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    What's your Minecraft username?
    How old are you?
    What time zone are you in?
    How long have you been playing on Cubecraft?
    I am sure pretty sure a few years.
    Why should we choose you over other applicants?
    Hello, I would like to be apart of the community to help out players in factions with the server for them to enjoy it with me and other staff. Helping players is my job which I am ready to do. I have been a member to help and to change the community to a better one so we can get active players happy. I am not like other staff this is my introduction I hoped you liked it.

    I am not like other people in many ways which makes me different and a better canidate for staff. This helps people feel comfortable and likable to the server more then just playing. Playing with me includes extra fun and extra safe server. I can do many things when I am a staff to be ready to save and protect the server and keep it popular as it already is! Which helps out its popularity with players and the most enjoying parts of the server.
    I have been a staff in many servers which makes me a good canidate to help out.
    I have many feelings that players like and would like to stay on me playing on the server and helping out people that are new trying to join and become a active player like one of us! This server shall get developed and helped out for its later reliability.

    If I was in a situation I am not suited\capable to solving\fixing\resolving\handling what would I Do?
    Beyond simply calling for other staff. What would I personally do?
    I would ask for more information and try and check out the problem not to engage much but I am ready to fix it before any other staff doesn't feel like I am useless. I would just fix it simply with asking each player how or anything you need I am ready Arkanite!

    By the way these are questions I am asking my self.

    Will I be active On arkanites forums?
    2 hours I need to keep up with in game so Yes I am ready to do that! But If that's not a good estimate I will try and resign from Legend central. To try and help you guys out! Yes I am ready to look at threads and watch shout box!

    What languages besides English do I speak?

    Arabic : 100% french : 20% Learning sentences spanish 50 percents ( Writing paragraphs) Nl : 2 Percent learning some words

    Anything else you should be aware of me? Or I'd Like to mention?
    Color : blue

    Maturity level : 1-10 ( 9)

    Fun Level : 1-10 (

    Player level (10)

    Mythcraft member 1-10 (

    Thanks for reading My 5th question.
    Past moderating experience?
    Yes I have some.

    Oh sorry I didn't mean to mention the servers I'm owner In Sorry

    Theres 2 more.

    I can spend 3-6 hours On your server.

    I am a awesome builder, I am building my own city atm right now We have finished 30 % of a 20k By 20k City. It should be done at the end of the year

    I can contribute love and fun to your server and monitoring it Will be my job. I will not only monitor ,but have the time to play with players. This is my job that you are going to need a staff member to help you with. I am a fun kind player that has known many staff On your lovable prison server. I have met the Owner Some Mods and 2 admins. Thanks for reading and Bye

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