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  1. N

    Resolved I cant join the discord server

    I cant join the discord server. I have removed a couple servers so i am not at max servers. Maybe i am bannned my id is: 433837871321972757 I hope to get a fast response. I'm sorry if my english isnt perfect. I hope i posted this in the right location.
  2. SNOWINGYT Woii 🗿

    All Networks Add private messages in staff help discord server

    Hello everyone new suggestions again I hope I got implemented prefix So I just make a new suggestion about staff help discord so I really need private message in staff help if we had really have important or problems, Mod cc staff just close the dms everytime, so it's doesn't make me feel good...
  3. IDKhan

    please unmute me

    ive been muted for well over a month i get that ive broken a rule and should accept the consqiewarheiwsdhfsdc i cant spell the word but you get it but it being over a month is kinda far for a punishment ngl if im not unmuted soon, i will have to fight every staff member to the death, except...
  4. T

    Resolved Discord Appeal

    Hey! Other day I tried to join cubecraft discord server, but I was banned. I first was confused but then I remembered why. This happened well over a year ago probably two so is there a way to make an appeal? I know the way I got banned was stupid but i dont think anyone would deserve a permanent...
  5. G

    Discord Movie Night!

    Hi, I have a simple suggestion here, all it is is for movie nights hosted by the Cubecraft team either weekly or bi-weekly. The concept is basically there is a specific channel that either is always open or is open a couple of days before the event, where people can vote for a movie to watch...
  6. Stennos

    Java Discord Lucky Islands Channel Discord

    I don't know if there was one, but i want to suggest a Lucky Islands channel in the CubeCraft discord! Multiple people asked for it and i think it should be added too!
  7. Fumoos


    Hey y'all, I've seen java FFA being quite active and yet I couldn't find a single discord that's related to FFA. I'm looking to meet some Java players over there in case one already exists. If there's none, I'm willing to create one which will be used to cooperate, allies, practice fun stuff...
  8. FoxFil_

    Implemented Add a harold emoji

    Hi, i suggest adding this emoji becuase its cool and it can be used in lots of situations
  9. FoxFil_

    Discord Add Vanilla Tweaks to the whitelisted URLs list

    Hai! As you know there is a list of the whitelisted URLs in the CC official Discord (If you send the link that isnt whitelisted you will be muted for like 10 seconds and your message will be deleted) So my idea is to add vanilla tweaks site here. - vanillatweaks.net | Thats a popular...
  10. Hoshi

    Implemented Discord Allow non-boosters to react in #creations

    This is supposed to be a very short suggestion, so I’ll get straight to the point. Allow non-boosters to react to messages in #creations with the default Discord emotes (that means it excludes external emotes unless you’re a booster). If you post something in the channel, your creation will get...
  11. Heu3BeCTeH

    Discord Russian channel in discord

    Hello, there are really a lot of Russian-speaking users in the cubecraft discord server now and it's a little uncomfortable that communication takes place in the "other language" channel, because of the foreigners we don't understand. They literally enter the channel for 10 messages and leave...
  12. C

    Open I need help i cant talk in any of the discord channels

    I joined the discord server yesterday and have made a forum account linked it etc. The works and still can't type in any of the discord channels anyone have any suggestions? I attached the message I get everytime I try to talk in the server. I've authenticated and linked everything so idk
  13. J

    Discord Discord Idea

    There should be a channel in the Cubecraft Discord server that explains how to get each role and what perks each gives.
  14. Vazbtw

    Resolved I got banned for no reason

    I was just in the discord when I got banned for no reason at all. The bot then said that I had to add someone to be unbanned but it didn't work
  15. KomodoDraagon2002

    Implemented Allow Nitro Boosters to React to More Channels

    Hello, Currently the only channels Nitro Boosters are allowed to react in are all language channels and the media channel. I'd like to suggest that Nitro Boosters are allowed also react in the likes of Bedrock and Java channels as well as the creations and VIP ranks channel If you agree with...
  16. LazyJacob55

    Discord Dababy emoji

    Dababy as a discord emoji
  17. EnderPlays25

    Web Allow more people in a conversation

    Maybe making it the same as your friends limit on the server would be a good idea, because I friend all the people in my clan but can't make a group conversation as it only allows 5 people. I have to use Discord, which some people don't even have. If you can't increase the number, could you at...
  18. B

    Need help connecting my account into the discord

    I don’t know what link I needa click to connect my account I’ve just made an account to connect and I don’t know where to connect it I pressed the reaction and it didn’t seem to do anything someone please help
  19. G

    Discord Server

    Hey, I was part of the discord server and the server mysteriously disappeared from my server list. Can someone help please?
  20. G

    Bedrock New Updates Tonight (12/08/21) at 6pm UK time

    Hey, I thought we should try and guess what the update is... Comment below your thoughts for a chance to win discord nitro
  21. gamemaster8080


    Does anyone know how to join the discord? I’m trying to unlock the chats but can’t seem to get the links to work.
  22. RoosterKeel

    Cubecraft’s Hidden Levers

    Hey everyone! I am Keel and I am here to discuss one of the most interesting things I have found while playing Cubecraft! Hidden Levers! From what I have seen, not many have discussed this, but I and my friends are willing to put in the effort to track down every single lever and figure out...
  23. Chango

    Implemented Discord Widget

    New Discord Widget Hey guys, this suggestion is short but I think it's worth it. As some of you may know, Discord changed the logo and some colors on May 12th. So my suggestion is to change the Discord Widget of the forums, here I will show you an example: Color code: #5865F2 Discord logo...
  24. Flamigenceee

    Banned from Cubecraft Discord

    My Discord account was banned from Cubecraft Discord server a few months ago but I don't know why, I just got banned and now I want to join again but I can't. Any Staff who can help me? How can I appeal my ban? Thanks. Flamigence#0529
  25. LavaCraftBedrock

    Is Advertising Websites Allowed?

    I have been making this website lately. (It is related to reporting players) And I was wondering if advertising websites is allowed on the Cubecraft forums. (Sorry if this isn't the right place to post this)
  26. Scheermqs

    Linking Discord

    Hey, in my java account i have an Obsidian rank and on my bedrock account a Skywars and Eggwars rank. I dont see my rank in the Discord. Does anyone knows how to connect it?
  27. Higgachu

    Discord Tickety - Staff help

    Dear Staff Team, isn't it much easier to add the bot 'tickety' to discord? that way it is much easier and more organized for staff members to help players. you can create a separate channel where the players can click on an icon, and your own private ticket is automatically created. make...
  28. Socratias

    Video Join my Discord server!

    FOR ALL THE MODS HERE I hereby refer to my second amendment right ECO status, meaning I can promote my own Discord server here because of the External Community Organiser role I have (for further information click here) Already discussed this with Younisco. EZ. Disclaimer: This video contains...
  29. CubecraftSpeedrunning

    Speedrunning Competition for Cubecraft (WIN DISCORD NITRO)

    Welcome to the first Speedrunning competition for Cubecraft!! Seeing as we have received such a massive growth in activity we have decided to hold our first ever speed running competition for both the Java and Bedrock community. Offering 2 chances to win FREE Discord Nitro! To do this you...
  30. poopslooper

    Discord Support

    A support-channel in the Discord server that everyone can use and answer in the channel. And the specific questions are for the staff, what the users can't answer. Like, the most questions can be answered by the general people. Kind regards
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