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  1. K

    Bedrock New package!

    I wish Cube Craft would add the same bot pack, but all the flags of the world
  2. D

    Web Someone knows how to make a site like on cubecraft?

    I want to make a good minecraft server. But i need make a good site for it. Like on cubecraft.
  3. Enderium

    can i remove the unicode from my name now pls

    bro do you want people snatching up names with unicode characters
  4. Enderium

    im terribly sorry but (meme)

    who came up with the idea of adding my sleep paralysis demon into the new majjicks and mah yemey question: is this cursed or not
  5. zBune

    All Networks Disable Login Texts

    :bluesus:I have alot of friends as Obsidian player i monthly remove inactive friends.:fantamug: I see instantly [Friend] [+/-] [Player] joined the network. 📺These messages spam my chat, and is kinda annoying👿 This is sometimes so frustrating i can not even read my friends text. I would love to...
  6. GHSpaghetti

    Bedrock Remove skywars villager (Lets see if Cubecraft will listen to a meme instead of a post)

    Poll by @_The13thDoctor_ can be found here: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/removing-villagers-from-sky-wars.252790/
  7. strangelifekim

    Java HAUNTED (Bring it back)

    I used to play on the old server called Thechunk. I just now see that it's gone and it combined with cube craft. Everything has been moved over, all but one game. Haunted. I played this game with my first Minecraft friends. I miss the game dearly and I'd love to see its return to the server...
  8. A

    All Networks Egg Wars Proposal!!!

    Hello My suggestion e I hope everyone attends. 1-Day Old Egg Wars Brings Sandstone Blocks Old Market Old Goods Prices Obsidian Extreme Strong As An Example Bow 15 Diamond. And This Made Us Shopping Easier. But on the other side of the game it was easy to shop and enjoy the easy shopping...
  9. TheSatanicAngel


    So basically, I was playing eggwars when I noticed this guy [PU] Mocrafter1910 literally flying or walking in the air. I told him to stop that calling him a cheater and that I was recording but he didn't care so here's the proof. Video proof including the timestamp 0:32 : I didn't take any...
  10. C

    Java Add rejoin please

    I know this has been suggested a lot, but it's so annoying and I'm getting really mad when I'm in a tower defence and am getting kicked when I'm playing that for game for like 30 minutes. Please add a /rejoin command for tower defence and egg wars.
  11. Alexandermc4565

    Video YouTube (or any other) rank

    Hi, My name is Alex, my ign is Alessandork. My channel is AlessMc Minecraft and more and I wanted to apply for a rank. I know that I don't fit the needs for youtube rank. That is why I am asking for a rank such as Lapiz or Gold rank. Cubecraft is basically the only server I play on so I want to...
  12. Max ♠

    Coding Old emotes

    Made an addon which shows the old emotes instead of the newer (and in my opinion worse) emotes. https://userstyles.org/styles/157365/old-emotes Might make some custom emotes if I get bored. Very descriptive thread, I know
  13. Kaden_d_bomb

    egg wars (map Toys)

    please make the map toys have a solo mode.
  14. D

    The Pain

    Please, I'm honestly begging you, remove the jump when you join a lobby or at least let us toggle it! It's so annoying and really doesn't improve anything.
  15. G

    Unfairly Banned!

    Hello Cubecraft, i got unfairly banned. :'(. I wasn't hacking the last time but i got banned Permamently for Cheating. This is so unfair. My friend was playing on my account maybey it was him? I'm begging... Please, unban me because i'm not THAT stupid to hack on a 70dollar rank account. So...
  16. X

    I want 1.8 PVP back!

    Please bring 1.8 pvp back i and 99% of all people hate it. Your server was (and still is) losing popularity. Just please
  17. ToastO_O


    So Please Any SkyWars Player Don't Accuse Me In chat saying hacker or hacks or h4cks for just throwing some snowballs at you while you are bridiging and thanks a lot! O_O
  18. _Flabébé_

    Skywars - Cross-teamers!

    Okay, let's be serious being killed sucks. Specially in skywars. and it was not 2v1, nope sir, it was 3v1. Can you mods/admins do something about it? Unfortunately I really don't have a video to prove it, I swear! I was going to take fraps to record it!, Welp, the point is that I have...
  19. xX_LORDjosfmt_Xx

    could i please get unmuted

    since i was muted like a few weeks ago i started to get bored in cubecraft after i purchased a rank, i deserved that mute but i really want to get unmuted please help me???
  20. Proditio

    If you spot a hacker

    Everyone who doesn't understand. If you see a hacker DON'T TELL THEM YOU SEE THEM AND IF YOU ARE RECORDING this lest's them turn off their client to use at a later time. Letting them know that you see they hack can easially make it near impossible for people who are recording to get video...
  21. BlazeyBoi

    Friends Improvements

    I have seen this on a few other servers where when you go to your lobby selector you can see what lobby your friends are in. It would be very helpful and save a lot of time chatting between your friends to pick the same lobby.
  22. KeiferMC

    Video YT RANK 40+ (PLEASE)

    Hello again, I turn to you, to see if I can and give rak YT, I have 40k + Subs, I am very active, playing every day on the server, and the server where more recorded my videos, I have more than 5 video recorded on the server with ip in the description .. When I go to play are already many who...
  23. JuanDa Granados


    (Sorry for my english) The other day I was playing solo Skywars on the server, I was killing people and I tought I was going to win. I attacked a player, and unexpectably, three more come off and kill me. THEY WERE A TEAM OF 4! Do you really think it's fair? 4vs1? Even 2vs1 is not fair. You...
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