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Java Waterdrop minigame

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  • The normal mode

  • The first hard mode

  • The second hard mode

  • The third hard mode

  • Sharpshooter achievement

  • Hey! wrong target! achievement

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Oct 1, 2016
The unknown

As some of you might know I'm a huge fan of minerware. I know minerware got an update a while ago a new update probably won't happen any time soon. Anyhow, I still want to share my minigame and achievements with all of you.

Your goal in this minigame is to hit the boat while a piston goes up and down randomly. If you hit the boat it will be destroyed and drop the armor stand in the water. The boat could be replaced with another kind of target like a button. Sounds easy right, in reality, it's a little harder since the cap opens random and closes random.


For the normal game mode, I have decided to go with a distance to the boat of 7 blocks and 5 arrows to shoot.

For hard mode, I have a few different possibilities
-The first one is to increase the shooting range from 7 blocks to 13 blocks with five arrows.
- The second one is to increase the speed of the piston who goes up and down with five arrows.
- The third has the same distance as normal but this time you only have one arrow instead of five, so make sure you hit the boat.

I've made two achievements which you could achieve in the Waterdrop game.

Hit the boat by shooting over the blockade in the Waterdrop game.
Difficulty: Hard
- 1 Cubelet
- 400 Experience

Hey! wrong target!
Shoot the armor stand in the Waterdrop game.
Difficulty: Easy
- 100 Experience
- 10 Points

Thank you all for reading let me know your reactions!


Aug 31, 2019
Hi! I really like this suggestion, because I think this minigame will fit into minerware. It’s a small, short and fun minigame with quite a challenge, but it’s not to hard. I think this is exact what a minerware minigame needs! I prefer the second way of ‘hard’ mode, since this will make it a lot harder & I voted yes for both achievements.
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Sep 17, 2020
OMG this is such a great idea!! I love this and I really hope this gets included in the next update!!

The achievements are creative and the game is quite unique! It fits Minerware perfectly and definitely belongs!! I hope this gets accepted. As always, best of luck!
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Jun 29, 2019
Yeah great idea for the next minerware idea! Would be something quite unique among the minerware microgames :).
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