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    A cool photo with ADMIN , helper and mod 🥰

  2. JoulesCw

    Resolved Hi Staff, is this ban? why?

    Hello staff, a mod banned me a few moments ago without justification, I have the game recorded in this link and you can see the injustice of the BAN
  3. B

    Need help connecting my account into the discord

    I don’t know what link I needa click to connect my account I’ve just made an account to connect and I don’t know where to connect it I pressed the reaction and it didn’t seem to do anything someone please help
  4. G

    Discord Server

    Hey, I was part of the discord server and the server mysteriously disappeared from my server list. Can someone help please?
  5. I

    Villager Bug

    Hello! I've been recently playing skyblock on Bedrock edition and I noticed that today, 03/31/21, I started to have a Bug dealing with the Villagers. I was moving around everything in an island and so I picked the villager up and when trying to place him back down I got a message saying "Failed...
  6. jensjeflensje

    Coding ChatColor Mod 1.0 (my personal waste of time)

    This Forge mod is in no way affiliated with CubeCraft, even though I kinda am. Hi all, I've created a Forge mod that gives you a chat color in CubeCraft (it basically prepends your color to every message). It should work from versions 1.9.2-1.16.4, but I'm not really in the mod space, so please...
  7. Ruck

    I can't connect to the server. It says "Blocked connection".

    Hello, I am trying to connect to the server but it says "Blocked connection. Are you using a VPN?". I'm not using a VPN and i'm not banned. It also gives me an error code. I messaged support but no one has been responding. Could an administrator or mod please help me? Thanks.
  8. Socratias

    Video MOD & Designer Dylaila Loves Pets - SocCast #11

    Literally couldn’t stop smiling when editing this one. Dylaila very nice girl. Disclaimer: This video contains swear words.
  9. Socratias

    Video I Played With An Ex-Mod

    look @Sophie it's you! Disclaimer: This video contains swear words
  10. Socratias

    Video EX-MOD Divine_Sophie Talks About Old Cubecraft - SocCast #9

    @Sophie calling everyone noob even though she was missing everything is certainly the highlight of this SocCast. Nice grill 8/10. Disclaimer: This video contains swear words
  11. Socratias

    Video Man, Lucky Islands Really Is Something Else

    Go NASA, go SpaceX. Godspeed @CaptainNebby Dislaimer: This video contains swear words
  12. Socratias

    Video Everyone Hated Me, So I Played Skywars

    No, I am not a tryhard >:( i don't even know how to speedbuild man Disclaimer: There are some swear words in the video.
  13. Socratias

    Video Boredom Lead To Playing With A Mod ft. Livchi

    shut up livchi nooobbbb (make sure to check the ending) Disclaimer: There are some swear words in the video.
  14. Socratias

    Video MOD PATITO From Customer Service To More - SocCast #6

    Thanks Lili. Peanut & Peanut are gangsters. Disclaimer: There are some swear words in the video.
  15. MrTommy

    Implemented Sr. Mod tag

    Hello everyone this is my first Suggestion, (it's actually my second one, but who is counting anyway). So we all know that Cubecraft has Moderators and Senior Moderators, the ways you can see who is a Sr. Mod is on the forums and in minecraft, but not in Discord, and thats my idea. My idea is...
  16. Lezappen

    Video My weekend coding project showcase: Custom color codes

    I just finished coding my first minecraft mod:
  17. Beeraad

    To all authorities

    Even asking a question about how you are interested doesn't answer. I've been unjustly forbidden, and you're not helping me.
  18. L

    Banned I know this is not the ban appeals please read once staff

    Info Name wen i got banned Alfred_500. Name now LiquifyMC. What where you banned for Hacking. What is the proof Wen where you banned 1 to 2 years ago. What was the ban Perm. Why shuild you get unbanned after appeal: I Think i shuild get unbanned cuase it has gone 1 to 2 years. And i have learnd...
  19. C

    Coding Latryex PvP

    Hello everyone :p Today im gonna release Latryex PvP Mod Working with Forge Video : Download link: https://codeofdark.github.io/Latryex-PvP/ Hope you like it. :D
  20. P

    Issues Joining Server

    Hi, my User is PandiGotTheSauce, and for some reason whenever I log onto CUbecraft and try to AGREE to the Privacy Policy Statement, the server will lag and I will be kicked by Java. But whenever I go to Log onto the Hypixel Lobbys, there is immediate connection. Thanks for letting me know! P.S...
  21. SlackPlaysMinecraft

    Modded War SMP

    Hi gois! I'm making a 1.7.10 Modded War SMP with teams going against each other or making allyships to overpower others! In order to participate you must have discord and know how to install mods. Also your computer will have to be able to withstand the mods themselves! Theres only like 16 mods...
  22. BabyBoy

    I should become server managger

    Hi! my name is babyboy(look at my name xd) I'm here to suggest that i should help the server manage. i think my help would be nice help and i'm here to help so let me do that pls cubecraft is okay but it can be better with some help i think i can support and would enjoy some. Also i'm quite...
  23. jlmoody12

    Sentinel Needs Updates - Please Help

    Before i Start. i want to say that this is not hate for Cubecraft or CC-Sentinel (THATS THE Anti-Cheat) For me its normal to play with hackers - I see them everywhere - plus i have Diamond rank and i can not play normal on a server - i see People with. - BHOP - SPEED - KILLAURA - FLYING -...
  24. Elias_Lacade

    About mods. / Sobre mods.

    In English: Hello, my name is NotFoundCami. Yesterday I made a total of 3 reports by people who do equipment in Solo skywars, 2 of them did not count because in the video I was seen using the J3Ultimate (which seems unfair, since the mod does not change the image of two people doing a team, but...
  25. Gonal

    Reportar a Jugadores [Soporte en Español]

    - REPORTAR A UN JUGADOR - Buenos días, es bastante común los insultos entre jugadores, el uso de hacks o cosas que no entran en las normas de la comunidad. Hoy os voy a enseñar como evitar este tipo de comportamiento. La mejor solución es enviar un vídeo de lo sucedido al siguiente link...
  26. P

    Video Replay mod - Eggwars (Smooth view)

    Enjoy, it was my first time using this mod c: ~Berre
  27. M

    Bug with Gold Rank.

    Hello everyone, the Gold rank, is bug for my friend, (vLecheFrita) now he was kicked by a Moderator (LanceDaniels) and now his rank is bugged, he can't accept a party, and he can't access to the command /p or /f, only /color he can access... Proofs: 1) https://prnt.sc/hy3bds 2)...
  28. Sebbikull

    Mod Suggestion

    Hello, Many of you reading this have maybe heard of the mod "AutoGG" mod for Hypixel. And I want an AutoGG mod for Cubecraft too! But the problem is that I cant code and things like that, so I was wondering if anyone wants to make an "AutoGG" mod for Cubecraft too. (AutoGG is a mod made for...
  29. L

    Would be REAL NICE if staff would actually make some appearances in Egg Wars

    Yea, we all see the "Sentinel" messages.... and that it's always watching... Well I call BS on that one.... there's plenty of hackers and in over 2 years of play, I've seen a staff member ONCE... yes, only 1 time EVER in an egg wars lobby. Don't remember his name,,, but he was actually a...
  30. Zethox

    Cubecraft Minecraft ‘Legit’ Mod

    First of all, don’t tell me; “the devs do not have enough time for this”, I know they don’t, it’s just a suggestion and it would be nice if it got added. Create a special Cubecraft mod that you can add with for example forge, this mod checks what mods you are using while playing on Cube and it...
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