in skywars. What did I miss? Also, How can I make the video any better? Thank you for watching the video, believe it or not, likes and subscriptions really help out a channel, so if you liked the video and...
  27. Anmazing

    [Tutorial] How To Install OptiFine 1.9 (OFFICIAL)

    1) Download Optifine from the OFFICIAL website (other sites might be harmful, make sure the website you're on is http://optifine.net) ► optifine.net/adloadx?f=preview_OptiFine_1.9.0_HD_U_A1_pre.jar 2) Open the file you just downloaded, and a installer will pop up. You just have to click...
  28. Deestinyer

    Blockwars Guide!

    Hey! So you may have noticed already that one of the games originally coming from The Chunk, has been merged into CubeCraft - blockwars. It’s been a success so far, we’ve been hearing a lot of positive feedback! Though questions are commonly asked in regards to the game therefore Sean (@Eystian)...
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