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  1. Dqnny_

    Best Tips to Start

    Hey! As you could already tell by the title of this thread I need tips to start skyblock. I’m thinking of starting a new java skyblock series on youtuber because i haven’t seen any1 do a java series yet and i have the basic concept of skyblock i got to the birch island on solo but this time i...
  2. Not_Red_Fox

    if there were a few of thing you could change in egg wars what would it be

    hi, so I was wondering I have been playing this game for a while and if there were some basic things it would make the game much more fun. one of the first things I would improve is permanent armour permanent armour help because if I rush mid get armour die then I keeping that armour it rewards...
  3. josepadgui

    Java New PVP system

    The 1.8 java network shutted down on june the 15th, and since then, it's not a secret that the player count has decreased considerably. When the shutdown of this version network was announced, it was argued that it wouldn't affect considerably to the player count as the amount of people playing...
  4. G


    I have bought a rank (Gold) on the store. Now I haven't received the rank inside the server. Is there an delay in how long it takes to get the rank in the server?
  5. pamparampam

    Java Change map Whale on eggwars

    So im sure most of you allready saw the new map Whale on eggwars for 4 players, after playing couple games on it i came to conclusion that its the worst map in game, why? here's a list of reasons: the map has 2 iron generators lvl 1 for 4 players meaning that without a proper team its almost...
  6. F

    Bring back survival games PERMANET ON JAVA

  7. Vixie183

    water bug/glitch

    Hi, after a long break, i've been playing skyblock here again, and because of a quest where i need string for wool, i wanted to make a spider farm. After making some adjustment to it, i wanted to place the water, but while placing the water, the things in the pictures happened, and i dont think...
  8. 4Moonlightt

    Java Kits change depending on gamemode

    Hey there, I have had this suggestion on my mind for a bit now. I don't know if this has ever been suggested before I was not able to find it. So kits changing depending on what game mode the game is. In the kits menu you get the ability to choose a kit for the different game modes (basic...
  9. YeaUhm

    Forwarded Add a ‘information pop-up’ to the server list.

    Hi, fellow CubeCrafters! Today I’ve got another small, but (probably) effective suggestion. So what simply struck me is that it’s possible to add an information tab to the (Java) server list. I've already seen a few servers that have this, and they put the most important links to for example...
  10. FleurSchx

    Java Imposter Chat

    Heya! introduction As some of you might already know, I like Among Slimes. Only, I like being a crewmate more. This is because I can't communicate with my imposter teammate. One of the most efficient things is double kills, but it's almost impossible because my teammate doesn't understand my...
  11. msebastian100

    Java Feedback on Cubecraft server

    Hello Dear Cubecraft Team, I think your server is good. A few more would be nice. I had already written one idea in my translator application. Therefore it will repeat itself here. Here come first the ideas that you already know from the forum: About the Cubecraft server: I think it's good and...
  12. YeaUhm

    Forwarded Team Skywars - New lobby

    ⚔️ [JAVA] Team Skywars - A new lobby? ⚔️ Hi fellow CubeCrafters! Today another quick suggestion. The 1.12.2 network update is almost here! And yes, we all know it, you're about to play team Skywars with your friends, and you're waiting in the Skywars lobby until there are enough players...
  13. pamparampam

    Java Among slimes dead

    I'm sure you've seen a big drop in Among Slimes's player base lately. This is partly because Among us is not so popular anymore, but Among us still survived on top almost 6 months, meanwhile Among Slimes didn't even survive 2 months. I think the reason why it died so quickly is in the rules...
  14. Zebddy

    Video I Actually Like Blockwars Bridge

  15. Traincar100

    All Networks Teleport suggestion bedrock/Java games

    I think there should be a way to teleport to a specific person on both Java and bedrock. The reason for this is you may want to spectate someone but don’t know where they are. I don’t see any reasons to not add this as most servers on bedrock and Java have it.
  16. Nammed

    Java Map update

    Hello fellow CubeCraft players! As everyone knows, the server has been around for quite some time, and so are most of the maps. disclaimer, this is a suggestion and not an announcement in any form. These are just things I'd like to see changed. 🗺️ Map update / map suggestions. As we all know...
  17. SirWytze

    Java Rank feature: Choosing island to start from

    This suggestion is only applicable to gamemodes such as (Team) Skywars, (Team) Eggwars (and Lucky Islands(?)) As an Emerald-ranker, I'm used to the features I unlocked with my rank such as voting for time, projectiles and chest types. Players with Emerald+ can fly in lobbies, can make bigger...
  18. YeaUhm

    Forwarded PvP duels - /hub spawn location.

