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  1. Matriox

    Java ok this is now just a rant thread btw - bugs are bad

    Hello, Today when i was playing layer spleef, without any surprise i saw all the bugs i saw last time i was playing layer spleef, i reported all of them last time. These are game changing bugs that make the game unfair, for example; some people lagging back(happens when jump boost is over), and...
  2. Matriox

    All Networks Fix Existing Content Before Adding New Content

    Hello, Im suggesting that Cube re-think there development team as it's coming to be apparent that it's completely ridiculous. Cube are continuously bringing out new content without adding up that there's huge problems with there current content, it has been a source of huge dissapointment from...
  3. Wave Master6982

    Bedrock Please fix crouch bug

    So I would like for cubecraft to fix the crouch bug.Basically everyone knows this bug exist and abuses it.This is when you crouch on the farthest edge of a block and continue to push back.Then when someone hits you, you take zero knockback please cubecraft fix this bug because more people are...
  4. S


    Dear Cubecraft admins, devs, and supporters. This message is a huge suggestion and word of advice towards the server. I understand that the devs have their own opinion on their own server and own rules and I respect that. But, you have to also listen to player outputs as well. As you should know...
  5. Gemmmmie

    [Bug] Balanced Teams, Eggwars Beta

    While playing Eggwars Beta recently, I realized that teams do not get balanced at all. I understand this game is only Beta, but it still is not fair when playing the game. As you can see in the photos the teams are not balanced at all, which is a disadvantage and a complete loss of a possible...
  6. Zed

    Skyblock - Sixteen years later - Changelog + Stats

    Sixteen years in one week! Hi there, We have been so excited for you all to join us on our Skyblock adventure! Thank you so much for all of your feedback, videos, memes, screenshots and suggestions. In the past week you have played sixteen years of Skyblock! READ THE ORIGINAL ANNOUNCEMENT...
  7. F

    Bug of leaving before inventory loads

    When you join a lobby and leave fast you lose all I feel this should be fixed basically because i losed my full dia stacked 4 times because of this. I HATE this type of bugs Also when a lobby resets and you still there until it resets you lose all. There was a time in which this didnt happen so...
  8. vervloekt

    Achievement quakecraft

    I've got above 100 wins, Why don't i have the 100, and the 10 wins achievement yet? I could really use those cubelets! Someone explain this, please. Thanks!:p
  9. DragonLord

    Implemented Show evidence in bug reports

    Very recently, the feature to view evidence in player reports has been implemented. This is a great tool. If your report has been denied, maybe the evidence will show you why it was denied. Unfortunately, this feature is not in the bug reports section. Having your evidence being viewable to you...
  10. ItzCamJam

    Quit neglecting Creative

    I like to be very active on Cubecraft. When I am, I can be usually found in Creative. But creative hasn't gotten an update in so long. So I'm here to help with that. Read the spoilers. Why I am angry: Cubecraft basically left this game in the ditch. You'd be suprised at how many people...
  11. DragonLord

    Add Store to bug reports

    Hello! I was trying to report a store bug but I noticed that there isn't actually an option to report store bugs. As you can see in the following screenshot, there is no option. Unless you have to report store bugs to someone like Joe, I see no reason for there not to be an option for it. I've...
  12. Deeds

    Tower Defence: Fix that will make me happy.

    Fix this. I get really annoyed when people who don't know how to play the game just misplace towers, causing a disruption amongst other teammates who are actually placing towers correctly. Almost every game I play, there is atleast one player who places towers like this. To add to that, when you...
  13. F

    A list of problems...

    I have noted some problems with the games I play on this server, this is not bugs that make the games unplayable, but is more of a glitch and general annoyances. Eggwars: - You cannot destroy blocks beneath team members, which might be very smart, but this has been exploited when I was walled...
  14. Vaerion

    Anti-Hacker Ideas

    Hello, People who are playing skywars or egg wars have i all the same problems. Hackers.. Hackers who are glitching out of there glass or who fly out of them. Is it possible that the dev's fix this? Why barriers: Well, 1. You can look through it // 2. You can't break it.. Sooo they can not...
  15. R

    cubecraft banned from payment error

    Hello forum before starting cubecraftgames and contact https://appeals.cubecraft.net/ and sales@cubecraft.net but wanted to be sure that it has not happened to this errorr purchase, today I have cubecraftnetwork 12/23/2015 sanctioned, and why? When I try to log onto the server tells me that he...
  16. Respectively

    Another Forums Bug

    Hello! I'm here with another forums bug. Basically, I'm getting non-existant alerts. I get the translucent thing in the bottom left corner and the little black "1" at my Alerts thing, but theres no alert. Thanks for reading! ~Respectively
  17. M


    Hace 5 dias estaba jugando una partida de sky wars cuando de repente un jugador me golpea y cai sobre un bloque bugeado en ell cual no podia moverme ni caer, despues me empezo a pegar y salio me saco del server diciendo que estoy baneado por usar anti knockback! Porfavor quiero qque tomen...
  18. AwesomeGamer


    So i wake up really early (i dont know why u guys did it so early) and then i wait it and finally they said that the coupon was DIAMOND-8617 so enter it and redeem it then i agree in terms and conditions i click on claim it for free and they told me there was stuff in my basket that are not...
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