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May 3, 2021
So I am playing Blockwars continuously for 1 month and what I really hate that join on-gaming. it's ok if opponent team in lead like with 1flag but if they are lead with 2flag that completely a loss match which make game worst.

Also sometime I joined a game which will end in 10 second before I knew .I got lost instantly. So make some limit on on-going games else it will be bad experience. Also for new player's

Here my points that can be good in on-going matches

1) If already 2 flag capture then new joining must be stop because that means more than 50% game already done.

2) before overtime start (10sec before) player's joining must be stop this also apply to both bridge and ctf.

3) If opponent team has already achieved more than 50% goal player joining must be stopped.

It is really thankful if you consider these point and think about it.
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