    ⚔️ Improve duel /hub spawn location ⚔️ Hi, fellow Cubecrafters! Today I have another small suggestion, something that sometimes annoys me a little bit. Today, It's related to PvP duels [Java]. Everything you need to know is explained below, so take your time to read it. ❓- What is it about...
  19. FetaBass

    Video My best edited Cubecraft Eggwars Montage yet

    Decided to edit a montage with the clips that I had still laying around in my folders. Kinda lost motivation while editing, but I think it came out pretty good. The title & thumbnail says enough about the quality ig :monkeylook: Enjoy and feel free to leave feedback behind either on my YouTube...
  20. radfordalfie

    Resetting Starting Island

    Is there any way that I could reset my starting island profile? I made it ages ago and wanna start fresh.
  21. S1ard

    Java Trading

    In Skyblock you cannot trade. I understand that, since the entire gamemode is based around unlocking and THEN being able to get stuff. But how about you can only receive stuff you've already unlocked? That would be very helpful! :D Thanks for reading my proposal, and as always, have an epic day!
  22. Traincar100

    Favorite game?

    Hello! I am curious on what your favorite games on Cubecraft are. Can be java, bedrock or both. On bedrock I play skywars, egg wars, minerware, capture the flag and bridges. For java I play arcade games, skywars, egg wars, among slimes, and minerware. My favorites out of what I listed are...
  23. Zillu

    Denied A new game idea: Deathrun beta!

    Title of Minigame: Deathrun Note: I'm aware that this has been a populair minigame on HiveMC (Java) for a long time, however, due to HiveMC closing it's door on April 15th, I feel like this is a great opportunity for CubeCraft to jump in and also like Lime said, let them continue playing the...

    Java BlockWars: Changes in Kits, Powerups & Modifiers!

    Hi! I come with a suggestion for BlockWars, all the ideas that I am going to present were thought for BlockWars CTF. I see that BlockWars becomes more monotonous because it does not have such a large player base and because there is not much to vote, in addition to that people usually use the...
  25. josepadgui

    Java Games with low players at the start

    Sometimes when you get into an Eggwars game there are only 10 seconds last before the game starts but there are only half of the players there can be in the game. It's kinda annoying to play a game with, for instance, 12 players of 24 just at the moment the game starts. This happens specially...
  26. TheAviron

    Java Challenge For Tryhards - No Kills Solo Eggwars WR

    It was a while ago when I broke the No ❌ Kills ⚔️ Solo Eggwars :egg: world 🌏 record ⏺️ (Java) with 6 minutes and ~26 seconds SO I am challenging you guys to beat me! He or she who submits and run to https://www.speedrun.com/cubecraft#Eggwars and it gets approved, will get a shiny spot in...
  27. Outsion

    Among Slimes Imposter chance

    This is either how it's intended to be or I got super lucky so the day before yesterday I played Among Slimes and I got Imposter 2 or 3 games in a row then got crewmate then I got imposter again and it always say's I have a 20% chance I'd like to know if the 20% chance is glitched or if it is...
  28. _MightyUnskilled (Stan)

    Java Weird but probably effective way to solve team balancing in block wars:

    First of all my english suck a bit too much, so maybe you'll found some mistakes while reading this, I hope you can read the whole thread without misunderstanding me. I've seen that team balancing in blockwars is very problematic because frequently you see parties speedrunning games like trying...
  29. Kazwa

    Java Team Lucky Islands Suggestion

    Hi! I have a smaller Team Lucky Islands suggestion about a specific lucky block drop. So the drop I'm talking about is the one where you get a certain ammount of diamonds, iron or gold ingots, which disappears one at a time (I don't know the exact time between each ingot/diamond). I just want...
  30. MuG3

    Java Some kind of Lobby Parachute/Glider

    One of my favorite things to do in CubeCraft is to just run around the lobby and try to climb every building. Whenever I successfully climb something I find myself at the top just sitting there wondering what I should do next. Adding a glider to the lobby would be extremely fun as you would be...
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