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  1. Dablife2000

    Resolved log4shell on cubecraft

    Did you patched the log4shell exploit of the log4j logging Java library on the server?
  2. swabl

    Why I love Capitan

    @Capitan is the best, he did /pardon on my homedawg @Jukaido‼️@Capitan defo a real one frfr💯 @Jukaido promises not to use killaura, reach, autoclicker, hitbox, invis texturepack, lagswitch, safewalk or scaffold anymore:doubt:
  3. DarkStray

    Planned Add /sr {name}

    Hello Everyone! -What would this Help? I have fought many hackers, most of the time I do successfully kill them in the first fight, or they leave the game. /sr {name} Could help a lot more and would work similar to /p invite (When searching for the player) and if they do not exist it will say...
  4. ayano0

    Bedrock Too many hackers??

    So I just started to play in multiplayer (for 1-2 month before) but as I see, ppl were playing in 30-50 cps in bedrock? I saw a lot of ppl who just knockbacking me to the sky rapidly. When I am litterally near them I couldn't touch them, one of the hackers even hit me behind the walls. At first...
  5. H


    I'm very very disappointed from Cubecraft for a past few weeks. The server is full of hackers, every duel I play, every single game of skywars, I see an auto click hacker knocking off player with a 30 cps. Especially in BETA lobby. I'm a mobile player who practices for months to achieve a total...
  6. DarkStray

    Bedrock (Added Poll) Desupport older versions - and why

    I believe cube should not allow use of older versions of minecraft on the server. I know when I use to use hacks on mobile years ago (before xbox and featured setvers) I would use the APK version of minecraft so I wouldn’t be able to be banned on the app I would download from the play store...
  7. Yodathan

    Java Better report system [java]

    [English is not my first language so there may be some mistakes in my text] Hello employees at cubecraft 👋 I would like to suggest you might get a better report system. The reason for this is that I have noticed that almost every game I play has a hacker in it. When I want to report the hacker...
  8. Shiny sandwich

    Video I’m so bad at blocc game

    My friends will report him don’t worry
  9. DarkStray

    Bedrock Sentinel Caught Me Hacking and Didn't Ban Me (pls nu ban)

    So I was playing eggwars the otherday with my Vanilla Client Using SkillAura and Advanced Scaffold so I can jump while using scaffold. I then toggle my Advanced Scaffolding and fell onto the ground, the sentinel goes oh? brbrbrbrbr Illegal and teleports me into the ground. This made me mad...
  10. DarkStray

    Bedrock I Hacked And Sentinel Did This

    So I was running around in EggWars right with my Obvious Blatant SkillAura and Strafe hacks on, i use the vanilla client if you want a download ill link it at the bottom of this page When I was running around with my Strafe hacks, SkillAura and Auto Clutch hacks i jump and make a 7 block jump...
  11. G

    Video Hacker - Slowmotion

    I made a video (didn't edit it) How hacking looks like in slowmotion! :)
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