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Jan 28, 2024
Hello! In this thread I would like to give feedback on the "war" between Cubecraft staff and scrimmers.
Firstly I would like to explain to thise not familiar with scrimming what it is: Cubecraft scrimming is a competitive mode played on Cubecraft Bedrock edition where 2 teams fight to overpower 1 another. Scrims are played in game modes like CTF, Egg Wars Teams of 4, (Egg Wars Mega back in the day), (Bridges back in the day) etc.
SO NOW: what was the issue? Well regular players would often report scrimmers for cheating and often times scrimmers got banned. Even though there was absolutely NO evidence they have ever used a hack client on the server their appeals to be unbanned were dismissed often times. Things reached peak in the update in early summer (1.19 Cubecraft update I think it was called) when Egg Wars got changed to the point of being unrecognisable practically ruining scrims and killing the community. I as a member of the scrimming community have asked multiple times for changes for the scrim community which would include making private games for scrimmers so we do not disturb regular players but they were dismissed because Cubecraft is already working on private games which still haven't come out nearly 2 years after they told me that. Many scrimmers after the update moved to scrimming on The Hive bedrock server. Why? Because the Hive gas private games and doesn't ruin it's competitive community. The new update was literally another strike on the scrimming community: making CTF(capture the flag) 10v10. There were scrimmers who played in CTF scrims which were 5v5 and it was fun but now hosting scrims has become a nightmare due to the high player count in CTF. I won't discuss Bridges and Egg Wars Mega scrims because these communities were ruined due to updates on Cubecraft.

What is to come with the scrimming community? Well it is back up but we are hoping Cubecraft Team would understand that every server needs a competitive community and killing it because some regular players hate it won't work. At least add a separate game node for scrimmers where hosting: 4v4 Egg Wars duels, 5v5 CTF duels would be easy and would make the scrimming community rise without creating trouble for the regular community.
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